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401(k) Balance
Determines your 401(k) balance given a salary history per year, contribution percentage rate, employer match percentage, and a rate of return.

Basic Statistics
Given a number set, and an optional probability set, this calculates the following statistical items:
Expected Value
Mean = μ
Variance = σ2
Standard Deviation = σ
Standard Error of the Mean
Average Deviation (Mean Absolute Deviation)
Pearsons Skewness Coefficients
Upper Quartile (hinge) (75th Percentile)
Lower Quartile (hinge) (25th Percentile)
InnerQuartile Range
Inner Fences (Lower Inner Fence and Upper Inner Fence)
Outer Fences (Lower Outer Fence and Upper Outer Fence)
Suspect Outliers
Highly Suspect Outliers
Stem and Leaf Plot
Ranked Data Set
Central Tendency Items such as Harmonic Mean and Geometric Mean and Mid-Range
Root Mean Square
Weighted Average (Weighted Mean)
Frequency Distribution
Successive Ratio

Binomial Option Pricing Model
This shows all 2t scenarios for a stock option price on a binomial tree using (u) as an uptick percentage and (d) as a downtick percentage

Bond Price Formulas
Given a face value, coupon percent, yield percent, term, and redemption value, this calculates the price of a bond using the four price formulas for bonds
1) Basic
2) Premium/Discount
3) Base
4) Makeham

Confidence Interval of a Proportion
Given N, n, and a confidence percentage, this will calculate the estimation of confidence interval for the population proportion π including the margin of error

Coupon Comparison
Given a cost of goods, a dollar off coupon, and a percentage off coupon, this calculator will compare the two deals and determine which one is of more value. If the dollar coupon wins, the calculator will project the break even price where the dollar coupon would surpass the percentage coupon

Credit Card Balance
This calculator shows 3 methods for paying off a credit card balance on a monthly installment basis given an outstanding balance and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

1) Minimum Payment Amount
2) Minimum Percentage Amount
3) Payoff in Years

Heat Index
Given a temperature in Fahrenheit and a relative humidity percentage, this calculates the Heat Index.

Given a time series of actual and forecasted values, this determines the following:
* Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) also known as the Mean Absolute Percentage Deviation (MAPD)
* Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error (sMAPE)
* Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MPE)

Markup Markdown
Given the 3 items of a markup word problem, cost, markup percentage, and sale price, this solves for any one of the three given two of the items.

P-Hat Confidence Interval
Given a large sized distribution, and a success amount for a certain criteria x, and a confidence percentage, this will calculate the confidence interval for that criteria.

Percent Math
Simplifies expressions involving numbers and percents with respect to addition and subtraction

Percent Off Problem
Given the 3 items of a percent word problem, Reduced Price, percent off, and full price, this solves for any one of the three given two of the items.

Percentage of Completion
Given a sales price, total costs, and costs per period, this determines the gross profit to date using the percentage of completion method.

Percentage of the Pie Word Problem
This takes two or three fractions of ownership in some good or object, and figures out what remaining fraction is left over.

Percentage-Decimal-Fraction Relations
Calculates the relational items between a fraction, a decimal (including repeating decimal and terminating decimal), a percentage, and the numerator and denominator piece of that fraction. Also calculates the percentage change going from one number to another or the amount increase or decrease of a percentage above/below a number. Round decimals.

Percentile for Normal Distribution
Given a mean, standard deviation, and a percentile range, this will calculate the percentile value.

Given a set of scores and a target score, this will determine the percentile of the target score using two different formulas.

Proportion Sample Size
This calculator determines a sample size to select to meet certain criteria related to a confidence percentage, reliability percentage, and a p value proportion. Simply enter your values not using percentage signs. This works whether p^ is known or not known.

Rebound Ratio
Calculates a total downward distance traveled given an initial height of a drop and a rebound ratio percentage

Resistor Color Codes
Given 3 Band level color codes and a tolerance color chosen, this calculates the resistance in ohms and the tolerance percentage

Sales Tax
Given a sales price and a total bill, this calculates the sales tax amount and sales tax percentage

Sample Size Reliability for μ
Given a population standard deviation σ, a reliability (confidence) value or percentage, and a variation, this will calculate the sample size necessary to make that test valid.

Sample Size Requirement for the Difference of Means
Given a population standard deviation 1 of σ1, a population standard deviation 2 of σ2 a reliability (confidence) value or percentage, and a variation, this will calculate the sample size necessary to make that test valid.

Solution Mixture
Determines a necessary amount of a Solution given two solution percentages and 1 solution amount.

Trimmed Mean and Winsorized Mean
Given a number set and a trimmed mean percentage, this will calculate the trimmed mean (truncated mean) or winsorized mean.

