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π Digits
Calculates PI (π) to a set number of decimal places using the Gauss-Legendre Algorithm.

3 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 3 unknowns with equations in the form ax + by + cz = d using Cramers Method.

4 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 4 unknowns with equations in the form aw + bx + cy + dz = e using Cramers Method.

Additive Inverse Property
Demonstrates the Additive Inverse property using a number.

Algebraic Expressions
This calculator builds algebraic expressions based on word representations of numbers using the four operators and the words that represent them(increased,product,decreased,divided,times)

Algebraic Substitutions
Given an algebraic statement with variables [a-z], this calculator takes a set of given substitution values, i.e., x=2,y=3,z=4, and evaluates your statement using the substitution values.

Calculates the area of an annulus and the equation of the annulus using the radius of the large and small concentric circles.

Calculates the antilog of a number using a base.

Arithmetic Annuity
Calculates the Present Value, Accumulated Value (Future Value), First Payment, or Arithmetic Progression of an Increasing or Decreasing Arithmetic Annuity Immediate.

Associative Property
Demonstrates the associative property using 3 numbers.

Babylonian Method
Determines the square root of a number using the Babylonian Method.

Bakshali Method
Calculates the square root of a positive integer using the Bakshali Method

Bayes Rule
Calculates the conditional probabilities of (B given A) of 2 events and a conditional probability event using Bayes Rule

Takes a bearing and lists the steps needed to get from Point A to Point B using that bearing.

Benchmark Fractions
Adds or Subtracts or Compares 2 fractions using estimating sums or estimating differences with benchmark fractions.

Bernoulli Trials
Given a success probability p and a number of trials (n), this will simulate Bernoulli Trials and offer analysis using the Bernoulli Distribution. Also calculates the skewness, kurtosis, and entropy

Binomial Distribution
Calculates the probability of 3 separate events that follow a binomial distribution. It calculates the probability of exactly k successes, no more than k successes, and greater than k successes as well as the mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis.
Also calculates the normal approximation to the binomial distribution with and without the continuity correction factor
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function

Binomial Option Pricing Model
This shows all 2t scenarios for a stock option price on a binomial tree using (u) as an uptick percentage and (d) as a downtick percentage

Calculates the call or put option value of a stock based on inputs related to the option using Black Scholes method.

Blackjack Card Counting
This calculator allows you to enter a number of players with one deck of cards by simulating an opening blackjack deal using card counting methods.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Solves for the popular health measurement of Body Mass Index or Weight using inches and pounds input or meters and kilos input.
Also calculates the estimated surface area of the body using the Mosteller Formula

Bond Flat Price-Accrued Coupon-Market Price
Calculates the flat price, accrued coupon, and market price for a bond between valuation dates using the following methods:
1) Theoretical Method
2) Practical Method
3) Semi-Theoretical Method

Bond Price Formulas
Given a face value, coupon percent, yield percent, term, and redemption value, this calculates the price of a bond using the four price formulas for bonds
1) Basic
2) Premium/Discount
3) Base
4) Makeham

Bond Yield Rates
Calculates the yield rate of bonds using the Yield Approximation Method or the Bond Salesman Method.

Boolean Algebra Multiplication
Determines the product of two expressions using boolean algebra.

Bretschneiders Formula
Calculates the area of a quadrilateral using Bretschneiders Formula

Capitalized Cost and Periodic Charge
Given an Asset Value (A), a Salvage Value (S) at time (N), a sinking fund rate of (j), an effective rate of interest (i), and maintenance expense (M), this calculator solves for periodic charge (H) and capitalized cost (K)

Change Counting
This shows you how to make change using the least amount of bills/coins by taking a bill amount and a cash tendered amount from a customer and figuring out the fastest way to make change. Maximum denomination is $100

Chebyshevs Theorem
Using Chebyshevs Theorem, this calculates the following:
Probability that random variable X is within k standard deviations of the mean.
How many k standard deviations within the mean given a P(X) value.

Chinese Remainder Theorem
Given a set of modulo equations in the form:
x ≡ a mod b
x ≡ c mod d
x ≡ e mod f

the calculator will use the Chinese Remainder Theorem to find the lowest possible solution for x in each modulus equation.
Given that the ni portions are not pairwise coprime and you entered two modulo equations, then the calculator will attempt to solve using the Method of Successive Subsitution

Cofunction Calculator
Calculates the cofunction of the 6 trig functions: * sin
* cos
* tan
* csc
* sec
* cot

Coin Amount to Denomination
Takes a money value and using the highest possible bills/coins, constructs the amount using bills and coins.

Collatz Conjecture
Takes any natural number using the Collatz Conjecture and reduces it down to 1.

Combined Gas Law
This will solve for any of the 6 items in the Combined Gas Law using pressure, volume (Capacity), and temperature.
(P1 x V1)/T1 = (P2 x V2)/T2

Commutative Property
Demonstrates the commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication using 3 numbers.

Confidence Interval for the Mean
Calculates a (90% - 99%) estimation of confidence interval for the mean given a small sample size using the student-t method with (n - 1) degrees of freedom or a large sample size using the normal distribution Z-score (z value) method including Standard Error of the Mean

Confidence Interval for Variance and Standard Deviation
Calculates a (95% - 99%) estimation of confidence interval for the standard deviation or variance using the χ2 method with (n - 1) degrees of freedom.

Counts up from a number to another number using a factor
Counts down from one number to another number using a factor. Also known as skip counting.

Covariance and Correlation coefficient (r) and Least Squares Method and Exponential Fit
Given two distributions X and Y, this calculates the following:
* Covariance of X and Y denoted Cov(X,Y)
* The correlation coefficient r.
* Using the least squares method, this shows the least squares regression line (Linear Fit) and Confidence Intervals of α and Β (90% - 99%)
Exponential Fit
* Coefficient of Determination r squared r2
* Spearmans rank correlation coefficient
* Wilcoxon Signed Rank test

Cox-Ross-Rubenstein Pricing
Using the Cox-Ross-Rubenstein method, this calculates the call price and put price of an option.

Critical Z-values
Given a probability from a normal distribution, this will generate the z-score critical value. Uses the NORMSINV Excel function.

Cubic Equation
Solves for cubic equations in the form ax3 + bx2 + cx + d = 0 using the following methods:
1) Solve the long way for all 3 roots and the discriminant Δ
2) Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to solve for real roots followed by the synthetic div/quadratic method for the other imaginary roots if applicable.

Date and Time Difference
Calculates the difference between two dates using the following methods
1) Difference in dates using year/month/day/hour/minute/second as the primary unit of time
2) Difference in dates in the form of years remaining, months remaining, days remaining, hours remaining, minutes remaining, seconds remaining.

Declining Balance Depreciation
Solves for Depreciation Charge, Asset Value, and Book Value using the Declining Balance Method

Demoivres Theorem
Using Demoivres Theorem, this calculator performs the following:
1) Evaluates (acis(θ))n
2) Converts a + bi into Polar form
3) Converts Polar form to Rectangular (Standard) Form

Dewey Decimal System Classification
Given a 3 digit code, this will determine the class, division, and section of the library book using the Dewey Decimal System.

