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Calculates the antilog of a number using a base.

Base Change Conversions
Converts a positive integer to Binary-Octal-Hexadecimal Notation or Binary-Octal-Hexadecimal Notation to a positive integer. Also converts any positive integer in base 10 to another positive integer base (Change Base Rule or Base Change Rule or Base Conversion)

Base Conversion Operations
This calculator allows you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide two numbers with different bases.

Bond Price Formulas
Given a face value, coupon percent, yield percent, term, and redemption value, this calculates the price of a bond using the four price formulas for bonds
1) Basic
2) Premium/Discount
3) Base
4) Makeham

Calculates a commission amount based on a base amount, and a first and second level tier amount.

Using the formula Log ab = e, this calculates the 3 pieces of a logarithm equation:
1) Base (b)
2) Exponent
3) Log Result
In addition, it converts
* Expand logarithmic expressions

Logarithms and Natural Logarithms and Eulers Constant (e)
This calculator does the following:
* Takes the Natural Log base e of a number x Ln(x) → logex
* Raises e to a power of y, ey
* Performs the change of base rule on logb(x)
* Solves equations in the form bcx = d where b, c, and d are constants and x is any variable a-z
* Solves equations in the form cedx=b where b, c, and d are constants, e is Eulers Constant = 2.71828182846, and x is any variable a-z
* Exponential form to logarithmic form for expressions such as 53 = 125 to logarithmic form
* Logarithmic form to exponential form for expressions such as Log5125 = 3