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2 Asset Portfolio
Given a portfolio with 2 assets, this determines the expected return (mean), variance, and volatility (standard deviation) of the portfolio.

2 Lines Intersection
Enter any 2 line equations, and the calculator will determine the following:
* Are the lines parallel?
* Are the lines perpendicular
* Do the lines intersect at some point, and if so, which point?
* Is the system of equations dependent, independent, or inconsistent

401(k) Balance
Determines your 401(k) balance given a salary history per year, contribution percentage rate, employer match percentage, and a rate of return.

Accuracy and Precision
Given an integer or decimal, this determines the precision and accuracy (scale)

Age Difference
Determines the ages for an age difference word problem.

Age Word Problems
Determines age in age word problems

Angle Ratio for a Triangle
Given an angle ratio for a triangle of a:b:c, this determines the angle measurements of the triangle.

Arithmetic and Geometric and Harmonic Sequences
This will take an arithmetic series or geometric series or harmonic series, and an optional amount (n), and determine the following information about the sequence
1) Explicit Formula
2) The remaining terms of the sequence up to (n)
3) The sum of the first (n) terms of the sequence

Babylonian Method
Determines the square root of a number using the Babylonian Method.

Balance Sheet
Given various asset and liability entries, this determines various calculations that can be made from the balance sheet.

Better Buy Comparison
Given two items with a price and quantity, this determines which is the better buy by comparing unit prices.

Bond Price Formulas
Given a face value, coupon percent, yield percent, term, and redemption value, this calculates the price of a bond using the four price formulas for bonds
1) Basic
2) Premium/Discount
3) Base
4) Makeham

Boolean Algebra Multiplication
Determines the product of two expressions using boolean algebra.

Calls-Puts-Option Δ
Calculates the call price, put price, and option Δ based on an option under the risk neutral scenario with a 1 year term.

Chi-Square χ2 Test
This calculator determines a χ2 chi-square test on a test statistic and determines if it is outside an accepted range with critical value test and conclusion.

Circle Equation
This calculates the standard equation of a circle and general equation of a circle from the following given items:
* A center (h,k) and a radius r
* A diameter A(a1,a2) and B(b1,b2)
This also allows you to enter a standard or general form equation so that the center (h,k) and radius r can be determined.

Classify Fraction
Determines the if a fraction is proper or improper.

Closest Fraction
Determines the closest fraction in a list to a target fraction

Coin Combinations
Given a selection of coins and an amount, this determines the least amount of coins needed to reach that total.

Coin Toss Probability
This calculator determines the following coin toss probability scenarios
* Coin Toss Sequence such as HTHHT
* Probability of x heads and y tails
* Probability of at least x heads in y coin tosses
* Probability of at least x tails in y coin tosses
* Probability of no more than x heads in y coin tosses
* Probability of no more than x tails in y coin tosses
* (n) Coin Tosses with a list of scenario results displayed
* Monte Carlo coin toss simulation

Combined Ratio
Given a ratio a:b and a ratio b:c, this determines the combined ratio a:c

Compare Raises
Given two people with a salary and annual raise amount, this determines how long it takes for the person with the lower salary to catch the person with the higher salary.

Complementary and Supplementary Angles
This calculator determines the complementary and supplementary angle of a given angle that you enter OR it checks to see if two angles that you enter are complementary or supplementary.

Complex Number Operations
Given two numbers in complex number notation, this calculator:
1) Adds (complex number addition), Subtracts (complex number subtraction), Multiplies (complex number multiplication), or Divides (complex number division) any 2 complex numbers in the form a + bi and c + di where i = √-1.
2) Determines the Square Root of a complex number denoted as √a + bi
3) Absolute Value of a Complex Number |a + bi|
4) Conjugate of a complex number a + bi

Confidence Interval/Hypothesis Testing for the Difference of Means
Given two large or two small distriutions, this will determine a (90-99)% estimation of confidence interval for the difference of means for small or large sample populations.
Also performs hypothesis testing including standard error calculation.

Congruence Modulo n
Given a possible congruence relation a ≡ b (mod n), this determines if the relation holds true (b is congruent to c modulo n).

Continous Annuity
Determines the Present Value and Accumulated Value of a Continuous Annuity

Cost Recovery Method
Given a sales price, cost, and set of payments, this determines the gross profit per year based on the cost recovery method.