Diophantine Equations
Solves for ax + by = c using integer solutions if they exist

Distributive Property
Demonstrates the distributive property using 3 numbers.

Dividend Discount Model
This calculator determines the present value of dividends using the Dividend Discount Model.

Dollar Weighted Interest Method
Solves for Interest Rate, Starting Asset Value, Ending Asset Value, and Expenses using the Dollar Weighted Method.

Double Declining Balance Depreciation
Calculates Depreciation and Book Value using the Double Declining Balance Depreciation Method.

Duplication and Mediation
Multiplies two numbers using Duplication and Mediation

Encrypts various strings using methods such as:

Euclids Algorithm and Euclids Extended Algorithm
Given 2 numbers a and b, this calculates the following
1) The Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) using Euclids Algorithm
2) x and y in Bézouts Identity ax + by = d using Euclids Extended Algorithm

Eulers Formula for Planar Geometry
This calculator solves for any one of the 3 following items using Eulers Formula for planar geometry:
* Vertices (v)
* Faces (f)
* Edges (e)

Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations
This calculator is the ultimate expansion tool to multiply polynomials. It expands algebraic expressions listed below using all 26 variables (a-z) as well as negative powers to handle polynomial multiplication. Includes multiple variable expressions as well as outside multipliers.
Also produces a polynomial equation from a given set of roots (polynomial zeros). * Binomial Expansions c(a + b)x
* Polynomial Expansions c(d + e + f)x
* FOIL Expansions (a + b)(c + d)
* Multiple Parentheses Multiplications c(a + b)(d + e)(f + g)(h + i)

Exponential Identity
Calculates the square root of a positive integer using the Exponential Identity Method

Factoring and Root Finding
This calculator factors a binomial including all 26 variables (a-z) using the following factoring principles:
* Difference of Squares
* Sum of Cubes
* Difference of Cubes
* Binomial Expansions
* Quadratics
* Factor by Grouping
* Common Term
This calculator also uses the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to determine potential roots
* Factors and simplifies Rational Expressions of one fraction
* Determines the number of potential positive and negative roots using Descarte’s Rule of Signs

Takes accounting entries using the FIFO (first in first out) and LIFO (last in first out) inventory methods.

Fishers Exact Test
Given a, b, c, and d, this calculates the probability of any such set of values using Fishers exact Test

Frequency and Wavelength and Photon Energy
Provides the following 3 items using the speed of light and Plancks constant (h):
- Given a frequency of centimeters, feet, meters, or miles the calculator will determine wavelength in Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz
- Given a wavelength of Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz, the calculator will determine frequency in centimeters, feet, meters, or miles
- Calculates photon energy

Frequency Distribution Table
Determines the classes and frequency distribution using the 2 to k rule.

Given a polynomial expression, this calculator evaluates the following items:
1) Functions ƒ(x). Your expression will also be evaluated at a point, i.e., ƒ(1)
2) 1st Derivative ƒ'(x) The derivative of your expression will also be evaluated at a point, i.e., ƒ'(1)
3) 2nd Derivative ƒ''(x) The second derivative of your expression will be also evaluated at a point, i.e., ƒ''(1)
4) Integrals ∫ƒ(x) The integral of your expression will also be evaluated on an interval, i.e., [0,1]
5) Using Simpsons Rule, the calculator will estimate the value of ≈ ∫ƒ(x) over an interval, i.e., [0,1]

Fundamental Rule of Counting
Given a set of items, this calculates the total number of groups/choices that can be formed using the rule of product.

GDP Deflator
Calculates the GDP Deflator using nominal and real GDP

Geometric Distribution
Using a geometric distribution, it calculates the probability of exactly k successes, no more than k successes, and greater than k successes as well as the mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis.
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function

Geometric Mean of a Triangle
Given certain segments of a special right triangle, this will calculate other segments using the geometric mean

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Google Mobile Advertising Exam

Google Shopping Advertising Exam Certification Answers
Google Shopping Advertising Exam Certification Answers and Study Guide

Gravitational Force
Using Sir Isaac Newtons Law of Gravitational Force, this calculator determines the force between two objects with mass in kilograms at a distance apart in meters using the constant of gravity.

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
Given 2 or 3 numbers, the calculator determines the following:
* Greatest Common Factor (GCF) using Factor Pairs
* Rewrite Sum using the Distributive Property and factoring out the GCF
* Least Common Multiple (LCM) / Least Common Denominator (LCD) using Factor Pairs
* GCF using the method of Successive Division
* GCF using the Prime Factorization method
* Determine if the numbers are coprime and twin prime

Group Combinations
Given an original group of certain types of member, this determines how many groups/teams can be formed using a certain condition.

Hyperbolic Function
Calculates hyperbolic function values: sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, sech, coth

Hyperbolic Inverse
Calculates hyperbolic function values: arcsinh, arccosh, arctanh, arccsch, arcsech, arccoth

Hypergeometric Distribution
Calculates the probability of drawing x objects out of a subgroup of k with n possibilities in a total group of N using the hypergeometric distribution.

Hypothesis Testing for a proportion
Performs hypothesis testing using a test statistic for a proportion value.

Index Form
Writes a number using index form notation

Input Table
Given an input table with input and output values, this will determine the operator and rule used to populate the missing values.

Given a set of data, this interpolates using the following methods:
* Linear Interpolation
* Nearest Neighbor (Piecewise Constant)
* Polynomial Interpolation

Lagrange Four Square Theorem (Bachet Conjecture)
Builds the Lagrange Theorem Notation (Bachet Conjecture) for any natural number using the Sum of four squares.

Linear Congruential Generator
Using the linear congruential generator algorithm, this generates a list of random numbers based on your inputs

Using the formula Log ab = e, this calculates the 3 pieces of a logarithm equation:
1) Base (b)
2) Exponent
3) Log Result
In addition, it converts
* Expand logarithmic expressions

Matrix Properties
Given a matrix |A|, this calculates the following items if they exist:
* Determinant = det(A)
* Inverse = A-1
* Transpose = AT
* Adjoint = adj(A)
* Eigen equation (characteristic polynomial) = det|λI - A|
* Trace = tr(A)
* Gauss-Jordan Elimination using Row Echelon and Reduced Row Echelon Form
* Dimensions of |A| m x n
* Order of a matrix
* Euclidean Norm ||A||
* Magic Sum if it exists
* Determines if |A| is an Exchange Matrix

Mcnemar Test
Given a 2 x 2 contingency table and a significance level, this will determine the test statistic, critical value, and hypothesis conclusion using a Mcnemar test.

Method of Equated Time-Exact Method-Macaulay Duration-Volatility
Given a set of cash flows at certain times, and a discount rate, this will calculate t using the equated time method and the exact method, as well as the macaulay duration and volatility

Missing Average
Given a set of scores and an average, this calculates the next score necessary to attain that average

Modular Exponentiation and Successive Squaring
Solves xn mod p using the following methods:
* Modular Exponentiation
* Successive Squaring

Multiplication Array
This allows you to enter pictorials using * symbols to represent multiplication

Multiplicative Identity Property
Demonstrates the Multiplicative Identity property using a number.

