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Chinese Remainder Theorem
Given a set of modulo equations in the form:
x ≡ a mod b
x ≡ c mod d
x ≡ e mod f

the calculator will use the Chinese Remainder Theorem to find the lowest possible solution for x in each modulus equation.
Given that the ni portions are not pairwise coprime and you entered two modulo equations, then the calculator will attempt to solve using the Method of Successive Subsitution

Diophantine Equations
Solves for ax + by = c using integer solutions if they exist

Linear Congruence
Given an modular equation ax ≡ b (mod m), this solves for x if a solution exists

Math Problem Library
Contains word problems and other long form problems with step-by-step solutions.

Molar Mass
Calculates the molar mass of an element or solution.

Solution Mixture
Determines a necessary amount of a Solution given two solution percentages and 1 solution amount.

the square root of twice a number is 4 less than the number
A certain number added to its square is 30
Which of the following is the probability that subjects do not have the disease, but the test result
A farmer is taking her eggs to the market in a cart, but she hits a pothole, which knocks over all
Diana invested $3000 in a savings account for 3 years. She earned $450 in interest over that time pe
The sum of a number and its square is 72. find the numbers?
if x2 is added to x, the sum is 42
Kevin ran 4 miles more than Steve ran. The sum of their distances is 26 miles. How far did Steve run