Coupon Comparison
Given a cost of goods, a dollar off coupon, and a percentage off coupon, this calculator will compare the two deals and determine which one is of more value. If the dollar coupon wins, the calculator will project the break even price where the dollar coupon would surpass the percentage coupon

Covariance and Correlation coefficient (r) and Least Squares Method and Exponential Fit
Given two distributions X and Y, this calculates the following:
* Covariance of X and Y denoted Cov(X,Y)
* The correlation coefficient r.
* Using the least squares method, this shows the least squares regression line (Linear Fit) and Confidence Intervals of α and Β (90% - 99%)
Exponential Fit
* Coefficient of Determination r squared r2
* Spearmans rank correlation coefficient
* Wilcoxon Signed Rank test

Cross Partitions
Given a set of partitions, this determines the cross partitions.

Cross Product A × B
Given two vectors A and B in R3, this calculates the cross product A × B as well as determine if the two vectors are parallel

Dewey Decimal System Classification
Given a 3 digit code, this will determine the class, division, and section of the library book using the Dewey Decimal System.

Digit Problems
Determines how many (n) digit numbers can be formed based on a variety of criteria.

Digraph Items
Given a digraph, this determines the leader, and symmetric matrix.

Dividend Discount Model
This calculator determines the present value of dividends using the Dividend Discount Model.

Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) and Net Income
Given inputs of sales, fixed costs, variable costs, depreciation, and taxes, this will determine EBIT and Net Income and Profit Margin

Elapsed Time
This determines the elapsed time between two clock readings.

Equivalent Fractions
Given a fraction, this will determine equivalent fractions

Event Likelihood
Given a probability, this determines how likely that event is

Expected Frequency
Given a contingency table (two-way table), this will calculate expected frequencies and then determine a conclusion based on a Χ2 test with critical value test and conclusion.

Factoring and Root Finding
This calculator factors a binomial including all 26 variables (a-z) using the following factoring principles:
* Difference of Squares
* Sum of Cubes
* Difference of Cubes
* Binomial Expansions
* Quadratics
* Factor by Grouping
* Common Term
This calculator also uses the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to determine potential roots
* Factors and simplifies Rational Expressions of one fraction
* Determines the number of potential positive and negative roots using Descarte’s Rule of Signs

Find two numbers word problems
Given two numbers with a sum of s where one number is n greater than another, this calculator determines both numbers.

Determines the floor of a number

Frequency and Wavelength and Photon Energy
Provides the following 3 items using the speed of light and Plancks constant (h):
- Given a frequency of centimeters, feet, meters, or miles the calculator will determine wavelength in Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz
- Given a wavelength of Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz, the calculator will determine frequency in centimeters, feet, meters, or miles
- Calculates photon energy

Frequency Distribution Table
Determines the classes and frequency distribution using the 2 to k rule.

Gravitational Force
Using Sir Isaac Newtons Law of Gravitational Force, this calculator determines the force between two objects with mass in kilograms at a distance apart in meters using the constant of gravity.

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
Given 2 or 3 numbers, the calculator determines the following:
* Greatest Common Factor (GCF) using Factor Pairs
* Rewrite Sum using the Distributive Property and factoring out the GCF
* Least Common Multiple (LCM) / Least Common Denominator (LCD) using Factor Pairs
* GCF using the method of Successive Division
* GCF using the Prime Factorization method
* Determine if the numbers are coprime and twin prime

Group Combinations
Given an original group of certain types of member, this determines how many groups/teams can be formed using a certain condition.

Half-Life of a Substance
Given a half-life (h) of a substance at time t, this determines the new substance size at time tn, otherwise known as decay.

Heptagonal Number
This calculator determines the nth heptagonal number

Herfindahl Index
Given a market share of a set of companies, this determines the Herfindahl Index and Normalized Herfindahl Index.

Hexagonal Number
This calculator determines the nth hexagonal number

Incremental Cash Flow
Given cash inflows, outflows, depreciable amounts, and tax rates, this determines the incremental cash flows.

Input Table
Given an input table with input and output values, this will determine the operator and rule used to populate the missing values.

Installment Sales Method of Accounting
Given a sales price, cost amount, installment payment amount and term, this will show the accounting for the Installment Payment method.

Int Function
Determines the integer of a number

Irrational Numbers Between
This calculator determines all irrational numbers between two numbers

Isosceles Triangle
Given a long side (a) and a short side (b), this determines the following items of the isosceles triangle:
* Area (A)
* Semi-Perimeter (s)
* Altitude a (ha)
* Altitude b (hb)
* Altitude c (hc)

Letter Arrangements in a Word
Given a word, this determines the number of unique arrangements of letters in the word.

