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Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
This calculator handles the following conversions:
* Ordered Pair Evaluation and symmetric points including the abcissa and ordinate
* Polar coordinates of (r,θ°) to Cartesian coordinates of (x,y)
* Cartesian coordinates of (x,y) to Polar coordinates of (r,θ°)
* Quadrant (I,II,III,IV) for the point entered.
* Equivalent Coordinates of a polar coordinate
* Rotate point 90°, 180°, or 270°
* reflect point over the x-axis
* reflect point over the y-axis
* reflect point over the origin

Trig Angle conversions
Converts between degrees, radians, gradians, revolutions, and quadrants.

if the point (.53,y) is on the unit circle in quadrant 1, what is the value of y?