Multiplicative Inverse Property
Demonstrates the Multiplicative Inverse property using a number.

Newton Method
Calculates the square root of a positive integer using the Newton Method

Normal Distribution
Calculates the probability that a random variable is less than or greater than a value or between 2 values using the Normal Distribution z-score (z value) method (Central Limit Theorem).
Also calculates the Range of values for the 68-95-99.7 rule, or three-sigma rule, or empirical rule

Number Bonds
Adds or subtracts 2 numbers and using grouping by 10 or 100. Also called number bonds or addition facts. Multiplies two numbers using tape diagrams.

Order of Operations
Evaluates an expression using the order of operations, or PEMDAS or PEDMAS or BEDMAS.

Partial Quotient
Divides 2 numbers using the Partial Quotient

Percentage of Completion
Given a sales price, total costs, and costs per period, this determines the gross profit to date using the percentage of completion method.

Given a set of scores and a target score, this will determine the percentile of the target score using two different formulas.

Plane and Parametric Equations in R3
Given a vector A and a point (x,y,z), this will calculate the following items:
1) Plane Equation passing through (x,y,z) perpendicular to A
2) Parametric Equations of the Line L passing through the point (x,y,z) parallel to A

Poisson Distribution
Calculates the probability of 3 separate events that follow a poisson distribution.
It calculates the probability of exactly k successes P(x = k)
No more than k successes P (x <= k)
Greater than k successes P(x >= k)
Each scenario also calculates the mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis.
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function

Using various input scenarios of a polygon such as side length, number of sides, apothem, and radius, this calculator determines Perimeter or a polygon and Area of the polygon. This also determines interior angles of a polygon and diagonals of a polygon as well as the total number of 1 vertex diagonals.

Profit Equation
Using the Profit Equation with inputs (Revenue-Cost-Profit-Tax), this determines the relevant output including gross proft, gross profit margin, net profit, and net profit margin.

Proportion Sample Size
This calculator determines a sample size to select to meet certain criteria related to a confidence percentage, reliability percentage, and a p value proportion. Simply enter your values not using percentage signs. This works whether p^ is known or not known.

1) Calculates the missing link of 2 equivalent proportions or ratios.
2) Also determines if two numerical proportions that you entered such as 1/10=6/12 are equivalent or not equivalent. Note: You can use all allowable operators such as =,<,≤,>,≥

Pythagorean Theorem
Figures out based on user entry the missing side or missing hypotenuse of a right triangle. In addition, the calculator shows the proof of the Pythagorean Theorem and then determines by numerical evaluation if the 2 sides and hypotenuse you entered are a right triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem Trig Proofs
Shows the proof of 3 pythagorean theorem related identities using the angle θ:
Sin2(θ) + Cos2(θ) = 1
Tan2(θ) + 1 = Sec2(θ)
Sin(θ)/Cos(θ) = Tan(θ)

Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Solves for quadratic equations in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0. Also generates practice problems as well as hints for each problem.
* Solve using the quadratic formula and the discriminant Δ
* Complete the Square for the Quadratic
* Factor the Quadratic
* Y-Intercept
* Vertex (h,k) of the parabola formed by the quadratic where h is the Axis of Symmetry as well as the vertex form of the equation a(h - h)2 + k
* Concavity of the parabola formed by the quadratic
* Using the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem), the calculator will determine potential roots which can then be tested against the synthetic calculator.

Given 4 points entered, this determines the area using Brahmaguptas Formula and perimeter of the quadrilateral formed by the points as well as checking to see if the quadrilateral (quadrangle) is a parallelogram.

Quartic Equations
Solves quartic equations in the form ax4 + bx3 + cx2 + dx + e using the following methods:
1) Solve the long way for all roots and the discriminant Δ
2) Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to solve for real roots followed by the synthetic div/quadratic method for the other imaginary roots if applicable.

Random Sampling from the Normal Distribution
This performs hypothesis testing on a sample mean with critical value on a sample mean or calculates a probability that Z <= z or Z >= z using a random sample from a normal distribution.

Ratio Word Problems
Solves a ratio word problem using a given ratio of 2 items in proportion to a whole number.

Reflexive Property
Demonstrates the reflexive property of congruence using a number.

Subtracts two numbers using regrouping

Right Triangles
This solves for all the pieces of a right triangle based on given inputs using items like the sin ratio, cosine ratio, tangent ratio, and the Pythagorean Theorem as well as the inradius.

Rule of 72
Calculates how long it would take money to double (doubling time) using the rule of 72 interest approximation as well as showing the mathematical proof of the Rule of 72.

Run Length Encoding
Given a string, this will determine the run length encoding using repeating patterns of characters.

Sieve of Eratosthenes
Using the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm, this will show how many prime numbers are less than a number (n).

Sign Test
This will determine whether to accept or reject a null hypothesis based on a number set, mean value, alternative hypothesis, and a significance level using the Sign Test.

Simple Discount and Compound Discount
Given a principal value, interest rate, and time, this calculates the Accumulated Value using Simple Discount and Compound Discount

Simultaneous Equations
Solves a system of simultaneous equations with 2 unknowns using the following 3 methods:
1) Substitution Method (Direct Substitution)
2) Elimination Method
3) Cramers Method

Sine Wave
Solves for any of the 3 items of the Sine Wave: Peak Value, Average Value, and RMS value given 1 input.

Sinking Fund Depreciation Method
Using the Sinking Fund method of Depreciation, this calculator determines the following:
* Depreciation at time t (Dt)
* Asset Value (A)
* Salvage Value (S)
* Book Value at time t (Bt)

Sinking Funds
Solves for Sinking Fund Deposit or Initial Loan Amount.

Straight Line Depreciation
Solves for Depreciation Charge, Asset Value, Salvage Value, Time, N, and Book Value using the Straight Line Method.

Sum of the Years Digits (SOYD) Depreciation
Solves for Depreciation Charge, Asset Value, and Book Value using the Sum of the Years Digits Method

Sum to Product and Product to Sum Formulas
Given two angles in degrees of u and v, this determines the following:
* Sin(u) ± Sin(v)
* Cos(u) ± Cos(v)
* Sin(u)Sin(v)
* Cos(u)Cos(v)
* Sin(u)Cos(v)
* Cos(u)Sin(v)
* Sin(u + v)
* Sin(u - v)
* Cos(u + v)
* Cos(u - v)
* Tan(u + v)
* Tan(u - v)

Symmetric Property
Demonstrates the Symmetric property using a number.

Synthetic Division
Using Ruffinis Rule, this performs synthetic division by dividing a polynomial with a maximum degree of 6 by a term (x ± c) where c is a constant root using the factor theorem. The calculator returns a quotient answer that includes a remainder if applicable.

Tetrahedron Marble Problem
Word problem using marbles in a cylinder jar that forms a tetrahedron.

Time Weighted Interest Method
Solves for Interest Rate based on 2 annual asset value events other than beginning or ending value using the Time Weighted Method

Transitive Property
Demonstrates the Transitive property using a number.