Given a time series of actual and forecasted values, this determines the following:
* Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) also known as the Mean Absolute Percentage Deviation (MAPD)
* Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error (sMAPE)
* Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MPE)

Margin of Error from Confidence Interval
Given a confidence interval, this determines the margin of error and sample mean.

Matrix Properties
Given a matrix |A|, this calculates the following items if they exist:
* Determinant = det(A)
* Inverse = A-1
* Transpose = AT
* Adjoint = adj(A)
* Eigen equation (characteristic polynomial) = det|λI - A|
* Trace = tr(A)
* Gauss-Jordan Elimination using Row Echelon and Reduced Row Echelon Form
* Dimensions of |A| m x n
* Order of a matrix
* Euclidean Norm ||A||
* Magic Sum if it exists
* Determines if |A| is an Exchange Matrix

Mcnemar Test
Given a 2 x 2 contingency table and a significance level, this will determine the test statistic, critical value, and hypothesis conclusion using a Mcnemar test.

Given 2 integers a and b, this modulo calculator determines a mod b or simplifies modular arithmetic such as 7 mod 3 + 5 mod 8 - 32 mod 5

Net Present Value (NPV) - Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - Profitability Index
Given a series of cash flows Ct at times t and a discount rate of (i), the calculator will determine the Net Present Value (NPV) at time 0, also known as the discounted cash flow model.
Profitability Index
Also determines an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) based on a series of cash flows

Nominal Yield
Given an effective annual rate of interest based on a compounding period, this determines the nominal yield.

Nonagonal Number
This calculator determines the nth nonagonal number

Number Property
This calculator determines if an integer you entered has any of the following properties:
* Even Numbers or Odd Numbers (Parity Function or even-odd numbers)
* Evil Numbers or Odious Numbers
* Perfect Numbers, Abundant Numbers, or Deficient Numbers
* Triangular Numbers
* Prime Numbers or Composite Numbers
* Automorphic (Curious)
* Undulating Numbers
* Square Numbers
* Cube Numbers
* Palindrome Numbers
* Repunit Numbers
* Apocalyptic Power
* Pentagonal
* Tetrahedral (Pyramidal)
* Narcissistic (Plus Perfect)
* Catalan
* Repunit

Octagonal Number
This calculator determines the nth octagonal number

Odds Ratio
This calculator determines the odds ratio for 2 groups X and Y with success and failure for an outcome.

Ordered and Unordered Partitions
Given a population size (n) and a group population of (m), this calculator determines how many ordered or unordered groups of (m) can be formed from (n)

Determines the focus, directrix, and other related items for a parabola.

Payback Period
Given a set of cash inflows and cash outflows at certain times, this determines the net cash flow, cumulative cash flow, and payback period

Pentagonal Number
This calculator determines the nth pentagonal number

Percentage of Completion
Given a sales price, total costs, and costs per period, this determines the gross profit to date using the percentage of completion method.

Percentage-Decimal-Fraction Relations
Calculates the relational items between a fraction, a decimal (including repeating decimal and terminating decimal), a percentage, and the numerator and denominator piece of that fraction. Also calculates the percentage change going from one number to another or the amount increase or decrease of a percentage above/below a number. Round decimals.

Given a set of scores and a target score, this will determine the percentile of the target score using two different formulas.

Phone Number Translator
Given a phone number with letters in it, this calculator will determine the numeric phone number for you to dial.

Polar Conics
Given eccentricity (e), directrix (d), and angle θ, this determines the vertical and horizontal directrix polar equations.

Polygon Side
Determines the sides of a polygon given an interior angle sum.

Using various input scenarios of a polygon such as side length, number of sides, apothem, and radius, this calculator determines Perimeter or a polygon and Area of the polygon. This also determines interior angles of a polygon and diagonals of a polygon as well as the total number of 1 vertex diagonals.

This calculator will take an expression without division signs and combine like terms.
It will also analyze an polynomial that you enter to identify constant, variables, and exponents. It determines the degree as well.

Population Growth
Determines population growth based on an exponential growth model.

Power Sets and Set Partitions
Given a set S, this calculator will determine the power set for S and all the partitions of a set.

Powers Of
Determines the powers of a number from 1 to n.

Primitive Root
Given a prime number p and a potential root of b, this determines if b is a primitive root of p.

Profit Equation
Using the Profit Equation with inputs (Revenue-Cost-Profit-Tax), this determines the relevant output including gross proft, gross profit margin, net profit, and net profit margin.

