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Solves for Present Value, Accumulated Value (Future Value or Savings), Payment, or N of an Annuity Immediate or Annuity Due.

Unit Savings
A discount and savings word problem using 2 people and full prices versus discount prices.

Dan makes 11 an hour working at the local grocery store. Over the past year he has saved 137.50 towa
Brice has 1200 in the bank. He wants to save a total of 3000 by depositing 40 per week from his payc
A coupon that was mailed to preferred customers of video village rentals is good for 15% on any vide
Kunio puts $2,200.00 into savings bonds that pay a simple interest rate of 2.4%. How much money will
Diana invested $3000 in a savings account for 3 years. She earned $450 in interest over that time pe
You started this year with $491 saved and you continue to save an additional $11 per month. Write an
Matilda needs at least $112 to buy an new dress. She has already saved $40. She earns $9 an hour bab
the sum of 16 and twice julies savings use the variable j to represent julies savings
Diegos savings increased by 9 is 68 . Use the variable to represent Diegos savings.
You split $1,500 between two savings accounts. Account A pays 5% annual interest and Account B pays
Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. 57 decreased by twice Mais savings Use the varia
Dave has a savings account that pays interest at 3 1/2% per year. His opening balance for May was $1
Your brother has $2000 saved for a vacation. His airplane ticket is $637. Write and solve an inequal
Suppose $10000 is invested in a savings account paying 8% interest per year, after 5 years how much
Suppose you have $28.00 in your bank account and start saving $18.25 every week. Your friend has $16
Dora has $35 saved. She earns $9.50 per hour at her job. How many hours must she work to have a tota