Vendor Discount Effective Rate of Interest
Calculates the effective rate of interest earned from a vendor discount for a prepayment of a balance within a certain amount of days for a percentage discount

12.66 g of calcium are heated in air,17.73 g of calcium oxide is formed.The percent oxygen in the co
A softball player had 13 hits in 25 times at bat. What percent of her times at bat resulted in hits?
15 out of 18 students agreed. What percentage did not?
Melinda is paid 17000 per year. She is also paid a sales commission of 5% of the value of her sales.
A piece of gym equipment which cost 450 including vat last year is now selling at 500 excluding vat.
Francis paid 51.12 for his dinner including tax. The cost of his dinner is 48. What percent is the t
A city has a population of 240,000 people. Suppose that each year the population grows by 8%. What w
Carol gets 5 each week for allowance. She saves 1 of her allowance. What percent of her allowance do
$6500 is 7/10 of a number. What is the number
David obtained 5 out of 20 votes in the election. What percentage of the votes did david receive?
students at East Central High School earned $384 selling car washes. They want to make $2690 for a c
A baseball player gets 12 hits in 40 at bats. What percent are hits, and what percent are not hits?
A bicycle helmet is priced at $18.50. If it is on sale for 10% off and there is 7% sales tax, how mu
In order to select new board members, the French club held an election. 63 out of the 90 members of
You borrowed $25 from your friend. You paid him back in full after 6 months. He charged $2 for inter
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
Facebook provides a variety of statistics on its Web site that detail the growth and popularity of t
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
Assume the speed of vehicles along a stretch of I-10 has an approximately normal distribution with a
A group of students at a school takes a history test. The distribution is normal with a mean of 25,
Consider the case of a manufacturer who has an automatic machine that produces an important part. Pa
Eighty percent of the employees at Rowan University have their biweekly Wages deposit directly to th
An analysis of the final test scores for Managerial Decision Making Tools reveals the scores follow
It is estimated that weekly demand for gasoline at new station is normally distributed, with an aver
Six Years ago, 12.2% of registered births were to teenage mothers. A sociologist believes that the
The first significant digit in any number must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. It was discovered t
A random sample of 25 customers was chosen in CCP MiniMart between 3:00 and 4:00 PM on a Friday afte
The IQ scores are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. a) What i
The sales tax for an item was $21.50 and it cost $430 before tax. Find the sales tax rate. Write you
Ali spent $60 at the grocery store. Of this amount, he spent $51 on fruit. What percentage of the to
The relief time provided by a standard dose of a popular children’s allergy medicine averages 7.9
After a 33 percent reduction, you purchase a television for $281.40. What was the televisions price
Yael worked out at a gym for 2 hours. Her workout consisted of stretching for 21 minutes,jogging for
A recent survey showed that 49% of recent college graduates named flexible hours as their most desir
A recent survey showed that 44% of recent college graduates named flexible hours as their most desir
At what simple interest rate will 4500$ amount to 8000$ in 5 years?
Is it correct to word "10% * 50 + 50" as "10% upper 50"?
Is it correct to word "10% * 50 + 50" as "10% upper 50"?
Stephanie and her sister go bowling every weekend and have been keeping track of their wins for the
24 students in a class took an algebra test and 19 of them earned a B or better. What percent of stu
The property taxes on a house were $810. What was the tax rate if the house was valued at $90,000
An item cost $370 before tax, and the sales tax is 25.90 what is the percentage?
On the math test, Ralph answered 17 out of 20 problems. What percent did he get right?
A car is bought for $2400 and sold one year later $1440 find the loss as a percentage of the cost pr
Of the 800 students of a school, 600 have traveled. What percentage of the students went on a trip?
At a certain university, 60% of the students enrolled in a math course, 50% are enrolled in an Engli
If the original price of an item was $30.00 and Joan only paid $24.00 for it, what percentage discou
The lowest score that is greater than 25% of the scores
A boy spent one-half of his money for a book and one-third of his money for a pen. The remaining $2.
Need help quickly! My math skills are escaping me!
Need help quickly! My math skills are escaping me!
Ina school, out of 300 students, 70% are girls and 30% are boys. if 30 girls leave and no new boy is
A 5L juice container has 3.6L of juice left. What percentage has been used?
A woman earns $2400 per month and budgets $480 per month for food. What percent of her monthly incom
The regular price of a shirt was $19.00, but it is on sale for $13.30. What is the percent that the
In the past year, Yoko watched 76 movies that she thought were very good. She watched 80 movies ove
Lois is purchasing an annuity that will pay $5,000 annually for 20 years, with the first annuity pay