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Basic Statistics
Given a number set, and an optional probability set, this calculates the following statistical items:
Expected Value
Mean = μ
Variance = σ2
Standard Deviation = σ
Standard Error of the Mean
Average Deviation (Mean Absolute Deviation)
Pearsons Skewness Coefficients
Upper Quartile (hinge) (75th Percentile)
Lower Quartile (hinge) (25th Percentile)
InnerQuartile Range
Inner Fences (Lower Inner Fence and Upper Inner Fence)
Outer Fences (Lower Outer Fence and Upper Outer Fence)
Suspect Outliers
Highly Suspect Outliers
Stem and Leaf Plot
Ranked Data Set
Central Tendency Items such as Harmonic Mean and Geometric Mean and Mid-Range
Root Mean Square
Weighted Average (Weighted Mean)
Frequency Distribution
Successive Ratio

Chi-Square χ2 Test
This calculator determines a χ2 chi-square test on a test statistic and determines if it is outside an accepted range with critical value test and conclusion.

Container Arrangements
Given a set of items inside a container, this calculates the probability that you draw certain items in the following fashion:
Draw all the items
Draw any of the items
How many ways can you choose m items of a, n items of b, o items of c, etc.

Derangements - Subfactorials
Calculates the number of derangements/subfactorial !n.

Takes various functions (exponential, logarithmic, signum (sign), polynomial, linear with constant of proportionality, constant, absolute value), and classifies them, builds ordered pairs, and finds the y-intercept and x-intercept and domain and range if they exist.

Lagrange Four Square Theorem (Bachet Conjecture)
Builds the Lagrange Theorem Notation (Bachet Conjecture) for any natural number using the Sum of four squares.

Letter Arrangements in a Word
Given a word, this determines the number of unique arrangements of letters in the word.

Multiple Fractions (Addition or Ordering)
This adds 3 or more fractions or arranges a list of fractions from lowest to highest and highest to lowest (ordering fractions or sorting fractions)

Normal Distribution
Calculates the probability that a random variable is less than or greater than a value or between 2 values using the Normal Distribution z-score (z value) method (Central Limit Theorem).
Also calculates the Range of values for the 68-95-99.7 rule, or three-sigma rule, or empirical rule

Percentile for Normal Distribution
Given a mean, standard deviation, and a percentile range, this will calculate the percentile value.

Permutations and Combinations
Calculates the following:
Number of permutation(s) of n items arranged in r ways = nPr
Number of combination(s) of n items arranged in r unique ways = nCr including subsets of sets

Triangle Inequality
This calculator displays 2 scenarios
1) Enter 3 sides of a triangle, and it will determine if the side lengths satisfy the properties of the triangle inequality and form a triangle
2) Enter 2 sides of a triangle, and this will determine an acceptable range for the length of the 3rd side of a triangle so that the 3rd side respects the Triangle Inequality.

The domain of a relation is all even negative integers greater than -9. The range y of the relation
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Suppose Briley has 10 coins in quarters and dimes and has a total of 1.45. How many of each coin doe
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Liz harold has a jar in her office that contains 47 coins. Some are pennies and the rest are dimes.
Kerry asked a bank teller to cash 390 check using 20 bills and 50 bills. If the teller gave her a to
You and your friend are saving for a vacation. You start with the same amount and save for the same
A medium orange has 70 calories. This is 10 calories less then 1/4 of the calories in a sugar krunch
Max and Bob went to the store. Max bought 2 burgers and 2 drinks for $5.00 bob bought 3 burgers and
Susan has 10 apples and 6 oranges. How many fruits does she have?
There are 13 animals in the barn. some are chickens and some are pigs. there are 40 legs in all. How
Kevin and randy have a jar containing 41 coins, all of which are either quarters or nickels. The tot
Two numbers total 83 and have a difference of 17 find the two numbers
In how many ways can I arrange the 7 letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G?
H multiplied by 2x
Juan spent at most $2.50 on apples and oranges. He bought 5 apples at $0.36 each. What is the most h
A 6000 seat theater has tickets for sale at $24 and $40. How many tickets should be sold at each pri
Jack bought 7 tickets for a movie. He paid $7 for each adult ticket and $4 for each child ticket. Ja
Which of the following descriptions of confidence interval is correct? (Select all that apply) a. I
Rearrange the following equation to make x the subject, and select the correct rearrangement from th
What is the range of possible values for a coefficient of correlation?
Chris, Alex and Jesse are all siblings in the same family. Alex is 5 years older than chris. Jesse i
If Jody had $3 more she would have twice as much as Lars together they have $60
The Oakdale High School Speech and Debate Club hosted its annual car wash fundraiser. Each club memb
Given that E[Y]=2 and Var [Y] =3, find E[(2Y + 1)^2]
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If the max time that John can spend on Client A ($20/hr) in one week is 32 hours, and the min time i
A traveler is walking on a moving walkway in an airport. the traveler must walk back on the walkway
A+B+D=255 B+15=A D+12=B A=
A jug holds 1.2 litres of orange juice. All of the juice is poured equally into six glasses. How muc
How many distinct 3 letter arrangements can be made using P, R, I, M and E
A math test is worth 100 points and has 38 problems. Each problem is worth either 5 points or 2 poin
63 oranges is shared among 3 boys in the ratio of 2:3:4 how many oranges will the second boy receive
4 rectangular strips of wood, each 30 cm long and 3 cm wide, are arranged to form the outer section
In Maricopa County, 5 persons are to be elected to the Board of Supervisors. If 8 persons are candid