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2 Lines Intersection
Enter any 2 line equations, and the calculator will determine the following:
* Are the lines parallel?
* Are the lines perpendicular
* Do the lines intersect at some point, and if so, which point?
* Is the system of equations dependent, independent, or inconsistent

3 Point Equation
Forms a quadratic from 3 points that are entered.

3 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 3 unknowns with equations in the form ax + by + cz = d using Cramers Method.

3-dimensional points
Calculates distance between two 3-dimensional points
(x1, y1, z1) and (x2, y2, z2) as well as the parametric equations and symmetric equations

4 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 4 unknowns with equations in the form aw + bx + cy + dz = e using Cramers Method.

Solves for any of the 4 items in the acceleration equation including initial velocity, velocity, and time.

Angular Momentum
Solves for any of the 4 variables in the angular momentum equation, L, V, M, and R

Calculates the area of an annulus and the equation of the annulus using the radius of the large and small concentric circles.

Balancing Equations
Given 4 numbers, this will use the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to balance the equations if possible.

Budget Line Equation
Solves for any one of the 5 items in the standard budget line equation:
Income (I)
Quantity of x = Qx
Quantity of y = Qy
Price of x = Px
Price of y = Py

Chinese Remainder Theorem
Given a set of modulo equations in the form:
x ≡ a mod b
x ≡ c mod d
x ≡ e mod f

the calculator will use the Chinese Remainder Theorem to find the lowest possible solution for x in each modulus equation.
Given that the ni portions are not pairwise coprime and you entered two modulo equations, then the calculator will attempt to solve using the Method of Successive Subsitution

Cholesterol Equation
Solves for each of the 4 following cholesterol equation items:
1) Total Cholesterol
2) High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) Good Cholesterol
3) Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) Bad Cholesterol
4) Triglycerides

Solves for any of the 3 items in the Chord of a Circle equation, Chord Length (c), Radius (r), and center to chord midpoint (t).

Circle Equation
This calculates the standard equation of a circle and general equation of a circle from the following given items:
* A center (h,k) and a radius r
* A diameter A(a1,a2) and B(b1,b2)
This also allows you to enter a standard or general form equation so that the center (h,k) and radius r can be determined.

Cubic Equation
Solves for cubic equations in the form ax3 + bx2 + cx + d = 0 using the following methods:
1) Solve the long way for all 3 roots and the discriminant Δ
2) Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to solve for real roots followed by the synthetic div/quadratic method for the other imaginary roots if applicable.

Diophantine Equations
Solves for ax + by = c using integer solutions if they exist

Distance Rate and Time
Solves for distance, rate, or time in the equation d=rt based on 2 of the 3 variables being known.

Given an ellipse equation, this calculates the x and y intercept, the foci points, and the length of the major and minor axes as well as the eccentricity.

Equation and Inequalities
Solves an equation or inequality with 1 unknown variable and no exponents as well as certain absolute value equations and inequalities such as |x|=c and |ax| = c where a and c are constants. Solves square root, cube root, and other root equations in the form ax^2=c, ax^2 + b = c. Also solves radical equations in the form asqrt(bx) = c. Also solves open sentences

Equation of a Plane
Given three 3-dimensional points, this calculates the equation of a plane that contains those points.

Equation of Exchange
Solves for any of the 4 variables in the Equation of Exchange: money, velocity, price, quantity

Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations
This calculator is the ultimate expansion tool to multiply polynomials. It expands algebraic expressions listed below using all 26 variables (a-z) as well as negative powers to handle polynomial multiplication. Includes multiple variable expressions as well as outside multipliers.
Also produces a polynomial equation from a given set of roots (polynomial zeros). * Binomial Expansions c(a + b)x
* Polynomial Expansions c(d + e + f)x
* FOIL Expansions (a + b)(c + d)
* Multiple Parentheses Multiplications c(a + b)(d + e)(f + g)(h + i)

Exponential Growth
This solves for any 1 of the 4 items in the exponential growth equation or exponential decay equation, Initial Value (P), Ending Value (A), Rate (r), and Time (t).

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Solves for all items of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) equation:
Consumption (C)
Investment (I)
Government Spending (G)
Exports (X)
Imports (I).

Given a hyperbola equation, this calculates:
* Equation of the asymptotes
* Intercepts
* Foci (focus) points
* Eccentricity ε
* Latus Rectum
* semi-latus rectum

Income and Price Elasticity
Solves for any one of the 5 components that make up the income/price elasticity of demand equation.

Joint Variation Equations
Given a joint variation (jointly proportional) of a variable between two other variables with a predefined set of conditions, this will create the joint variation equation and solve based on conditions.

Kinematic Equations
Given the 5 inputs of the 4 kinematic equations, this will solve any of the equations it can based on your inputs for the kinematics.

Kinetic Energy
Solves for any of the 3 items in the kinetic energy equation: Energy (e), Mass (m), and Velocity (v)

Line Equation-Slope-Distance-Midpoint-Y intercept
Enter 2 points, and this calculates the following:
* Slope of the line (rise over run) and the line equation y = mx + b that joins the 2 points
* Midpoint of the two points
* Distance between the 2 points
* 2 remaining angles of the rignt triangle formed by the 2 points
* y intercept of the line equation
* Point-Slope Form
* Parametric Equations and Symmetric Equations

Or, if you are given a point on a line and the slope of the line including that point, this calculates the equation of that line and the y intercept of that line equation, and point-slope form.