Triangle Solver and Classify Triangles
Solves a triangle including area using the following solving methods
Side-Angle-Side (SAS)
Angle-Side-Angle (ASA)
Side-Side-Angle (SSA)
Side-Side-Side (SSS)
Area (A) is solved using Herons Formula
Law of Sines
Law of Cosines

Also classifies triangles based on sides and angles entered.

Trig Measurement
Given an angle θ, this calculates the following measurements:
Sin(θ) = Sine
Cos(θ) = Cosine
Tan(θ) = Tangent
Csc(θ) = Cosecant
Sec(θ) = Secant
Cot(θ) = Cotangent
Arcsin(x) = θ = Arcsine
Arccos(x) = θ = Arccosine
Arctan(x) =θ = Arctangent
Also converts between Degrees and Radians and Gradians
Coterminal Angles as well as determine if it is acute, obtuse, or right angle. For acute angles, a cofunction will be determined.

Trigonometry Relations
Calculates various trigonometry measurements (sin,cos,tan,csc,sec,cot) given other measurements that you enter.

Uniform Distribution
This calculates the following items for a uniform distribution
* Probability Density Function (PDF) ƒ(x)
* Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) F(x)
* Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function

Unit Savings
A discount and savings word problem using 2 people and full prices versus discount prices.

Units of Output (Service Output) Depreciation
Given an asset value, salvage value, production units, and units per period, this calculates the depreciation per period using the units of output depreciation (service output depreciation)

Utility and Cost Utility Ratio
Given 2 methods with a set of utilities and weights/probabilities, this will calculate the utility for each method, as well as the total utility using the additive method, as well as the Cost Utility Ratio

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Calculates the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and also calculates the return on equity if not given using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) using debt and other inputs such as Beta and risk free rate.

Z Score Lookup
Given a Z-score probability statement from the list below, this will determine the probability using the normal distribution z-table.
* P(z < a)
* P(z <= a)
* P(z > a)
* P(z >= a)
* P(a < z < b)

Zero Multiplication Property
Demonstrates the Zero Multiplication property using a number.

