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Golden Ratio
Solves for 2 out of the 3 variables for a segment broken in 2 pieces that satisfies the Golden Ratio (Golden Mean).
(a) Large Segment
(b) Small Segment
(a + b) Total Segment

Given a set of data, this interpolates using the following methods:
* Linear Interpolation
* Nearest Neighbor (Piecewise Constant)
* Polynomial Interpolation

Lattice Multiplication
Performs Lattice Multiplication or the Napiers Bones (Napier Rods) method of multiplication

Using the formula Log ab = e, this calculates the 3 pieces of a logarithm equation:
1) Base (b)
2) Exponent
3) Log Result
In addition, it converts
* Expand logarithmic expressions

Percentage of the Pie Word Problem
This takes two or three fractions of ownership in some good or object, and figures out what remaining fraction is left over.

Percentage-Decimal-Fraction Relations
Calculates the relational items between a fraction, a decimal (including repeating decimal and terminating decimal), a percentage, and the numerator and denominator piece of that fraction. Also calculates the percentage change going from one number to another or the amount increase or decrease of a percentage above/below a number. Round decimals.

Right Triangles
This solves for all the pieces of a right triangle based on given inputs using items like the sin ratio, cosine ratio, tangent ratio, and the Pythagorean Theorem as well as the inradius.

Sports Pool Generator
This generator produces the following two sports (office) pools with shuffled scoring numbers (0 - 9):
1) Blank Sports Pool: This button generates a blank sports pool grid with shuffled numbers
2) Sports Pool with Names: This sports pool allows you to enter up to 100 names which will be randomly dropped into the blank grid boxes from Option 1 above.

This is easily copied and pasted into a program like Microsoft Word so that you can format it to your liking.

Venn Diagram (2 circles)
Given two circles A and B with an intersection piece of C, this will calculate all relevant probabilities of the Venn Diagram.

The product of 8 and a number k is greater than 4 and no more than 16
Three more than 2x is greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 11
Three more than 2x is greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 11
The sum of three, x and y
Six less than twice a number is at least -1 and at most 1
Cara learns to perform 2 vocal pieces during each week of lessons. After 7 weeks of voice lessons, h
todd has a bag of 150 pieces of candy. every weekday he eats 2 pieces and 3 pieces on weekends until
A piece of gym equipment which cost 450 including vat last year is now selling at 500 excluding vat.
If 3 times a number added to 2 is divided by the number plus 4 the result is 4/3
Lilly has 10 peices of fruit. 5 of them are pears the rest are apples how many apples does she have?
-3x<= -9 or 5+x<6
-2 <= x +4 < 9
Jennifer spent $11.25 on ingredients for cookies shes making for the school bake sale. How many cook
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
At the end of the day, a bakery had 1/2 of a pie left over. The 4 employees each took home the same
How much do 10 pieces of candy cost if 1000 pieces cost 100.00?
A 20 feet piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 5 feet longer than twic
A 15 feet piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 3 feet longer than twic
Suppose that the weight (in pounds) of an airplane is a linear function of the amount of fuel (in ga
Ann purchased 8 packs of grape gum, 12 packs of cherry gum, and 6 packs of strawberry gum. If there
Company A rents copy machines for $300 a month plus $0.05 per copy. Company B charges $600 plus $0.0
can someone help me with how to work out this word problem?
Help on problem
Help on problem
Mindy and troy combined ate 9 pieces of the wedding cake. Mindy ate 3 pieces of cake troy had 1/4 of
Kaitlin is a software saleswoman. Let y represent her total pay (in dollars). Let x represent the nu
A gardener wants to fence a circular garden of diameter 21cm. Find the length of the rope he needs t
A 124-inch length of ribbon is to be cut into three pieces. The longest piece is to be 36 inches lo