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1089 Number Trick
Demonstrates the 1089 number trick for a 3 digit number that you enter

401(k) Balance
Determines your 401(k) balance given a salary history per year, contribution percentage rate, employer match percentage, and a rate of return.

Accounting Rate of Return
Given an initial investment and a set of returns, this calculates the Accounting Rate of Return

Addition Equality Property
Demonstrates the Addition Equality Property

Addition Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Addition Property Of Inequality

Additive Inverse Property
Demonstrates the Additive Inverse property using a number.

Algebra Master (Polynomials)
Given 2 polynomials this does the following:
1) Polynomial Addition
2) Polynomial Subtraction

Also generates binomial theorem expansions and polynomial expansions with or without an outside constant multiplier.

Approximations of Interest Rate
Approximates a yield rate of interest based on 4 methods:
1) Max Yield denoted as imax
2) Min Yield denoted as imin
3) Constant Ratio denoted as icr
4) Direct Ratio denoted as idr

Arithmetic Perpetuities
Solves for Present Value, First Payment, Arithmetic Payment, or Interest rate for an Arithmetic Perpetuity Immediate or Due

Associative Property
Demonstrates the associative property using 3 numbers.

Balance with Interest
Calculates the final account balance given a beginning balance, interest rate, and interest crediting period.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Given a gender, an age, and a height/weight in inches/pounds or meters/kilograms, this will calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Bingo Card Generator
This program generates the following two types of bingo cards
1) Random Numerical bingo cards 1-75 with a FREE Space.
2) Buzzword Bingo cards which allow you to enter words of your choice to be used on the bingo card.

Binomial Distribution
Calculates the probability of 3 separate events that follow a binomial distribution. It calculates the probability of exactly k successes, no more than k successes, and greater than k successes as well as the mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis.
Also calculates the normal approximation to the binomial distribution with and without the continuity correction factor
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function

Bond Yield Rates
Calculates the yield rate of bonds using the Yield Approximation Method or the Bond Salesman Method.

Capitalized Cost and Periodic Charge
Given an Asset Value (A), a Salvage Value (S) at time (N), a sinking fund rate of (j), an effective rate of interest (i), and maintenance expense (M), this calculator solves for periodic charge (H) and capitalized cost (K)

Commutative Property
Demonstrates the commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication using 3 numbers.

Compound Interest Accumulated Balance
Given an interest rate per annum compounded annually (i), semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and daily, this calculates the accumulated balance after (n) periods

Compound Interest and Annuity Table
Given an interest rate (i), number of periods to display (n), and number of digits to round (r), this calculator shows the values for the following 4 compound interest annuity functions from time 1 to (n) rounded to (r) digits:
(1 + i)n
Force of Interest δn

Credit Card Balance
This calculator shows 3 methods for paying off a credit card balance on a monthly installment basis given an outstanding balance and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

1) Minimum Payment Amount
2) Minimum Percentage Amount
3) Payoff in Years

Critical Z-values
Given a probability from a normal distribution, this will generate the z-score critical value. Uses the NORMSINV Excel function.

d-i-v interest rate relationships
Calculates d,i, or v based on 1 of the items entered.

DeMorgans Laws
Demonstrates DeMorgans Laws including the proof

Distance Rate and Time
Solves for distance, rate, or time in the equation d=rt based on 2 of the 3 variables being known.

Distributive Property
Demonstrates the distributive property using 3 numbers.

Division Equality Property Calculator
Demonstrates the Division Equality Property Calculator

Division Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Division Property Of Inequality

Dollar Weighted Interest Method
Solves for Interest Rate, Starting Asset Value, Ending Asset Value, and Expenses using the Dollar Weighted Method.

Effective Annual Yield Rate
Figures out the effective annual yield rate of interest entered by compounding daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and continuously.

Exchange Rates
Picks up the latest exchange rate for any currency between two currencies from Yahoo Finance.

Exponential Growth
This solves for any 1 of the 4 items in the exponential growth equation or exponential decay equation, Initial Value (P), Ending Value (A), Rate (r), and Time (t).

Fermats Little Theorem
For any integer a and a prime number p, this demonstrates Fermats Little Theorem.

Fibonacci Sequence
Generates a list of the first 100 Fibonacci numbers.

Finite Field
Demonstrates the addition table and multiplication table for a finite field (Galois Field) of n denoted GF(n).

Football Squares
Generates a Football Squares grid

Forward Rate
Given two times and two zero-coupon yield rates at those times, this calculates the forward rate.

Fraction Cancellation Property
Demonstrates the Fraction Cancellation Property

Gamma Constant γ
This calculator generates 5000 iterations for the development of the gamma constant γ

Gym Class Team Generator
Given a list of players, this will randomly generate two teams.