The sum of a and d is
A=2(l+w) for w
2 movie tickets and 3 snacks are $24. 3 movie tickets and 4 snacks are $35. How much is a movie tick
The United States Department of Agriculture reports that 18% of Americans are now on food stamps. If
a fever is generally considered to be a body temperature greater than 100 F. You friend has a temper
You can buy 8 DVDs for $48,how many can you buy for 96$
The length of the flag is 2 cm less than 7 times the width. The perimeter is 60cm. Find the length a
the square root of twice a number is 4 less than the number
All real numbers that are less than equal to -1 or greater than 5
The product of 8 and a number k is greater than 4 and no more than 16
Three more than 2x is greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 11
Eight less then the sum of y and x
Every 6 customers receive a soda, every 8 a hot dog there are 329 customers . how many received both
5 -8| -2n|=-75
Dinh has 4 more patients to care for than Juan. if Dinah has 18 patients to care for how many does J
Emily is three years older than twice her sister Maryís age. The sum of their ages is less than 30.
Carmen is serving her child french fries and chicken wings for lunch today. Let f be the number of f
Suppose two number cubes are rolled. What is the probability of rolling a sum greater than 8?
The length of a rectangular building is 6 feet less than 3 times the width. The perimeter is 120 fee
There are 5 2/3 cups of milk. How many thirds are there?
The distance between X and 8 is less than 14
There are 76 milligrams of cholesterol in a 3.2 ounce serving of lobster. How much cholesterol is in
Selling a Business and Reinvesting Proceeds
There are 4064 calories in 8 pints of strawberry icecream. How many calories are ther in each pint o
Set C contains all counting numbers less than 20
A dad gave his 3 sons each the same amount of money in an envelope. He took $20 from one son for get
4 teaspons of vegetable oil and 6 teaspoons of vinegar. 20 teaspoons of vegetable oil to how many te
Cara learns to perform 2 vocal pieces during each week of lessons. After 7 weeks of voice lessons, h
Dan has a favorite fast food restaurant where he always orders French fries and a milk shake. If the
8 sweets are shared among 4 pupils. how many does each pupil get
3 adults and 4 children must pay $136. 2 adults and 3 children must pay $97.
Brighthouse charges $120 a month for their basic plan, plus $2.99 for each on demand movie you buy.
jamie needs 3 cups of flour and 4 cups of sugar how many cups of sugar will she need if she uses 9 c
In 1910, the population of math valley was 15,000. If the population is increasing at an annual rate
The average of manny three tests is an 84. What must he get on a 4th test to raise his average to a
A pet supply chain called pet city has 15 hamsters and 12 gerbils for sale at its seaside location.
eana paid $5 for 20 lbs of bananas. how much were each pound?
15 out of 18 students agreed. What percentage did not?
For the first 10 seconds of the ride, the height of the coaster can be determined by h(t) = 0.3t^3 -
Six ounces of canned fish in oil has 396 calories. How many calories does 1 ounce have?
Elli is purchasing 2.75 pounds of jelly beans which are priced at 4.85 per pound. How much change sh
Clara can bake 17 cookies with each scoop of flour. With two scoops of flour, how many cookies can C
Donna buys a bag of 11 oranges for 2.86. Find the unit price in dollars per orange.
Mary paid 1.97 for toothpaste and a bar of soap using a discount coupon if the toothpaste cost 1.29
Francis paid 51.12 for his dinner including tax. The cost of his dinner is 48. What percent is the t
If it takes 6.6 pounds of seed to plant one acre of grass, how many acres can be planted with 9.24 p
50 meters in 21.81 seconds
the sum of 3 numbers
Set C is the set of two-digit even numbers less than 56 that are divisible by 5
Goal is to take at least 10,000 steps per day. According to your pedometer you have walked 5,274 ste
Amy deposits 4000 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 6% per year. How much inter
Kerry asked a bank teller to cash 390 check using 20 bills and 50 bills. If the teller gave her a to
If 3 pounds of apples cost 0.90, how much will 10 pounds cost?
A certain number added to its square is 30
Mr. Wilson wants to park his carin a parking garage that charges 3 per hour along with a flat fee of
Salma purchased a prepaid phone card for 30. Long distance calls cost 9 cents a minute using this ca
The ratio of men to women working for a company is 4 to 7. If there are 319 employees total, how man
If you can buy one of pineapple chunks for $2 then how many can you buy with $10
Susan has 10 apples and 6 oranges. How many fruits does she have?
The distribution of actual weights of 8 oz chocolate bars produced by a certain machine is normal wi
165cm in ft
What is the probability of rolling 12, 5 times in a row?
Kevin and randy have a jar containing 41 coins, all of which are either quarters or nickels. The tot
Every 100 seeds of corn he plants, he harvests 84 ears of corn. If he wants to harvest 7200 ears of
A student has an average mark of 68 from 10 tests. What mark must be gained in the next test to rais
Connor bought 386.21 pounds of peanuts and 331.28 pounds of raisins. How many pounds of snacks did h
Select 6 bills from a combination of 5 different bills
Yesterday, Boris had 144 baseball cards. Today, he got m more. Using m, write an expression for the
Two numbers total 83 and have a difference of 17 find the two numbers
A compact disc is designed to last an average of 4 years with a standard deviation of 0.8 years. Wha
A coupon that was mailed to preferred customers of video village rentals is good for 15% on any vide
Ava set her watch 2 seconds behind, every day it sets back 1 second. How many days has it been since
If it takes 3/4 cup of flour to make 10 pancakes, how much flour will it take to make 40 pancakes
students at East Central High School earned $384 selling car washes. They want to make $2690 for a c
Find 3 Even Integers with a sum of 198
What does $10.00 worth of 0.25 cents tickets how many would you get
there are some red counters and some yellow counters in the ratio 1:5. There are 20 yellow counters
At a football game, a vender sold a combined total of 117 sodas and hot dogs. The number of hot dogs
6 mph, 2 hours what is the distance
Is 5 over 3 equivalent to 9 over 6?
3 coins fall out of your pocket. What is the probability that all 3 will land tails up?
A baseball player gets 12 hits in 40 at bats. What percent are hits, and what percent are not hits?
The monthly earnings of a group of business students are are normally distributed with a standard de
30 people are selected randomly from a certain town. If their mean age is 60.5 and ? = 4.6, find a 9
Find Requested Value
Find Necessary Sample Size
The monthly earnings of a group of business students are are normally distributed with a standard de
-2 <= x +4 < 9
Mr rosenthal bought 15 computer disks and a carrying case for 28.50 if the carrying case cost 6.75 w
How many dimes must be added to a bag of 200 nickels so that the average value of the coins in the b
During the 2016 christmas season,UPS had 14 employees retire, 122 employees were hired and 31 left d
The square of a positive integer minus twice its consecutive integer is equal to 22. find the intege
A random sample of 40 adults with no children under the age of 18 years results in a mean daily leis
An employee earns $7.00 an hour for the first 35 hours worked in a week and $10.50 for any hours ove
You invest $1,300 in an account that has an annual interest rate of 5%, compounded annually. How muc
Calculate the simple interest if the principal is 1500 at a rate of 7% for 3 years
Austin deposited $4000 into an account with 4.8% interest,compounded monthly. Assuming that no
Use the definite integral to find the area between the x-axis and the function f(x)= x^2-x-12 over t
evaluate 16 raised to 1/4
The product of two positive numbers is 96. Determine the two numbers if one is 4 more than the other
A shopper paid $51.93 including tax for an item marked $48.99. What would she pay for another item m
How much more expensive per ounce is a 15 ounce bottle of mango juice for $3.45 than a 32 ounce bott
How many ways can you rolls two dice and get a sum less than 4?
Theodore invests $17,000 at 9% simple interest for 1 year. How much is in the account at the end of
Renee sells 6 gifts in 20 minutes. How many might she sell in 4 hrs
You use 4 gallons of water on 30 plants in your garden. At that rate, how much water will it take to
In order to select new board members, the French club held an election. 63 out of the 90 members of
A box is filled with 5 blue cards,2 red cards, and 5 yellow cards. A card is chosen at random from t
The cost of a field trip is $220 plus $7 per student. If the school can spend at most $500, how many
The perimeter of a rectangular field is 250 yards. If the length of the field is 69 yards, what is
Amy has n decks of cards. Each deck has 52 cards in it. Using n, write an expression for the total
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
24 coloring books, 60 crayons, and 84 markers can be packaged into at most how many identical packag
Whitney has already baked 2 cakes, and she can bake 1 cake with each additional stick of butter she
