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3 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 3 unknowns with equations in the form ax + by + cz = d using Cramers Method.

4 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 4 unknowns with equations in the form aw + bx + cy + dz = e using Cramers Method.

Binomial Multiplication (FOIL)
Multiplies out the product of 2 binomials in the form (a + b)(c + d) with 1 unknown variable.
This utilizes the First-Outside-Inside-Last (F.O.I.L.) method.

Equation and Inequalities
Solves an equation or inequality with 1 unknown variable and no exponents as well as certain absolute value equations and inequalities such as |x|=c and |ax| = c where a and c are constants. Solves square root, cube root, and other root equations in the form ax^2=c, ax^2 + b = c. Also solves radical equations in the form asqrt(bx) = c. Also solves open sentences

Simultaneous Equations
Solves a system of simultaneous equations with 2 unknowns using the following 3 methods:
1) Substitution Method (Direct Substitution)
2) Elimination Method
3) Cramers Method

Unknown Number
Determines the unknown number needed to make an equation true.

If 3 pounds of apples cost 0.90, how much will 10 pounds cost?
A random sample of 144 with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 70 is known from a population
A random sample of n = 10 flash light batteries with a mean operating life X=5 hr. And a sample stan
Substitute the given values into given formula and solve for the unknown variable. S=4LW + 2 WH; S=
When 39 is added to a number, the result is 40 times the number. Find the number. Let n be the unkn
The difference of a number times 3 and 6 is equal to 7 . Use the variable w for the unknown n