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Direct Current (Electrical Engineering) Ohms Law
Enter two of the following items from the DIRECT CURRENT(DC) electrical engineering set of variables, and this will solve for the remaining two:
* I = current(amps.)
* V = Electricity potential of voltage(volts)
* R = resistance(ohms)
* P = power(watts)

Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations
This calculator is the ultimate expansion tool to multiply polynomials. It expands algebraic expressions listed below using all 26 variables (a-z) as well as negative powers to handle polynomial multiplication. Includes multiple variable expressions as well as outside multipliers.
Also produces a polynomial equation from a given set of roots (polynomial zeros). * Binomial Expansions c(a + b)x
* Polynomial Expansions c(d + e + f)x
* FOIL Expansions (a + b)(c + d)
* Multiple Parentheses Multiplications c(a + b)(d + e)(f + g)(h + i)

Given a positive integer, this calculates the following for that number:
1) Factor pairs and prime factorization and prime power decomposition
2) Factors and Proper Factors 3) Aliquot Sum

Imaginary Numbers
Calculates the imaginary number i where i = √-1 raised to any integer power as well as the product of imaginary numbers of quotient of imaginary numbers

Literal Equations
Solves literal equations with no powers for a variable of your choice as well as open sentences.

Logarithms and Natural Logarithms and Eulers Constant (e)
This calculator does the following:
* Takes the Natural Log base e of a number x Ln(x) → logex
* Raises e to a power of y, ey
* Performs the change of base rule on logb(x)
* Solves equations in the form bcx = d where b, c, and d are constants and x is any variable a-z
* Solves equations in the form cedx=b where b, c, and d are constants, e is Eulers Constant = 2.71828182846, and x is any variable a-z
* Exponential form to logarithmic form for expressions such as 53 = 125 to logarithmic form
* Logarithmic form to exponential form for expressions such as Log5125 = 3

This calculator will raise a monomial to a power,multiply monomials, or divide monomials.

Number Property
This calculator determines if an integer you entered has any of the following properties:
* Even Numbers or Odd Numbers (Parity Function or even-odd numbers)
* Evil Numbers or Odious Numbers
* Perfect Numbers, Abundant Numbers, or Deficient Numbers
* Triangular Numbers
* Prime Numbers or Composite Numbers
* Automorphic (Curious)
* Undulating Numbers
* Square Numbers
* Cube Numbers
* Palindrome Numbers
* Repunit Numbers
* Apocalyptic Power
* Pentagonal
* Tetrahedral (Pyramidal)
* Narcissistic (Plus Perfect)
* Catalan
* Repunit

Power Sets and Set Partitions
Given a set S, this calculator will determine the power set for S and all the partitions of a set.

Powers Of
Determines the powers of a number from 1 to n.

Square Roots and Exponents
Given a number (n), or a fraction (n/m), and/or an exponent (x), or product of up to 5 radicals, this determines the following:
* The square root of n denoted as √n
* The square root of the fraction n/m denoted as √n/m
* n raised to the xth power denoted as nx (Write without exponents)
* n raised to the xth power raised to the yth power denoted as (nx)y (Write without exponents)
* Product of up to 5 square roots: √abcde
* Write a numeric expression such as 8x8x8x8x8 in exponential form

Sum of the First (n) Numbers
Determines the sum of the first (n)
* Whole Numbers
* Natural Numbers
* Even Numbers
* Odd Numbers
* Square Numbers
* Cube Numbers
* Fourth Power Numbers

raise f to the 8th power then multiply the result by g
The quotient of 49 and n squared
raise v to the 9th power, then dividethe result by u
raise y to the 10th power, then find the quotient of the result and 2
15 less than a number squared
raise 3 to the 8th power, then divide the result by t
7 subtracted from x cubed
H minus 6 all cubed
evaluate 16 raised to 1/4
What is the sum of a number x and y raised to the power of two in algebraic expression
the quotient of the cube of a number x and 5
Which of the following could reduce the rate of Type I error? a. Making the significant level from
___is the probability of a Type II error; and ___ is the probability of correctly rejecting a false
Power is equal to:
Which of the followings is the definition of power? a. Power is the probability of rejecting a null
If power is big, you can assume:
If the probability that you will correctly reject a false null hypothesis is 0.80 at 0.05 significan
As the sample size increases, we assume:
Which of the following can increase power?
4 times a number cubed decreased by 7
You have $16 and a coupon for a $5 discount at a local supermarket. A bottle of olive oil costs $7.
Raise q to the 5th power, then find the quotient of the result and r
raise x to the 10th power, then divide b by the result
Raise p to the 5th power, then triple the result
raise the difference of 8 and v to the 7th power
64 divided by the cube of y
Binominal Probability
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