Incremental Cash Flow
Given cash inflows, outflows, depreciable amounts, and tax rates, this determines the incremental cash flows.

Inflation and Real Rate of Interest
Calculates Real rate of Interest, Inflation, and nominal interest rate before inflation.

Linear Congruential Generator
Using the linear congruential generator algorithm, this generates a list of random numbers based on your inputs

Method of Equated Time-Exact Method-Macaulay Duration-Volatility
Given a set of cash flows at certain times, and a discount rate, this will calculate t using the equated time method and the exact method, as well as the macaulay duration and volatility

Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
Given a set of positive/negative cash flows, a finance rate, and a reinvestment rate, this calculates the modified internal rate of return

Modified Payback Period
Given a set of cash inflows, outflows, and a discount rate, this calculates the modified payback period.

Calculates the monthly payment, APY%, total value of payments, principal/interest/balance at a given time as well as an amortization table on a standard or interest only home or car loan with fixed interest rate.

Multiplication Equality Property
Demonstrates the Multiplication Equality Property

Multiplication Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Multiplication Property Of Inequality

Multiplicative Identity Property
Demonstrates the Multiplicative Identity property using a number.

Multiplicative Inverse Property
Demonstrates the Multiplicative Inverse property using a number.

Net Present Value (NPV) - Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - Profitability Index
Given a series of cash flows Ct at times t and a discount rate of (i), the calculator will determine the Net Present Value (NPV) at time 0, also known as the discounted cash flow model.
Profitability Index
Also determines an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) based on a series of cash flows

Nominal Yield
Given an effective annual rate of interest based on a compounding period, this determines the nominal yield.

Opposite Direction Distance
Word Problem calculator to measure distance between 2 people moving in opposite directions with rate and time solved for as well

Pascal-Floyd-Leibniz Triangle
This generates the first (n) rows of the following triangles:
Pascal's Triangle
Leibniz's Harmonic Triangle
Floyd's Triangle

Password Generator
This generates an alphanumeric password between a minimum and maximum character length that you specify.

Solves for Present Value, Payment, or Interest rate for a Perpetuity Immediate or a Perpetuity Due.

Poisson Distribution
Calculates the probability of 3 separate events that follow a poisson distribution.
It calculates the probability of exactly k successes P(x = k)
No more than k successes P (x <= k)
Greater than k successes P(x >= k)
Each scenario also calculates the mean, variance, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis.
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function

Portfolio Rate of Return
Given a portfolio of individual assets with returns and weights, this calculates the total portfolio rate of return.

Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Solves for quadratic equations in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0. Also generates practice problems as well as hints for each problem.
* Solve using the quadratic formula and the discriminant Δ
* Complete the Square for the Quadratic
* Factor the Quadratic
* Y-Intercept
* Vertex (h,k) of the parabola formed by the quadratic where h is the Axis of Symmetry as well as the vertex form of the equation a(h - h)2 + k
* Concavity of the parabola formed by the quadratic
* Using the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem), the calculator will determine potential roots which can then be tested against the synthetic calculator.

Random Number Generator
This program generates (n) random numbers between a set of values you specify.
Example: Generate 5 random numbers between 0 and 100.

Rates of Return
Given a set of stock prices and dividends if applicable, this calculates the periodic rate of return and the logarithmic rate of return

Reflexive Property
Demonstrates the reflexive property of congruence using a number.

Security Market Line and Treynor Ratio
Solves for any of the 4 items in the Security Market Line equation, Risk free rate, market return, Β, and expected return as well as calculate the Treynor Ratio.

Short Sale Yield Rate
Calculates the Yield Rate on a short sale of stock.

Simple Discount and Compound Discount
Given a principal value, interest rate, and time, this calculates the Accumulated Value using Simple Discount and Compound Discount

Split Fund Interest
Given an initial principal amount, interest rate on Fund 1, interest rate on Fund 2, and a total interest paid, calculates the amount invested in each fund.

Sports Pool Generator
This generator produces the following two sports (office) pools with shuffled scoring numbers (0 - 9):
1) Blank Sports Pool: This button generates a blank sports pool grid with shuffled numbers
2) Sports Pool with Names: This sports pool allows you to enter up to 100 names which will be randomly dropped into the blank grid boxes from Option 1 above.

This is easily copied and pasted into a program like Microsoft Word so that you can format it to your liking.

Square Root Table
Generates a square root table for the first (n) numbers rounded to (r) digits

Subtraction Equality Property
Demonstrates the Subtraction Equality Property

Subtraction Property Of Inequality
Demonstrates the Subtraction Property Of Inequality

Survival Rates
Given a set of times and survival population counts, the calculator will determine the following:
Survival Population lx
Mortality Population dx
Survival Probability px
Mortality Probability qx
In addition, the calculator will determine the probability of survival from tx to tx + n

Symmetric Property
Demonstrates the Symmetric property using a number.

