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Line Equation-Slope-Distance-Midpoint-Y intercept
Enter 2 points, and this calculates the following:
* Slope of the line (rise over run) and the line equation y = mx + b that joins the 2 points
* Midpoint of the two points
* Distance between the 2 points
* 2 remaining angles of the rignt triangle formed by the 2 points
* y intercept of the line equation
* Point-Slope Form
* Parametric Equations and Symmetric Equations

Or, if you are given a point on a line and the slope of the line including that point, this calculates the equation of that line and the y intercept of that line equation, and point-slope form.

Also allows for the entry of m and b to form the line equation

Slope Word Problems
Solves slope word problems

In simple linear regression the slope and the correlation coefficient will have the same signs True
The slope of a line is 7/6. What is the slope of any line parallel to this line?
Find y if the line through (1,y) and (4,5) has a slope of 3
The points 6,4 and 9,r lie on a line with slope 3. Find the missing coordinate r.
The points -5, -24 and 5,r lie on a line with slope 4. Find the missing coordinate r. Slope = (y2 -
The slope of a roof is called its pitch. The Parthenon, an ancient Greek temple, has a roof with a r