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Basic Statistics
Given a number set, and an optional probability set, this calculates the following statistical items:
Expected Value
Mean = μ
Variance = σ2
Standard Deviation = σ
Standard Error of the Mean
Average Deviation (Mean Absolute Deviation)
Pearsons Skewness Coefficients
Upper Quartile (hinge) (75th Percentile)
Lower Quartile (hinge) (25th Percentile)
InnerQuartile Range
Inner Fences (Lower Inner Fence and Upper Inner Fence)
Outer Fences (Lower Outer Fence and Upper Outer Fence)
Suspect Outliers
Highly Suspect Outliers
Stem and Leaf Plot
Ranked Data Set
Central Tendency Items such as Harmonic Mean and Geometric Mean and Mid-Range
Root Mean Square
Weighted Average (Weighted Mean)
Frequency Distribution
Successive Ratio

Class Frequency Goodness of Fit
Performs a goodness of fit test on a set of data with class boundaries (class boundary) with critical value test and conclusion.

Expected Frequency
Given a contingency table (two-way table), this will calculate expected frequencies and then determine a conclusion based on a Χ2 test with critical value test and conclusion.

Frequency and Wavelength and Photon Energy
Provides the following 3 items using the speed of light and Plancks constant (h):
- Given a frequency of centimeters, feet, meters, or miles the calculator will determine wavelength in Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz
- Given a wavelength of Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz, the calculator will determine frequency in centimeters, feet, meters, or miles
- Calculates photon energy

Frequency Conversions
Converts between the following frequencies:

Frequency Distribution Table
Determines the classes and frequency distribution using the 2 to k rule.

Given a dominant gene frequency probability of p, this displays the Punnet Square Hardy Weinberg frequencies

Takes a phrase and displays chracter unigrams, character bigrams, character trigrams, and character n-grams as well as word unigrams, word bigrams, word trigrams, and word n-grams. (ngrams)
Also performs frequency analysis (number of instances of each letter)

The first significant digit in any number must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. It was discovered t
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