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Algebraic Expressions
This calculator builds algebraic expressions based on word representations of numbers using the four operators and the words that represent them(increased,product,decreased,divided,times)

Boolean Algebra Multiplication
Determines the product of two expressions using boolean algebra.

Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations
This calculator is the ultimate expansion tool to multiply polynomials. It expands algebraic expressions listed below using all 26 variables (a-z) as well as negative powers to handle polynomial multiplication. Includes multiple variable expressions as well as outside multipliers.
Also produces a polynomial equation from a given set of roots (polynomial zeros). * Binomial Expansions c(a + b)x
* Polynomial Expansions c(d + e + f)x
* FOIL Expansions (a + b)(c + d)
* Multiple Parentheses Multiplications c(a + b)(d + e)(f + g)(h + i)

Factoring and Root Finding
This calculator factors a binomial including all 26 variables (a-z) using the following factoring principles:
* Difference of Squares
* Sum of Cubes
* Difference of Cubes
* Binomial Expansions
* Quadratics
* Factor by Grouping
* Common Term
This calculator also uses the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to determine potential roots
* Factors and simplifies Rational Expressions of one fraction
* Determines the number of potential positive and negative roots using Descarte’s Rule of Signs

Given a polynomial expression, this calculator evaluates the following items:
1) Functions ƒ(x). Your expression will also be evaluated at a point, i.e., ƒ(1)
2) 1st Derivative ƒ'(x) The derivative of your expression will also be evaluated at a point, i.e., ƒ'(1)
3) 2nd Derivative ƒ''(x) The second derivative of your expression will be also evaluated at a point, i.e., ƒ''(1)
4) Integrals ∫ƒ(x) The integral of your expression will also be evaluated on an interval, i.e., [0,1]
5) Using Simpsons Rule, the calculator will estimate the value of ≈ ∫ƒ(x) over an interval, i.e., [0,1]

Using the formula Log ab = e, this calculates the 3 pieces of a logarithm equation:
1) Base (b)
2) Exponent
3) Log Result
In addition, it converts
* Expand logarithmic expressions

Logarithms and Natural Logarithms and Eulers Constant (e)
This calculator does the following:
* Takes the Natural Log base e of a number x Ln(x) → logex
* Raises e to a power of y, ey
* Performs the change of base rule on logb(x)
* Solves equations in the form bcx = d where b, c, and d are constants and x is any variable a-z
* Solves equations in the form cedx=b where b, c, and d are constants, e is Eulers Constant = 2.71828182846, and x is any variable a-z
* Exponential form to logarithmic form for expressions such as 53 = 125 to logarithmic form
* Logarithmic form to exponential form for expressions such as Log5125 = 3

Order of Operations
Evaluates an expression using the order of operations, or PEMDAS or PEDMAS or BEDMAS.

Percent Math
Simplifies expressions involving numbers and percents with respect to addition and subtraction

This calculator will take an expression without division signs and combine like terms.
It will also analyze an polynomial that you enter to identify constant, variables, and exponents. It determines the degree as well.

Radical Expressions
Evaluates and simplifies various radical expressions

Rational Exponents - Fractional Indices
This calculator evaluates and simplifies a rational exponent expression in the form ab/c where a is any integer or any variable [a-z] while b and c are integers. Also evaluates the product of rational exponents

Simplest Exponent Form
This expresses repeating algebraic expressions such as 3*a*a*a*b*b into simplest exponent form.

Square Roots and Exponents
Given a number (n), or a fraction (n/m), and/or an exponent (x), or product of up to 5 radicals, this determines the following:
* The square root of n denoted as √n
* The square root of the fraction n/m denoted as √n/m
* n raised to the xth power denoted as nx (Write without exponents)
* n raised to the xth power raised to the yth power denoted as (nx)y (Write without exponents)
* Product of up to 5 square roots: √abcde
* Write a numeric expression such as 8x8x8x8x8 in exponential form

Verbal Phrase
Given an algebraic expression, this translates back to a verbal phrase

Word Notation
Calculates the following:
* The word notation of a number of numeric expression