Blake and Tatsu are each assigned a paper for a class they share. Blake decides to write 4 pages at
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the distribution for averages?
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
Facebook provides a variety of statistics on its Web site that detail the growth and popularity of t
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
Assume the speed of vehicles along a stretch of I-10 has an approximately normal distribution with a
The singular form of the word "dice" is "die". Tom was throwing a six-sided die. The first time he t
Frank averages 1 strike for every 4 frames that he bowls. If he bowled 48 strikes in 1 season, how m
An ice cream shop carries 6 ice cream flavors, 3 sauces, and 4 toppings. If a sundae has one scoop o
A bag contains 3 red marbles and 4 blue marbles. a marble is taken at random and replaced. another m
Kunio puts $2,200.00 into savings bonds that pay a simple interest rate of 2.4%. How much money will
Below are data showing the results of six subjects on a memory test. The three scores per subject ar
Cole and Finn are roommates. They paid three months rent and a $200 security deposit when they signe
Consider the case of a manufacturer who has an automatic machine that produces an important part. Pa
Eighty percent of the employees at Rowan University have their biweekly Wages deposit directly to th
Suppose that previously collected traffic data indicate that, during the afternoon rush hour, an ave
Customers arrive at the claims counter at the rate of 20 per hour (Poisson distributed). What is th
An analysis of the final test scores for Managerial Decision Making Tools reveals the scores follow
It is estimated that weekly demand for gasoline at new station is normally distributed, with an aver
The hourly wages of employees at Rowan have a mean wage rate of $10 per hour with a standard deviati
A financial analyst computed the ROI for all companies listed on the NYSE. She found that the mean o
A candidate for mayor wants to gauge potential voter reaction to an increase recreational services b
A researcher believed that there was a difference in the amount of time boys and girls at 7th grade
A professor assumed there was a correlation between the amount of hours people were expose to sunlig
Conventionally, the null hypothesis is false if the probability value is: a. Greater than 0.05 b. L
A student hypothesized that girls in his class had the same blood pressure levels as boys. The proba
A teacher assumed that the average of grades for a math test was 80. Imagine 20 students took the te
Which of the following descriptions of null hypothesis are correct? (Select all that apply) a. A nu
Imagine that a researcher wanted to know the average weight of 5th grade boys in a high school. He r
Imagine that a researcher wanted to know the average weight of 5th grade boys in a high school. He r
Imagine that a researcher wanted to know the average weight of 5th grade boys in a high school. He r
A researcher posed a null hypothesis that there was no significant difference between boys and girls
A researcher posed a null hypothesis that there was no significant difference between boys and girls
A professor wanted to test all possible pairwise comparisons among six means. How many comparisons d
Which of the following can increase power?
Can a coefficient of determination be negative? Why or why not?
A binomial probability experient is conducted with the given parameters. Compute the probability of
Determine the area under the standard normal curve that lies between:
Construct a confidence interval of the population proportion at the given level of confidence. x = 1
Six Years ago, 12.2% of registered births were to teenage mothers. A sociologist believes that the
A random sample of 40 adults with no children under the age of 18 years results in a mean daily leis
The first significant digit in any number must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. It was discovered t
A random sample of 25 customers was chosen in CCP MiniMart between 3:00 and 4:00 PM on a Friday afte
A random sample of STAT200 weekly study times in hours is as follows: 2 15 15 18 30 Find the sam
Prizes hidden on a game board with 10 spaces. One prize is worth $100, another is worth $50, and tw
Mimi just started her tennis class three weeks ago. On average, she is able to return 20% of her opp
The IQ scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. a) What i
A random sample of 100 light bulbs has a mean lifetime of 3000 hours. Assume that the population sta
A man stands at point p, 45 metres from the base of a building that is 20 metres high. Find the angl
Suppose that Sn = 3 + 1/3 + 1/9 + ... + 1/3(n-2)
If you buy a computer directly from the manufacturer for $3,509 and agree to repay it in 36 equal in
From a standard 52 card deck, how many 6-card hands will have 2 spades and 4 hearts?
Jazmin is a hairdresser who rents a station in a salon for daily fee. The amount of money (m) Jazmin
Ms. Jeffers is splitting $975 among her three sons. If the oldest gets twice as much as the youngest
Assume that you make random guesses for 5 true-or-false questions
Men's heights are normally distributed with mean 69.0 inches and standard deviation 2.8 inches. Mimi
If you are running 6 miles per hour, then it takes you 10 minutes to run 1 mile. If you are running
Let P(n) and S(n) denote the product and the sum, respectively, of the digits of the integer n. For
Given the rectangular prism below, if AB = 6 in., AD = 8 in. and BF = 24, find the length of FD.
Julia has a bucket of water that weighs 10lbs. The total weight is 99% water. She leaves the bucke
Lucy has taken four tests in math class and has an average of 85. i. What score would she have to g
Sophie and Claire are having a foot race. Claire is given a 100-foot head-start. If Sophie is runn
An ancient Greek was said to have lived 1/4 of his live as a boy, 1/5 as a youth, 1/3 as a man, and
The sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number is 16. Reversing its digits increases the number
Lena purchased a prepaid phone card for $15. Long distance calls cost 24 cents a minute using this
Two mechanics worked on a car. the first mechanic worked for 5 hours snd the second mechanic worked
a manufacturing company has a debt to equity ratio of 3 to 2. if the company has a debt of $12 milli
Gayle has 36 coins, all nickels and dimes, worth $2.40. How many dimes does she have?
The relief time provided by a standard dose of a popular childrenís allergy medicine averages 7.9
A random variable X follows the uniform distribution with a lower limit of 670 and an upper limit
The margarita is one of the most common tequila-based cocktails, made with tequila, triple sec, and
Jason wrote a total of 8 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Jason have to spend writing this we
Erica has $14 and plans to save $5 each week until she has the $64 she needs for a new jacket. Par
After a 33 percent reduction, you purchase a television for $281.40. What was the televisions price
In a family of 4 children, what is the probability that all four will be girls?
A small acting club has 8 members. How many different 2 member groups are possible?
An executive invests $23,000, some at 8% and some at 4% annual interest. If he receives an annual re
A textbook store sold a combined total of 307 biology and chemistry textbooks in a week. The number
The coach of a hockey team is holding tryouts and can take only 2 more players for the team. There a
Juan has d dimes and q quarters in his pocket. The total value of the coins is less than $14.75. Whi
Dave rented a limousine for his wife's birthday. The hourly rate is $60. They used the limousine for
Hari planted 324 plants in such a way that there were as many rows of plants as there were number of
You are purchasing carpeting for an office building. The space to be carpeted is 30 feet by 50 feet.
A desk drawer contains 10 blue pencils, 7 red pencils, and 8 green pencils. Without looking, you dra
p(x)=2x-5 find the domain
A passenger train left station A at 6:00 P.M. Moving with the average speed 45 mph, it arrived at st
A parabola has a Vertex at (4,-2) and a Focus at (6,-2). Find the equation of the parabola
If a number is increased by 16 and then divided by 3, the result is 8
A recent survey showed that 49% of recent college graduates named flexible hours as their most desir
Substitute the given values into given formula and solve for the unknown variable. S=4LW + 2 WH; S=
To make an international telephone call, you need the code for the country you are calling. The code
A 20 feet piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 5 feet longer than twic
A pawn broker buys a tv and a computer for $600. He sells the computer at a markup of 30% and the tv
The Lakers recently scored 81 points. Their points came from 2 and 3 point baskets. If they made 39
A recent survey showed that 44% of recent college graduates named flexible hours as their most desir
A 15 feet piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 3 feet longer than twic
A theatre contains 459 seats and the ticket prices for a recent play were $53 for adults and $16 for
A used automobile dealership recently reduced the price of a used compact car by 6%. If the price of
