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Bond Yield Rates
Calculates the yield rate of bonds using the Yield Approximation Method or the Bond Salesman Method.

Cost Recovery Method
Given a sales price, cost, and set of payments, this determines the gross profit per year based on the cost recovery method.

Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) and Net Income
Given inputs of sales, fixed costs, variable costs, depreciation, and taxes, this will determine EBIT and Net Income and Profit Margin

Google Digital Sales Exam
Exam answers and Study Guide for the Google Digital Sales Exam

HubSpot Inbound Sales Exam
Exam answers and Study Guide for the HubSpot Inbound Sales Certification Exam

Hubspot Sales Enablement Exam
Exam answers and Study Guide for the Hubspot Sales Enablement Exam

HubSpot Sales Software Exam
Exam answers and Study Guide for the HubSpot Sales Software Certification Exam

Installment Sales Method of Accounting
Given a sales price, cost amount, installment payment amount and term, this will show the accounting for the Installment Payment method.

Markup Markdown
Given the 3 items of a markup word problem, cost, markup percentage, and sale price, this solves for any one of the three given two of the items.

Percentage of Completion
Given a sales price, total costs, and costs per period, this determines the gross profit to date using the percentage of completion method.

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Receivables Ratios
Given Net Sales, Beginning Accounts Receivable, and Ending Accounts Receivable, this determines Average Accounts Receivable, Receivables turnover ratio, and Average Collection Period.

Sales Price Variance
Calculates the Sales Price Variance and Total Variance for a group of products

Sales Tax
Given a sales price and a total bill, this calculates the sales tax amount and sales tax percentage

Short Sale Yield Rate
Calculates the Yield Rate on a short sale of stock.

Sales Tax Question
A realtor makes an annual salary of $25000 plus a 3% commission on sales. If a realtor's salary is $
A Salesperson receives a weekly salary of $100 plus a 5.5% commission on sales. Her salary last week
A pet supply chain called pet city has 15 hamsters and 12 gerbils for sale at its seaside location.
Melinda is paid 17000 per year. She is also paid a sales commission of 5% of the value of her sales.
Francis paid 51.12 for his dinner including tax. The cost of his dinner is 48. What percent is the t
The basketball team is selling candy as a fundraiser. A regular candy bar cost 0.75 and a king sized
As a salesperson, you are paid $50 per week plus $2 per sale. This week you want your pay to be at l
The sales price s of a pair of shoes plus 4% sales tax
Jennifer spent $11.25 on ingredients for cookies shes making for the school bake sale. How many cook
A bicycle helmet is priced at $18.50. If it is on sale for 10% off and there is 7% sales tax, how mu
A 6000 seat theater has tickets for sale at $24 and $40. How many tickets should be sold at each pri
A laptop is purchased for $1700. After each year, the resale value decreases by 25%. What will be th
Geocache puzzle help
A TV that usually sells for $192.94 is on sale for 15% off. If sales tax on the TV is 6%, what is th
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
The sales price of a new compact disc player is $210 at a local discount store. At the store where t
The sales tax for an item was $21.50 and it cost $430 before tax. Find the sales tax rate. Write you
Blanca works as a salesperson and earns a base salary of $72 per week plus a commission of 12% of al
A $750 television is on sale for 30% off. There is a 7% sales tax on the television. How much do you
After a 33 percent reduction, you purchase a television for $281.40. What was the televisions price
A pawn broker buys a tv and a computer for $600. He sells the computer at a markup of 30% and the tv
Sales tax is currently 9.1%. Write an algebraic expression to represent the total amount paid for an
Your bill for dinner, including a 7.25% sales tax, was $49.95. You want to leave a 15% tip on the co
Penelope and Owen work at a furniture store. Penelope is paid $215 per week plus 3.5% of her total s
A coat is on sale for 35% off. The regular price of the coat is p. Write and simplify and expression
A salesperson receives a base salary of $300 per week and a commission of 15% on all sales over $5,0
If sales tax is currently 8.2%, write an algebraic expression representing the amount of sales tax y
An item cost $370 before tax, and the sales tax is 25.90 what is the percentage?
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In 2013, a local Dairy Queen had $502,000 in sales. In 2014, that same locations sales were up an ad
You are offered two different sales jobs. The first company offers a straight commission of 6% of th
A movie theater has a seating capacity of 143. The theater charges $5.00 for children, $7.00 for stu
A dress is on sale for $33. This is 3/5 of the regular price. What is the regular price?
Kaitlin is a software saleswoman. Let y represent her total pay (in dollars). Let x represent the nu
As a salesperson, Lauren earns a base salary of $94 per week plus a commission of 10% of sales. If s
The regular price of a shirt was $19.00, but it is on sale for $13.30. What is the percent that the
Jose bought a shirt for $25.00. The sales tax was 8%. If Jose paid with $40, what was his change?
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the price of a remote control helicopeter is $34.40. a remote control boat costs 4/5 the price of th