Proportion Sample Size
This calculator determines a sample size to select to meet certain criteria related to a confidence percentage, reliability percentage, and a p value proportion. Simply enter your values not using percentage signs. This works whether p^ is known or not known.

1) Calculates the missing link of 2 equivalent proportions or ratios.
2) Also determines if two numerical proportions that you entered such as 1/10=6/12 are equivalent or not equivalent. Note: You can use all allowable operators such as =,<,≤,>,≥

Pythagorean Theorem
Figures out based on user entry the missing side or missing hypotenuse of a right triangle. In addition, the calculator shows the proof of the Pythagorean Theorem and then determines by numerical evaluation if the 2 sides and hypotenuse you entered are a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem

Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Solves for quadratic equations in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0. Also generates practice problems as well as hints for each problem.
* Solve using the quadratic formula and the discriminant Δ
* Complete the Square for the Quadratic
* Factor the Quadratic
* Y-Intercept
* Vertex (h,k) of the parabola formed by the quadratic where h is the Axis of Symmetry as well as the vertex form of the equation a(h - h)2 + k
* Concavity of the parabola formed by the quadratic
* Using the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem), the calculator will determine potential roots which can then be tested against the synthetic calculator.

Given 4 points entered, this determines the area using Brahmaguptas Formula and perimeter of the quadrilateral formed by the points as well as checking to see if the quadrilateral (quadrangle) is a parallelogram.

Random Test
Given a set of data and an α value, this determines the test statistic and accept/reject hypothesis based on randomness of a dataset.

* Simplifies a ratio of a:b
* Given a ratio in the form a:b or a to b, and a total population amount, this calculator will determine the expected value of A and B from the ratio.

Receivables Ratios
Given Net Sales, Beginning Accounts Receivable, and Ending Accounts Receivable, this determines Average Accounts Receivable, Receivables turnover ratio, and Average Collection Period.

Rectangular Number
This calculator determines the nth rectangular number

Relative Coordinates
Given a starting point (x1,y1), this will determine your relative coordinates after moving up, down, left, and right.

Run Length Encoding
Given a string, this will determine the run length encoding using repeating patterns of characters.

Scientific Notation
* Converts a number into scientific notation and determines order of magnitude
* converts scientific notation to a number (standard notation). Also handles scientific notation operations.

Given a function a(n) and a count of sequential terms you want to expand (n), this calcuator will determine the first (n) terms of your sequence, {a1, a2, ..., an}

Set Notation
Given two number sets A and B, this determines the following:
* Union of A and B, denoted A U B
* Intersection of A and B, denoted A ∩ B
* Elements in A not in B, denoted A - B
* Elements in B not in A, denoted B - A
* Symmetric Difference A Δ B
* The Concatenation A · B
* The Cartesian Product A x B
* Cardinality of A = |A|
* Cardinality of B = |B|
* Jaccard Index J(A,B)
* Jaccard Distance Jσ(A,B)
* Dice's Coefficient
* If A is a subset of B
* If B is a subset of A

Sign Test
This will determine whether to accept or reject a null hypothesis based on a number set, mean value, alternative hypothesis, and a significance level using the Sign Test.

Sinking Fund Depreciation Method
Using the Sinking Fund method of Depreciation, this calculator determines the following:
* Depreciation at time t (Dt)
* Asset Value (A)
* Salvage Value (S)
* Book Value at time t (Bt)

Solution Mixture
Determines a necessary amount of a Solution given two solution percentages and 1 solution amount.

Square Roots and Exponents
Given a number (n), or a fraction (n/m), and/or an exponent (x), or product of up to 5 radicals, this determines the following:
* The square root of n denoted as √n
* The square root of the fraction n/m denoted as √n/m
* n raised to the xth power denoted as nx (Write without exponents)
* n raised to the xth power raised to the yth power denoted as (nx)y (Write without exponents)
* Product of up to 5 square roots: √abcde
* Write a numeric expression such as 8x8x8x8x8 in exponential form

Static Determinacy and Stability
Given a number of joints (j) and a number of members (m), this determines if a truss is statically determinate, statically indeterminate, or unstable

Sum of the First (n) Numbers
Determines the sum of the first (n)
* Whole Numbers
* Natural Numbers
* Even Numbers
* Odd Numbers
* Square Numbers
* Cube Numbers
* Fourth Power Numbers

Sum to Product and Product to Sum Formulas
Given two angles in degrees of u and v, this determines the following:
* Sin(u) ± Sin(v)
* Cos(u) ± Cos(v)
* Sin(u)Sin(v)
* Cos(u)Cos(v)
* Sin(u)Cos(v)
* Cos(u)Sin(v)
* Sin(u + v)
* Sin(u - v)
* Cos(u + v)
* Cos(u - v)
* Tan(u + v)
* Tan(u - v)

Survival Rates
Given a set of times and survival population counts, the calculator will determine the following:
Survival Population lx
Mortality Population dx
Survival Probability px
Mortality Probability qx
In addition, the calculator will determine the probability of survival from tx to tx + n

Synthetic Division
Using Ruffinis Rule, this performs synthetic division by dividing a polynomial with a maximum degree of 6 by a term (x ± c) where c is a constant root using the factor theorem. The calculator returns a quotient answer that includes a remainder if applicable.