Calculates any of the four items of the T-Bill (Treasury Bill or TBill) formula:
1) Price (P)
2) Face Value (F)
3) Number of Weeks (w)
4) Yield Rate (y)

Target Heart Rate
Given an age, this calculator determines the following 5 target heart rate zones:
Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) 50 - 60%
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60 - 70%
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70 - 80%
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) 80 - 90%
Red Line (Maximum Effort) 90 - 100%

Time Weighted Interest Method
Solves for Interest Rate based on 2 annual asset value events other than beginning or ending value using the Time Weighted Method

Transitive Property
Demonstrates the Transitive property using a number.

Trichotomy Property
Demonstrates the Trichotomy Property with 2 numbers.

Vendor Discount Effective Rate of Interest
Calculates the effective rate of interest earned from a vendor discount for a prepayment of a balance within a certain amount of days for a percentage discount

Given a set of stock prices, this determines expected rates of return and volatility

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Calculates the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and also calculates the return on equity if not given using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) using debt and other inputs such as Beta and risk free rate.

Zero Multiplication Property
Demonstrates the Zero Multiplication property using a number.

Zero-Coupon Bond Price
This calculator calculates the price of a zero-coupon bond given a face value, yield rate, and term.

Sales Tax Question
Strategy then Tactics
Water flows from tank A to tank B at the rate of 2 litres per minute.
Water flows from tank A to tank B at the rate of 2 litres per minute.
two mechanics worked on a car. the first mechanic worked for 10 hours, and the second mechanic worke
In 1910, the population of math valley was 15,000. If the population is increasing at an annual rate
Rachel borrowed 8000 at a rate of 10.5%, compounded monthly. Assuming she makes no payments, how muc
A taxi charges a flat rate of 1.75, plus an additional 0.65 per mile. If Erica has at most 10 to spe
In a given year, Houston has good air quality 48% of the days, moderate air quality 41% of the days,
A city has a population of 240,000 people. Suppose that each year the population grows by 8%. What w
Amy deposits 4000 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 6% per year. How much inter
If 3000 is invested at an annual interest rate of 5% and compounded annually, find the balance after
At 1:00 pm you have 24 megabytes of a movie and at 1:15 you have 96 megabytes of a movie. What is th
Will earned 9.50 an hour. He worked 40 hours one week, how much will he make?
If 5000 dollars is invested in a bank account at an interest rate of 10 per cent per year, find the
175 students separated into n classes is 25
When Ms. Thelma turned on her oven, the temperature inside was 70 degrees F. The temperature began t
6 mph, 2 hours what is the distance
Find Requested Confidence Value
data below consists of the pulse rates (in beats per minute) of 32 students. Assuming ? = 10.66,
If a person invests $360 In an account that pays 8% interests compounded annually, find the balance
An employee earns $7.00 an hour for the first 35 hours worked in a week and $10.50 for any hours ove
You invest $1,300 in an account that has an annual interest rate of 5%, compounded annually. How muc
Calculate the simple interest if the principal is 1500 at a rate of 7% for 3 years
A shopper paid $51.93 including tax for an item marked $48.99. What would she pay for another item m
A 6000 seat theater has tickets for sale at $24 and $40. How many tickets should be sold at each pri
You use 4 gallons of water on 30 plants in your garden. At that rate, how much water will it take to
A taxi charges a flat rate of $1.50 with an additional charge of $0.80 per mile. Samantha wants to s
You borrowed $25 from your friend. You paid him back in full after 6 months. He charged $2 for inter
Imagine that the diabetic test accurately indicates the disease in 95% of the people who have it. Wh
Which of the following is the probability that subjects do not have the disease, but the test result
Kunio puts $2,200.00 into savings bonds that pay a simple interest rate of 2.4%. How much money will
Customers arrive at the claims counter at the rate of 20 per hour (Poisson distributed). What is th
The hourly wages of employees at Rowan have a mean wage rate of $10 per hour with a standard deviati
Which of the following could reduce the rate of Type I error? a. Making the significant level from
A professor wants to test all possible pairwise comparisons among three means. If we need to maintai
Six Years ago, 12.2% of registered births were to teenage mothers. A sociologist believes that the
What is the annual nominal rate compounded daily for a bond that has an annual yield of 5.4%? Round
T-shirts sell for $19.97 and cost $14.02 to produce. Which equation represents p, the profit, in ter
If the correlation between two variables is close to minus one, the association is: Strong Moderate