Write the verbal expression for: 9x
What numbers have an absolute value of 9
Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve using any method, and fill in the
In this class of 4/5 students are right handed. if there are 20 right handed students, what is the t
Kim, Jenny, and Wendy are basketball players. Each plays a different position (guard, forward, and c
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
Jinas final exam has true/false questions, worth 3 points each, and multiple choice questions, worth
Kevin borrowed $8000 at a rate of 7.5%, compounded monthly. Assuming he makes no payments, how much
A family buys airline tickets online. Each ticket costs $167. The family buys travel insurance with
Rob has 40 coins, all dimes and quarters, worth $7.60. How many dimes and how many quarters does he
The ratio of girls to boys is 14 girls to 12 boys. If there are 6 boys, how many girls are there?
There are 6 women and 5 men in a department. How many ways can a committee of 2 women and 2 men be s
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
Penelope and Owen work at a furniture store. Penelope is paid $215 per week plus 3.5% of her total s
A standard die is rolled. Find the probability that the number rolled is greater than 3
The Oakdale High School Speech and Debate Club hosted its annual car wash fundraiser. Each club memb
Is it correct to word "10% * 50 + 50" as "10% upper 50"?
There are 64 members in the history club. 11 less than half of the members are girls. How many membe
Given that E[Y]=2 and Var [Y] =3, find E[(2Y + 1)^2]
A box
A box contains 4 plain pencils and 4 pens. A second box contains 5 color pencils and 3 crayons. One
The points 6,4 and 9,r lie on a line with slope 3. Find the missing coordinate r.
The points -5, -24 and 5,r lie on a line with slope 4. Find the missing coordinate r. Slope = (y2 -
Two consecutive even integers that equal 126
A person places $230 in an investment account earning an annual rate of 6.8%, compounded continuousl
14 oranges $3.78
Your grandma gives you $10,000 to invest for college. You get an average interest rate of 5% each ye
Suppose x is a natural number. When you divide x by 7 you get a quotient of q and a remainder of 6.
A jar contains 80 nickels and dimes worth $6.40. How many of each kind of coin are in the jar?
The ratio of men to women working for a company is 3 to 4. If there are 81 men working for the compa
Rachel deposits $6000 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 6% per year. How much i
If p+4=2 and q-3=2, what is the value of qp?
If a teakettle holds 1.75 quarts of water, how many cups of tea can be made?
Stephanie and her sister go bowling every weekend and have been keeping track of their wins for the
When an alligator is born it is about 8 inches long each year they grow 12 inches determine the age
24 students in a class took an algebra test and 19 of them earned a B or better. What percent of stu
The admission fee at an amusement park is $1.50 for children and $4.00 for adults. On a certain day,
Find four consecutive odd numbers which add to 64
please solve the fifth word problem
please solve the fifth word problem
Norwood High Schools jazz band includes 33 trombone players and 27 trumpet players. Meanwhile, Lakew
When a number is doubled, the result is 36
Suppose that the weight (in pounds) of an airplane is a linear function of the amount of fuel (in ga
In 2010 a algebra book cost $125. In 2015 the book cost $205. Whats the linear function since 2010?
A coat is on sale for 35% off. The regular price of the coat is p. Write and simplify and expression
A plumber charges $50 to visit a house plus $40 for every hour of work.
porportion problems
Math Written Assignment
$2,030.00 was invested at 10% per annum compounded annually. What interest has been earned (in dolla
John spent $10.40 on 5 notebooks and 5 pens. Ariana spent $7.00 on 4 notebooks and 2 pens. What is t
Estimate a 15% tip on a dinner bell of $49.76 by first round the bill amount to the nearest $10
A car is purchased for $24,000 . Each year it loses 30% of its value. After how many years will t
Sam needs to save $300 to buy a video game system. He is able to save $20 per week. How many weeks w
Kierra had $35 to spend at the movies. If it was $11 to get in and snacks were 2$ each, how many sna
A city has a population of 240,000 people. Suppose that each year the population grows by 7.25%. Wha
The residents of a city voted on whether to raise property taxes. The ratio of yes votes to no votes
The blue star publishing company produces daily "Star news". It costs $1200 per day to operate regar
On the math test, Ralph answered 17 out of 20 problems. What percent did he get right?
You split $1,500 between two savings accounts. Account A pays 5% annual interest and Account B pays
A group of scientists studied the effect of a chemical on various strains of bacteria. Strain A star
A traveler is walking on a moving walkway in an airport. the traveler must walk back on the walkway
The weight of a 9.5-inch by 6-inch paperback book published by Leaden Publications, Inc., is 16.2 oz
Cody invests $4,734 in a retirement account with a fixed annual interest rate of 4% compounded conti
Every 10 customers receive a soda. Every 9 customers receive a hot dog. There are 450 customers. How
The sum of a number and its square is 72. find the numbers?
Solve for x
Claire makes bracelets using blue and red beads.Each bracelet has 20 red beads and 5 blue beads.Writ
Dave has a savings account that pays interest at 3 1/2% per year. His opening balance for May was $1
Find the number of combinations and the number of permutations for 10 objects taken 6 at a time
Alonzo needs to buy some pencils. Brand A has a pack of 36 pencils for $8.52. Brand B has a pack of
A+B+D=255 B+15=A D+12=B A=
The length of a rectangular building is 6 feet less than 3 times the width. The perimeter is 120 fee
5 chocolates cost $25. What will 15 chocolates cost?
Following the birth of triplets, the grandparents deposit $30,000 in a college trust fund that earns
What number is half between 1.24 and 1.8?
2x^2+4x < 3x+6
Mr. Smith wants to spend less than $125 at a zoo. A ticket cost $7 he is taking 2 kids with him. Use
Oliver earns $50 per day plus $7.50 for each package he delivers. If his paycheck for the first day
Word Problem
The jimenez family inherited land that was purchased for $50,000 in 1967. The value of the land incr
If you triple a number and then add 10, you get one-half of the original number. What is the number
The sum of the squares of two consecutive positive integers is 61. Find these two numbers.
Potato chips were $29.26 for 7 bags.Brand B was $25.38 for 6 bags which is the better buy
The perpendicular height of a right-angled triangle is 70 mm longer than the base. Find the perimete
Age now and then
Yesterday, Kareem had n baseball cards. Today, he got 9 more. Using n, write an expression for the t
Age now and then
Hope it's okay to ask this here?
A baseball player gets 7 hits in the first 15 games of the season. If he continues hitting at the sa
Two numbers total 50 and have a difference of 28. Find the two numbers.
if x2 is added to x, the sum is 42
There are two bells in the school. Bell A rings every 2 minutes. Bell B rings every 3 minutes. If bo
A coin is tossed and a die is rolled. Find the probability pf getting a head and a number greater th
Sean is helping his dad build a tiled walkway in their backyard. The walkway will be 606060 feet lon
What is the simple interest accrued from a $500 investment at 7% interest for 5 years?
The average cost of printing a book in a publishing company is c(x) = 5.5x+kx, where x is the numbe
The length of a rectangular building is 6 feet less than 3 times the width. The perimeter is 120 fee
Besides 8 and 1, what is one factor of 8
Match each variable with a variable by placing the correct letter on each line.
A wildlife reserve has a population of 180 elephants. A group of researchers trapped 60 elephants an
The perimeter of a rectangular bakery is 204 feet. It is 66 feet long. How wide is it?
A town has a population of 12000 and grows at 5% every year. What will be the population after 12 ye
If y varies inversely as X and Y equals 5 when x equals 2 find X when Y is 4
Kendra has $5.70 in quarters and nickels. If she has 12 more quarters than nickels, how many of each
Stock A is worth 4.5. Stock B is worth 8.0. Stock C is worth 10.0. She purchased half as many shares
Problems Involving Rational Expressions
The Sum of three times a number and 18 is -39. Find the number
A pair of dice is cast. what is the probablitly that the sum is less than 5
At a certain university, 60% of the students enrolled in a math course, 50% are enrolled in an Engli
A segment has an endpoint at (2, 1). The midpoint is at (5, 1). What are the coordinates of the othe
John took 20,000 out of his retirement and reinvested it. He earned 4% for one investment and 5% on
Adam, Bethany, and Carla own a painting company. To paint a particular home, Adam estimates it woul
A city has a population of 260,000 people. Suppose that each year the population grows by 8.75% . W
Tom has a collection 21 CDs and Nita has a collection of 14 CDs. Tom is adding 3 cds a month to his
A quarter of the learners in a class have blond hair and two thirds have brown hair. The rest of the