Target Heart Rate
Given an age, this calculator determines the following 5 target heart rate zones:
Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) 50 - 60%
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60 - 70%
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70 - 80%
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) 80 - 90%
Red Line (Maximum Effort) 90 - 100%

This calculator determines the following items for a trapezoid based on given inputs:
* Area of trapezoid
* Perimeter of a Trapezoid

Triangle Inequality
This calculator displays 2 scenarios
1) Enter 3 sides of a triangle, and it will determine if the side lengths satisfy the properties of the triangle inequality and form a triangle
2) Enter 2 sides of a triangle, and this will determine an acceptable range for the length of the 3rd side of a triangle so that the 3rd side respects the Triangle Inequality.

Triangular Number
This calculator determines the nth triangular number

Trig Measurement
Given an angle θ, this calculates the following measurements:
Sin(θ) = Sine
Cos(θ) = Cosine
Tan(θ) = Tangent
Csc(θ) = Cosecant
Sec(θ) = Secant
Cot(θ) = Cotangent
Arcsin(x) = θ = Arcsine
Arccos(x) = θ = Arccosine
Arctan(x) =θ = Arctangent
Also converts between Degrees and Radians and Gradians
Coterminal Angles as well as determine if it is acute, obtuse, or right angle. For acute angles, a cofunction will be determined.

True False Equations
Determines if a set of addition and subtraction of numbers on each side of an equation are equivalent.

Unit Circle
Determines if coordinates for a unit circle are valid, or calculates a variable for unit circle coordinates

Unit Fraction
Determines the unit fraction for a fraction.

Unknown Number
Determines the unknown number needed to make an equation true.

Given 2 vectors A and B, this calculates:
* Length (magnitude) of A = ||A||
* Length (magnitude) of B = ||B||
* Sum of A and B = A + B (addition)
* Difference of A and B = A - B (subtraction)
* Dot Product of vectors A and B = A x B
A ÷ B (division)
* Distance between A and B = AB
* Angle between A and B = θ
* Unit Vector U of A.
* Determines the relationship between A and B to see if they are orthogonal (perpendicular), same direction, or parallel (includes parallel planes).
* Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
* The orthogonal projection of A on to B, projBA and and the vector component of A orthogonal to B → A - projBA
Also calculates the horizontal component and vertical component of a 2-D vector.

Given a set of stock prices, this determines expected rates of return and volatility

Walking Distance (Pedometer)
Given a number of steps and a distance per stride in feet, this calculator will determine how far you walk in other linear measurements.

Wind Chill Factor
This calculator determines the wind chill factor given a temperature in F° and a wind speed in miles per hour (mph). Simply enter your temperature and wind speed and press the button

Z Score Lookup
Given a Z-score probability statement from the list below, this will determine the probability using the normal distribution z-table.
* P(z < a)
* P(z <= a)
* P(z > a)
* P(z >= a)
* P(a < z < b)

Zero-Coupon Bond Price
This calculator calculates the price of a zero-coupon bond given a face value, yield rate, and term.