A woman walked for 5 hours, first along a level road, then up a hill, and then she turned around and
Julia has a bucket of water that weighs 10lbs. The total weight is 99% water. She leaves the bucke
A taxi charges a flat rate of $1.50 with an additional charge of $0.80 per mile. Samantha wants to s
Two mechanics worked on a car. the first mechanic worked for 5 hours snd the second mechanic worked
The sales tax for an item was $21.50 and it cost $430 before tax. Find the sales tax rate. Write you
Diana invested $3000 in a savings account for 3 years. She earned $450 in interest over that time pe
You purchase a car for $23,000. The car depreciates at a rate of 15% per year. Determine the value
An executive invests $23,000, some at 8% and some at 4% annual interest. If he receives an annual re
Dave rented a limousine for his wife's birthday. The hourly rate is $60. They used the limousine for
A passenger train left station A at 6:00 P.M. Moving with the average speed 45 mph, it arrived at st
A jet plane traveling at 550 mph over takes a propeller plane traveling at 150 mph that had a 3 hour
Larry Mitchell invested part of his $31,000 advance at 6% annual simple interest and the rest at 7%
At what simple interest rate will 4500$ amount to 8000$ in 5 years?
Kevin borrowed $8000 at a rate of 7.5%, compounded monthly. Assuming he makes no payments, how much
if a train travels at 80 mph for 15 mins, what is the distance traveled?
David roller skates for 3 1/3 hours with a constant speed of 24 km/h and then for another 1 hour 10
A person places $230 in an investment account earning an annual rate of 6.8%, compounded continuousl
Your grandma gives you $10,000 to invest for college. You get an average interest rate of 5% each ye
Bangladesh, a country about the size of the state of Iowa, but has about half the U.S population, ab
Rachel deposits $6000 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 6% per year. How much i
An airplane flies at 250 mph. How far will it travel in 5 h at that rate of speed?
The property taxes on a house were $810. What was the tax rate if the house was valued at $90,000
please answer my second word problem
porportion problems
175 students separated into n classes is 25
The blue star publishing company produces daily "Star news". It costs $1200 per day to operate regar
A group of scientists studied the effect of a chemical on various strains of bacteria. Strain A star
Cody invests $4,734 in a retirement account with a fixed annual interest rate of 4% compounded conti
A sum of money doubles in 20 years on simple interest. It will get triple at the same rate in: a.
A baseball player gets 7 hits in the first 15 games of the season. If he continues hitting at the sa
Beth made a trip to the train station and back. On the trip there she traveled 45 km/h and on the re
Frank is a plumber who charges a $35 service charge and $15 per hour for his plumbing services. Find
Match each variable with a variable by placing the correct letter on each line.
A wildlife reserve has a population of 180 elephants. A group of researchers trapped 60 elephants an
A sprinter runs 400 meters in 54 seconds. What is the runners average running rate in meters per sec
Serial numbers for a product are to made using 4 letters followed by 4 numbers. If the letters are t
In 2016 the geese population was at 750. the geese population is expected to grow at a rate of 12% e
can someone help me with how to work out this word problem?
can someone help me with how to work out this word problem?
You deposit $2000 in an account that earns simple interest at an annual rate of 4%. How long must yo
An executive invests $21,000, some at 8% and the rest at 7% annual interest. If he receives an annua
An executive invests $29,000, some at 8% and the rest at 6% annual interest. If he receives an annua
Yolanda is riding her bicycle. She rides for 5 hours at a speed of 12.5 kilometers per hours. For ho
A group of workers can plant 72 acres in 8 days what is the rate in acres per a day
You are given a choice of taking the simple interest on $100,000 invested for 5 years at a rate of 2
Levi invested $630 in an account paying an interest rate of 4.6% compounded daily. Assuming no depos
A business owner spent $4000 for a computer and software. For bookkeeping purposes, he needs to post
Carly grew 50 plants with 25 seed packets. With 37 seed packets, how many total plants can Carly hav
9000 dollars is placed in an account with an annual interest rate of 8%. How much will be in the acc
Annuity that pays 6.6% compounded monthly. If $950 is deposited into this annuity every month, how m
I need help for this question. Can someone pls help me?
Please help me!! I don't understand!
Lauren wrote a total of 6 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Lauren have to spend writing this
Suppose you invest $1600 at an annual interest rate of 4.6% compounded continuously. How much will
If $9000 grows to $9720 in 2 years find the simple interest rate.
Mrs diaz works 40 hours per week regularly at a rate of $15.15 per hour.When she works overtime, he
35 m/s for 40 s. how far does it travel?
Lois is purchasing an annuity that will pay $5,000 annually for 20 years, with the first annuity pay