If the ratio of private school students to public school students in a city is 4 to 15 and there is
A parking lot has sixty-eight parking spaces numbered from 1 to 68. There are no cars in the parking
Last year, Miguel had $10,000 to invest. He invested some of it in an account that paid 5% simpl
A manufacturer has a monthly fixed cost of $52,500 and a production cost of $8 for each unit produce
There is a stack of 10 cards, each given a different number from 1 to 10. suppose we select a card r
Serial numbers for a product are to made using 4 letters followed by 4 numbers. If the letters are t
An electric motor makes 3,000 revolutions per minutes. How many degrees does it rotate in one second
Students stuff envelopes for extra money. Their initial cost to obtain the information for the job w
A farmer sold 250 of his sheep, bought 35 and then bought 68. If he now has 190, how many did he beg
A dormitory manager buys 38 bed sheets and 61 towels for $791.50. The manager get another 54 bed she
If 12 times a number is added to twice the number, the result is 112
During a performance, a juggler tosses one ball straight upward while continuing to juggle three oth
You are offered two different sales jobs. The first company offers a straight commission of 6% of th
Small pizzas were $3 and large pizzas were $5. To feed the throng, it was necessary to spend $475 fo
The residents of a city voted on whether to raise property taxes. The ratio of yes votes to no votes
The sum of two consecutive integers plus 18 is 123
log5 = 0.699, log2 = 0.301. Use these values to evaluate log40
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
A person will devote 31 years to be sleeping and watching tv. The number of years sleeping will exce
You roll two six-sided dice. What is the probability that the sum is less than 13?
A boy spent one-half of his money for a book and one-third of his money for a pen. The remaining $2.
A movie started at 11:28 am and it ended at 2:49 pm. How long was the movie?
1 integer is 7 times another. If the product of the 2 integers is 448, then find the integers.
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
The sum of 5 odd consecutive numbers is 145
The sum of Juanís age and Saraís age is 33 yrs. If Sara is 15 yrs old, how old is Juan?
You are buying boxes of cookies at a bakery. Each box of cookies costs $4. In the equation below, c
If a+b=16, then what is 3a+3b=
An executive invests $21,000, some at 8% and the rest at 7% annual interest. If he receives an annua
An executive invests $29,000, some at 8% and the rest at 6% annual interest. If he receives an annua
Melissa runs a landscaping business. She has equipment and fuel expenses of $264 per month. If she c
Yolanda is riding her bicycle. She rides for 5 hours at a speed of 12.5 kilometers per hours. For ho
The cost to rent a construction crane is 450 per day plus 150 per hour. What is the maximum number o
Flight is $295 and car rental is $39 a day, if a competition charges $320 and $33 a day car rental,
Your clothes washer stopped working during the spin cycle and you need to get a person in to fix the
Solving word problems with the matrix method?
If you paid $2.95 for 2.5 pounds of apples,what was the cost per pound?
Par on a golf course is 72. If a golfer shot rounds of 74, 70, and 71 in a tournament, what will she
John and Maria bought a medium pizza that has 8 slices. If John ate 2/4 slices and Maria ate 3/8, w
the length of a rectangular map is 15 inches and the perimeter is 50 inches. Find the width
I have 20 bills consisting of $5 and $10. If the total amount of my money is $130, how many of each
Find the odd number less than 100 that is divisible by 9, and when divided by 10 has a remainder of
An alligators tail length, T, varies directly as its body length, B. An alligator with a body length
In Super Bowl XXXV, the total number of points scored was 41. The winning team outscored the losing
Sara opened an account with $800 and withdrew $20 per week. Jordan opened an account with $500 and d
Suppose $10000 is invested in a savings account paying 8% interest per year, after 5 years how much
How many distinct 3 letter arrangements can be made using P, R, I, M and E
A woman earns $2400 per month and budgets $480 per month for food. What percent of her monthly incom
if f(x)=-5x+11 and f(n)=21 what does n equal
Ning prepared 16 kilograms of dough after working 4 hours. How many hours did Ning work if he prepar
A business owner spent $4000 for a computer and software. For bookkeeping purposes, he needs to post
If 2 ounces goes into 100 gallons how many ounces is needed for 3000 gallons
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3 of the novel.
Benny had 119 dollars to spend on 9 books. After buying them he had 11 dollars. How much did each bo
Stacy sells art prints for $12 each. Her expenses are $2.50 per print, plus $38 for equipment. How m
????? ? ???????, ? ??????? ? ????.
A rectangular garden is 5 ft longer than it is wide. Its area is 546 ft2. What are its dimensions?
A helicopter rose vertically 300 m and then flew west 400 m how far was the helicopter from itís sta
A straight road to the top of a hill is 2500 feet long and makes an angle of 12 degrees with the hor
A movie theater has a seating capacity of 143. The theater charges $5.00 for children, $7.00 for stu
A dress is on sale for $33. This is 3/5 of the regular price. What is the regular price?
How many milligrams are in 20 grams
The ratio of adults to children at the beach is 4:3. If there are a total of 56 people how many are
Dotty McGinnis starts up a small business manufacturing bobble-head figures of famous soccer players
A math test is worth 100 points and has 38 problems. Each problem is worth either 5 points or 2 poin
Jose has scored 556 points on his math tests so far this semester. To get an A for the semester, he
At 7:00 AM, the temperature started dropping 1 degree Celsius per hour until it reached 30 degrees C
Robert and Robert go to the movie theater and purchase refreshments for their friends. Robert spend
Carly grew 50 plants with 25 seed packets. With 37 seed packets, how many total plants can Carly hav
Happy Paws charges $19.00 plus $5.50 per hour to keep a dog during the day. Woof Watchers charges $1
There is a ratio of 5 girls to 3 boys in the chorus. There are 24 boys in the chorus.How many girls
Lucas is offered either 15% or $21 off his total shopping bill. How much would have to be spent to m
9000 dollars is placed in an account with an annual interest rate of 8%. How much will be in the acc
A wood screw advances 1/16 inch for each complete turn. How far will the screw advance in 8 complete
Trump stamps sold at $1.25 and Obama stamps sold at $2 . How many of each stamp was sold if 700 stam
A spinner is divided into 4 equal sections numbered 1 to 4. The theoretical probability of the spinn
The ratio of men to women working for a company is 5 to 3 . If there are 75 men working for the
Annuity that pays 6.6% compounded monthly. If $950 is deposited into this annuity every month, how m
I need help for this question. Can someone pls help me?
Lauren wrote a total of 6 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Lauren have to spend writing this
A rectangular field is twice as long as it is wide. If the perimeter is 360 what are the dimensions?
Joey puts $1,000.00 into an account to use for school expenses. The account earns 12% interest, comp
The regular price of a shirt was $19.00, but it is on sale for $13.30. What is the percent that the
Suppose you invest $1600 at an annual interest rate of 4.6% compounded continuously. How much will
A box contains 5 plain pencils and 7 pens. A second box contains 4 color pencils and 4 crayons. One
Last year, Eric had $20,000 to invest. He invested some of it in an account that paid 10% simple int
A survey of 950 college students found that 85% of the men and 90% of the women identified math as t
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The half-life of radioactive kind of manganese is 6 days. How much will be left 18 days, if you star
A 5 foot ladder is leaning against a wall. If the bottom of the ladder is 3 feet from the base of th
Last week at the business where you work, you sold 120 items. The business paid $1 per item and sol
Sports radio stations numbered 220 in 1996. The number of sports radio stations has since increased
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calculate cos(x) given tan(x)=8/15
Del and his 5 friends eat 4 pizzas. If each has the same amount and there is 1/4 of a pizza left ove
You are using a spinner with the numbers 1-10 on it. Find the probability that the pointer will sto
To create an entry code, you must first choose 2 letters and then, 4 single-digit numbers. How ma
A 1975 comic book has appreciated 8% per year and originally sold for $0.26. What will the comic boo
A girl makes 12 foul shots for every eight that she misses how many shots did you make if she shot 1
Out of 53 teachers 36 drink tea 18 drink coffee, 10 drink neither. how many drink both?
Find the future value and interest earned if $8806.54 is invested for 9 years at 6% compounded (a) s
Chang is serving his child french fries and chicken wings for lunch today. Let f be the number of f
Lois is purchasing an annuity that will pay $5,000 annually for 20 years, with the first annuity pay