2 movie tickets and 3 snacks are $24. 3 movie tickets and 4 snacks are $35. How much is a movie tick
Emily is three years older than twice her sister Mary’s age. The sum of their ages is less than 30.
Michelle and Julie sold 65 cupcakes. If Julie sold 9 more cupcakes than Michelle, how many cupcakes
The length of a rectangular building is 6 feet less than 3 times the width. The perimeter is 120 fee
The sum of 5x and 2x is at least 70
Gary has three less pets than Abe. If together they own 15 pets, how many pets does Gary own?
If Mr hernandez has 5 times as many students as Mr daniels and together they have 150 students how m
Company a charges $25 plus $0.10 a mile. Company b charges $20 plus $0.15 per mile. How far would yo
Compute a 75% Chebyshev interval around the mean for x values and also for y values.
Katie is twice as old as her sister Mara. The sum of their age is 24.
A dad gave his 3 sons each the same amount of money in an envelope. He took $20 from one son for get
There were 150 students at a dance. There were 16 more boys than girls. How many boys were there?
A local shop sold 499 hamburgers and cheese burgers. There were 51 fewer cheese burgers sold. How ma
the sum of n and twice n is 12
3 adults and 4 children must pay $136. 2 adults and 3 children must pay $97.
A set of 4 consecutive integers adds up to 314. What is the least of the 4 integers?
2 consecutive even integers that equal 118
You have a total of 42 math and science problems for homework. You have 10 more math problems than s
Marissa has 24 coins in quarters and nickels. She has 3 dollars. How many of the coins are quarters?
Suppose Briley has 10 coins in quarters and dimes and has a total of 1.45. How many of each coin doe
The average of a number and double the number is 25.5
For the first 10 seconds of the ride, the height of the coaster can be determined by h(t) = 0.3t^3 -
Foster is centering a photo that is 9/1/2 inches wide on a scrapbook pages that is 10 inches wide. H
Marty is 3 years younger than 6 times his friend Warrens age. The sum of their ages is greater than
A house valued at 70,000 in 1989 increased in value to 125,000 in 2000. Find a function which gives
Liz harold has a jar in her office that contains 47 coins. Some are pennies and the rest are dimes.
Caleb earns points on his credit card that he can use towards future purchases.
A home is to be built on a rectangular plot of land with a perimeter of 800 feet. If the length is 2
Jenny went shoe shopping. Now she has 5 more pairs than her brother. Together they have 25 pairs. Ho
At 1:00 pm you have 24 megabytes of a movie and at 1:15 you have 96 megabytes of a movie. What is th
She ordered 6 large pizzas. Luckily, she had a coupon for 3 off each pizza. If the bill came to 38.9
Kerry asked a bank teller to cash 390 check using 20 bills and 50 bills. If the teller gave her a to
On an algebra test, the highest grade was 42 points higher than the lowest grade. The sum of the two
A pile of coins, consisting of quarters and half dollars, is worth 11.75. If there are 2 more quarte
Max and Bob went to the store. Max bought 2 burgers and 2 drinks for $5.00 bob bought 3 burgers and
There are 320 pupils there are 24 more girls than boys how many boys are there
If 100 runners went with 4 bicyclists and 5 walkers, how many bicyclists would go with 20 runners an
There are 13 animals in the barn. some are chickens and some are pigs. there are 40 legs in all. How
The club uses the function S(t) = -4,500t + 54,000 to determine the salvage S(t) of a fertilizer ble
Kevin and randy have a jar containing 41 coins, all of which are either quarters or nickels. The tot
There are 2 consecutive integers. Twice the first increased by the second yields 16. What are the nu
is 6x a monomial?
Two numbers total 83 and have a difference of 17 find the two numbers
Which is a better buy 42 bows for $7.14 or 120 bows for $25.20
Find Mean 106 and standard deviation 10 of the sample mean which is 25
Find Mean 106 and standard deviation 10 of the sample mean which is 25
Find 3 Even Integers with a sum of 198
At a football game, a vender sold a combined total of 117 sodas and hot dogs. The number of hot dogs
The principal randomly selected six students to take an aptitude test. Their scores were: 87.4 86.9
The principal randomly selected six students to take an aptitude test. Their scores were: 87.4 86.9
A test has twenty questions worth 100 points . The test consist of true/false questions worth 3 poin
Solve the problem
An experienced accountant can balance the books twice as fast as a new accountant. Working together
An employee earns $7.00 an hour for the first 35 hours worked in a week and $10.50 for any hours ove
Mr. Jimenez has a pool behind his house that needs to be fenced in. The backyard is an odd quadrilat
Austin deposited $4000 into an account with 4.8% interest,compounded monthly. Assuming that no
Use the definite integral to find the area between the x-axis and the function f(x)= x^2-x-12 over t
The product of two positive numbers is 96. Determine the two numbers if one is 4 more than the other
