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Break Even
Given a fixed cost, variable cost, and revenue function or value, this calculates the break-even point

Cost Revenue Profit
Given a total cost, variable cost, revenue amount, and profit unit measurement, this calculates profit for each profit unit

Profit Equation
Using the Profit Equation with inputs (Revenue-Cost-Profit-Tax), this determines the relevant output including gross proft, gross profit margin, net profit, and net profit margin.

Total Revenue
Given a quantity, price, and item, this calculates the total revenue.

A 6000 seat theater has tickets for sale at $24 and $40. How many tickets should be sold at each pri
T-shirts sell for $19.97 and cost $14.02 to produce. Which equation represents p, the profit, in ter
Jazmin is a hairdresser who rents a station in a salon for daily fee. The amount of money (m) Jazmin
Diana earns $8.50 working as a lifeguard. Write an equation to find Dianas money earned m for any nu
The blue star publishing company produces daily "Star news". It costs $1200 per day to operate regar
A manufacturer has a monthly fixed cost of $52,500 and a production cost of $8 for each unit produce
Students stuff envelopes for extra money. Their initial cost to obtain the information for the job w
The revenue for selling x candles is given by f(x)=12x. The teams profit is $40 less than 80% of the
Melissa runs a landscaping business. She has equipment and fuel expenses of $264 per month. If she c
A book publishing company has fixed costs of $180,000 and a variable cost of $25 per book. The books
Stacy sells art prints for $12 each. Her expenses are $2.50 per print, plus $38 for equipment. How m
A manufacturer has a monthly fixed cost of $25,500 and a production cost of $7 for each unit produce
Last week at the business where you work, you sold 120 items. The business paid $1 per item and sol