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Convert the following fraction to a percentage and decimal: →389.4

This is also written as 389.4 is what percent of 3000?

Percentage =Numerator * 100

Evaluating using our inputs, we get:
Percentage =389.4 * 100

Percentage =38940

Percentage = 12.98%

Now we need to calculate the decimal version of the percentage:
The decimal version of a percentage is just the percentage divided by 100.

Dividing by 100 is the same as shifting the decimal point 2 places to the left.
Shifting 12.98 one decimal place to the left, we get --> 1.298
Shifting 1.298 another decimal place to the left, we get --> 0.1298

Check to see if 0.1298 is a terminating decimal:
A terminating decimal is one that ends and does not repeat
Since the decimals 8 does not repeat, this is a terminating decimal