Given g(a)=a˛ - 2a - 1 and f(x)=x˛ - 2x, Find: a) f(a+2)-f(a)/2 b) g(a+h)-g(a)/h
Tickets for a concert were priced at $8 for students and $10 for nonstudents. There were 1340 ticket
I bought four candles that cost 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, and 20.00. If I have a budget of $50, how much can
24 coloring books, 60 crayons, and 84 markers can be packaged into at most how many identical packag
the sum of 3 consecutive natural numbers, the first of which is n
Consider the case of a manufacturer who has an automatic machine that produces an important part. Pa
Suppose that the manager of the Commerce Bank at Glassboro determines that 40% of all depositors hav
Can a coefficient of determination be negative? Why or why not?
Determine whether the random variable is discrete or continuous. In each case, state the possible v
Determine the area under the standard normal curve that lies between:
Determine ux and sigma(x) from the given parameters of the population and sample size u = 76, sigma
Write a model that utilizes all three explanatory variables with no interaction or quadratic terms.
Prizes hidden on a game board with 10 spaces. One prize is worth $100, another is worth $50, and tw
Suppose that Sn = 3 + 1/3 + 1/9 + ... + 1/3(n-2)
If you buy a computer directly from the manufacturer for $3,509 and agree to repay it in 36 equal in
Determine if the statement below is True or False
T-shirts sell for $19.97 and cost $14.02 to produce. Which equation represents p, the profit, in ter
A box contains 22 red apples and 3 green apples. Three apples are selected at random, one after the
Ms. Jeffers is splitting $975 among her three sons. If the oldest gets twice as much as the youngest
The coefficient of determination is found by taking the square root of the coefficient of correlatio
What can we conclude if the coefficient of determination is 0.94?
A woman walked for 5 hours, first along a level road, then up a hill, and then she turned around and
An ancient Greek was said to have lived 1/4 of his live as a boy, 1/5 as a youth, 1/3 as a man, and
I HAVE $11.60, all dimes and quarters, in my pocket. I have 32 more dimes than quarters. how many di
The sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number is 16. Reversing its digits increases the number
Lena purchased a prepaid phone card for $15. Long distance calls cost 24 cents a minute using this
Chris, Alex and Jesse are all siblings in the same family. Alex is 5 years older than chris. Jesse i
Two mechanics worked on a car. the first mechanic worked for 5 hours snd the second mechanic worked
Gayle has 36 coins, all nickels and dimes, worth $2.40. How many dimes does she have?
Lunch meat A is 10.00 for 2 lbs or meat B for 6.00 for 1lb
The next number in the series is 2,5,11,20,32,47, is
Jim works for his dad and earns $400 every week plus $22 for every chair (c) he sells. Write an equa
The relief time provided by a standard dose of a popular children’s allergy medicine averages 7.9
A random variable X follows the uniform distribution with a lower limit of 670 and an upper limit
The margarita is one of the most common tequila-based cocktails, made with tequila, triple sec, and
You purchase a car for $23,000. The car depreciates at a rate of 15% per year. Determine the value
Julia owes 18.20 for the month of November. Her plan costs 9.00 for the first 600 text messages and
An executive invests $23,000, some at 8% and some at 4% annual interest. If he receives an annual re
A textbook store sold a combined total of 307 biology and chemistry textbooks in a week. The number
Scientists are studying a cell that divides in half every 15 minutes. How many cells will there by a
If Jody had $3 more she would have twice as much as Lars together they have $60
Country A produces about 7 times the amount of diamonds in carats produce in Country B. If the total
The sum of 6 times a number and -8, added to 3 times a number
To make an international telephone call, you need the code for the country you are calling. The code
A pawn broker buys a tv and a computer for $600. He sells the computer at a markup of 30% and the tv
The Lakers recently scored 81 points. Their points came from 2 and 3 point baskets. If they made 39
Larry Mitchell invested part of his $31,000 advance at 6% annual simple interest and the rest at 7%
A theatre contains 459 seats and the ticket prices for a recent play were $53 for adults and $16 for
You have $535 in your wallet and want to buy pizzas that cost $3 each. How much money will you have
A family buys airline tickets online. Each ticket costs $167. The family buys travel insurance with
Arnie bought some bagels at 20 cents each. He ate 4, and sold the rest at 30 cents each. His profit
Emil bought a camera for $268.26, including tax. He made a down payment of $12.00 and paid the balan
Rob has 40 coins, all dimes and quarters, worth $7.60. How many dimes and how many quarters does he
the sum of 3 consecutive natural numbers, the first of which is n
Penelope and Owen work at a furniture store. Penelope is paid $215 per week plus 3.5% of her total s