X is a natural number greater than 6
Positive numbers less than 4
3 more than the product of 7 and a number x is less than 26
All real numbers that are less than equal to -1 or greater than 5
The product of 8 and a number k is greater than 4 and no more than 16
7 less than -2 times a number x is greater than or equal to 41
7 less than -2 times a number x is greater than or equal to 41
5 added to x is 11
7 less than -2 times a number x is greater than or equal to 41
5 added to xis 11
u and 201 more equals q
There are 76 milligrams of cholesterol in a 3.2 ounce serving of lobster. How much cholesterol is in
8 increased by the product of a number and 7 is greater than or equal to -18
4 teaspons of vegetable oil and 6 teaspoons of vinegar. 20 teaspoons of vegetable oil to how many te
the sum of n and twice n is 12
if you add 35 to twice a number, the result is 17. What is the number?
12 plus the product of 4 and a number is greater than 72
3 times the difference of x and 5 is 15
the sum of a number divided by 8 and 3 equals 6
The difference of 100 and x is 57
Seven subtracted from the product of 3 and a number is greater than or equal to -26
13 more than x is greater than 14
triple the value of c plus 3 is 84
Nine less than the product of 2 and y is not less than 15
k equals the sum of h and 23
v equals 66 decreased by d
is 6x a monomial?
Yesterday, Boris had 144 baseball cards. Today, he got m more. Using m, write an expression for the
Difference between 23 and y is 12
the sum of a number and itself is 8
When 20 is subtracted from 3 times a certain number, the result is 43
175 students separated into n classes is 25
3 times larger than the sum of 4 and 9
Ten subtracted from the product of 9 and a number is less than ?24
the sum of x and 3 is divided by 2
10 times a number is 420
H minus 6 all cubed
132 is 393 multiplied by y
1/6 of n subtracted from 3
d is h decreased by 301
Translate this sentence into an equation. 43 is the sum of 17 and Gregs age. Use the variable g to
Isabel will run less than 36 minutes today. So far, she has run 22 minutes. What are the possible nu
N reduced by 2 is the same as Z increased by 7
Rental canoes cost $30 plus $5 per house of use. Which expression gives the cost of renting a canoe
Yosemite National Park charges $7 per person for an all day admission to the park. The total cost fo
Amy has n decks of cards. Each deck has 52 cards in it. Using n, write an expression for the total
What is the sum of a number x and y raised to the power of two in algebraic expression
When 9 is subtracted from 5 times a number, the result is 31
the sum of 3 consecutive natural numbers, the first of which is n
You can afford monthly deposits of $270 into an account that pays 3.0% compounded monthly. How long
A taxi charges a flat rate of $1.50 with an additional charge of $0.80 per mile. Samantha wants to s
M decreased by the sum of 13 and the number P is less than 12
If you multiply me by 33 and subtract 20, the result is 46. Who am I?
You started this year with $491 saved and you continue to save an additional $11 per month. Write an
The sum of 9 and victors age is 55
7 less than -2 times a number x is greater than or equal to 41
The area of a desert in Africa is 12 times the area of a desert in Asia. If the area of a desert in
The product of x and 7 is not greater than 21
Write the verbal expression for: 9x
Write an expression for the amount of money in p pennies plus 7 dollars.
Sales tax is currently 9.1%. Write an algebraic expression to represent the total amount paid for an
Linda takes classes at both Westside Community College and Pinewood Community College. At Westside,
Is it correct to word "10% * 50 + 50" as "10% upper 50"?
Is it correct to word "10% * 50 + 50" as "10% upper 50"?
p decreased by 65 is the same as the total of f and 194
A rational expression is undefined when what is 0?
54 is the sum of 15 and Vidyas score
Pedro has r red peppers and 44 green peppers. Write an expression that shows how many peppers Pedro
When a number is doubled, the result is 36
A coat is on sale for 35% off. The regular price of the coat is p. Write and simplify and expression
Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. 58 decreased by twice Gails age. Use the variabl
A salesperson receives a base salary of $300 per week and a commission of 15% on all sales over $5,0
If sales tax is currently 8.2%, write an algebraic expression representing the amount of sales tax y
Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. 57 decreased by twice Mais savings Use the varia
There are 12 eggs in a dozen. Write an algebraic expression for the number of eggs in d dozen.
g less than 143 is equal to 39 reduced by w
Yesterday, Kareem had n baseball cards. Today, he got 9 more. Using n, write an expression for the t
Four more then double a number is greater than 2
HomeWork Help Please Respond ASAP!!!
The sum of two consecutive integers plus 18 is 123
1/2 of x and 10 is 30. Find the x.
Twice x increased by the cube of y equals z
The ratio of men to women working for a company is 5 to 3 . If there are 75 men working for the
In 2016, National Textile installed a new textile machine in one of its factories at a cost of $300,
The difference of a number times 3 and 6 is equal to 7 . Use the variable w for the unknown n
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