Given that E[Y]=2 and Var [Y] =3, find E[(2Y + 1)^2]
A person places $230 in an investment account earning an annual rate of 6.8%, compounded continuousl
Two numbers have a sum of 20. If one number is p, express the other in terms of p.
A family is renting an apartment. For 2007, the rent is $1376 per month. The monthly rent in 2007
A house costs 3.5 times as much as the lot. Together they sold for $135,000. Find the cost of each
When an alligator is born it is about 8 inches long each year they grow 12 inches determine the age
Eric is taking a trip of 245 miles. If he has traveled x miles, represent the remainder of the trip
The admission fee at an amusement park is $1.50 for children and $4.00 for adults. On a certain day,
Find four consecutive odd numbers which add to 64
please solve the third word problem
please solve the fourth word problem
A plumber charges $50 to visit a house plus $40 for every hour of work.
John spent $10.40 on 5 notebooks and 5 pens. Ariana spent $7.00 on 4 notebooks and 2 pens. What is t
The function P(x) = -30x^2 + 360x + 785 models the profit, P(x), earned by a theatre owner on the ba
A traveler is walking on a moving walkway in an airport. the traveler must walk back on the walkway
the sum of 2 times a number and -2, added to 4 times a number
Alberto’s salary was $2000 greater than 4 times Nick’s salary. Write an equation stating Alberto’s a
Age now problems
Dave has a savings account that pays interest at 3 1/2% per year. His opening balance for May was $1
A+B+D=255 B+15=A D+12=B A=
The sum of 2 numbers is 70. The difference of these numbers is 24. Write and solve a system of equat
(2x + y) + (3x - 2y) = 80*80
Match each variable with a variable by placing the correct letter on each line.
Kendra has $5.70 in quarters and nickels. If she has 12 more quarters than nickels, how many of each
Stock A is worth 4.5. Stock B is worth 8.0. Stock C is worth 10.0. She purchased half as many shares
John took 20,000 out of his retirement and reinvested it. He earned 4% for one investment and 5% on
The sum of 3 consecutive natural numbers, the first of which is n
Students stuff envelopes for extra money. Their initial cost to obtain the information for the job w
A dormitory manager buys 38 bed sheets and 61 towels for $791.50. The manager get another 54 bed she
If 12 times a number is added to twice the number, the result is 112
Small pizzas were $3 and large pizzas were $5. To feed the throng, it was necessary to spend $475 fo
The sum of two consecutive integers plus 18 is 123
Alvin is 12 years younger than Elga. The sum of their ages is 60 . What is Elgas age?
A person will devote 31 years to be sleeping and watching tv. The number of years sleeping will exce
The sum of 5 odd consecutive numbers is 145
You are buying boxes of cookies at a bakery. Each box of cookies costs $4. In the equation below, c
Solving word problems with the matrix method?
Solving word problems with the matrix method?
I have 20 bills consisting of $5 and $10. If the total amount of my money is $130, how many of each
In Super Bowl XXXV, the total number of points scored was 41. The winning team outscored the losing
Mindy and troy combined ate 9 pieces of the wedding cake. Mindy ate 3 pieces of cake troy had 1/4 of
Two numbers have a sum of 59. If one number is q, express the other number on terms of q
Ellen reads 23 pages in 40 minutes. Rob reads 9 pages in 16 minutes. Who is the faster reader? Ju
The noise level of an ambulance siren is 10 decibels louder than that of a car horn. If d represents
A movie theater has a seating capacity of 143. The theater charges $5.00 for children, $7.00 for stu
Joel bought 88 books. Some books cost $13 each and some cost $17 each. In all, he spent $128. Which
A math test is worth 100 points and has 38 problems. Each problem is worth either 5 points or 2 poin
Robert and Robert go to the movie theater and purchase refreshments for their friends. Robert spend
Trump stamps sold at $1.25 and Obama stamps sold at $2 . How many of each stamp was sold if 700 stam
4 rectangular strips of wood, each 30 cm long and 3 cm wide, are arranged to form the outer section
Ashley age is 2 times Johns age. The sum of their ages is 63. What is Johns age?
Tom is the deli manager at a grocery store. He needs to schedule employees to staff the deli departm
Angie and Kenny play online video games. Angie buy 2 software packages and 4 months of game play. Ke
Brian's age is 3/4 of Marcus'. The sum of their ages is 14. How old are Marcus and Brian?
Two numbers have the sum of 40 if one number is P express the other in terms of P
A survey of 950 college students found that 85% of the men and 90% of the women identified math as t
Nava is 17 years older than Edward. the sum of Navas age and Edwards ages id 29. How old is Nava?
A 124-inch length of ribbon is to be cut into three pieces. The longest piece is to be 36 inches lo
Alberto’s salary was $2000 greater than 4 times Nick’s salary. Write an equation stating Alberto’s a
Sum of N and its next consecutive even integer is 65
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