Also allows for the entry of m and b to form the line equation

Linear Congruence
Given an modular equation ax ≡ b (mod m), this solves for x if a solution exists

Literal Equations
Solves literal equations with no powers for a variable of your choice as well as open sentences.

Using the formula Log ab = e, this calculates the 3 pieces of a logarithm equation:
1) Base (b)
2) Exponent
3) Log Result
In addition, it converts
* Expand logarithmic expressions

Logarithms and Natural Logarithms and Eulers Constant (e)
This calculator does the following:
* Takes the Natural Log base e of a number x Ln(x) → logex
* Raises e to a power of y, ey
* Performs the change of base rule on logb(x)
* Solves equations in the form bcx = d where b, c, and d are constants and x is any variable a-z
* Solves equations in the form cedx=b where b, c, and d are constants, e is Eulers Constant = 2.71828182846, and x is any variable a-z
* Exponential form to logarithmic form for expressions such as 53 = 125 to logarithmic form
* Logarithmic form to exponential form for expressions such as Log5125 = 3

Matrix Properties
Given a matrix |A|, this calculates the following items if they exist:
* Determinant = det(A)
* Inverse = A-1
* Transpose = AT
* Adjoint = adj(A)
* Eigen equation (characteristic polynomial) = det|λI - A|
* Trace = tr(A)
* Gauss-Jordan Elimination using Row Echelon and Reduced Row Echelon Form
* Dimensions of |A| m x n
* Order of a matrix
* Euclidean Norm ||A||
* Magic Sum if it exists
* Determines if |A| is an Exchange Matrix

Moment of Inertia
Calculates any of the 3 items from the Moment of Inertia equation, Inertia (I), Mass (M), and Length (L).

Plane and Parametric Equations in R3
Given a vector A and a point (x,y,z), this will calculate the following items:
1) Plane Equation passing through (x,y,z) perpendicular to A
2) Parametric Equations of the Line L passing through the point (x,y,z) parallel to A

Point and a Line
Enter any line equation and a 2 dimensional point. The calculator will figure out if the point you entered lies on the line equation you entered. If the point does not lie on the line, the distance between the point and line will be calculated.

Polar Conics
Given eccentricity (e), directrix (d), and angle θ, this determines the vertical and horizontal directrix polar equations.

Pressure Law
This will solve for any of the 4 items in the Pressure Law equation, also known as Gay-Lussacs Law assuming constant volume
P1 ÷ T1 = P2 ÷ T2

Profit Equation
Using the Profit Equation with inputs (Revenue-Cost-Profit-Tax), this determines the relevant output including gross proft, gross profit margin, net profit, and net profit margin.

Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Solves for quadratic equations in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0. Also generates practice problems as well as hints for each problem.
* Solve using the quadratic formula and the discriminant Δ
* Complete the Square for the Quadratic
* Factor the Quadratic
* Y-Intercept
* Vertex (h,k) of the parabola formed by the quadratic where h is the Axis of Symmetry as well as the vertex form of the equation a(h - h)2 + k
* Concavity of the parabola formed by the quadratic
* Using the Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem), the calculator will determine potential roots which can then be tested against the synthetic calculator.

Quartic Equations
Solves quartic equations in the form ax4 + bx3 + cx2 + dx + e using the following methods:
1) Solve the long way for all roots and the discriminant Δ
2) Rational Root Theorem (Rational Zero Theorem) to solve for real roots followed by the synthetic div/quadratic method for the other imaginary roots if applicable.

Sectoral Balance
Solves for any of the 6 inputs in the Sectoral Balance equation by Wynne Godley

Security Market Line and Treynor Ratio
Solves for any of the 4 items in the Security Market Line equation, Risk free rate, market return, Β, and expected return as well as calculate the Treynor Ratio.

Simultaneous Equations
Solves a system of simultaneous equations with 2 unknowns using the following 3 methods:
1) Substitution Method (Direct Substitution)
2) Elimination Method
3) Cramers Method

Solves for any of the 3 items in the strain equation: Change in Length, Strain, and Original Length

Thin Lens Distance
Given two out of three items in the thin lens equation, this solves for the third.

Checks to see if equations in the trinomial form ax2 + bx + c are a perfect square as well as completing the square from equations in the form ax2 + bx + ?.

True False Equations
Determines if a set of addition and subtraction of numbers on each side of an equation are equivalent.

Unknown Number
Determines the unknown number needed to make an equation true.

Variation Equations
This calculator solves the following direct variation equations and inverse variation equations below:
* y varies directly as x
* y varies inversely as x
* y varies directly as the square of x
* y varies directly as the cube of x
* y varies directly as the square root of x
* y varies inversely as the square of x
* y varies inversely as the cube of x
* y varies inversely as the square root of x

Youngs Modulus-Stress-Strain
Calculates any of the 3 items in the Youngs Modulus equation with stress and strain.

u=ak/b for a
The perimeter of a rectangle is 400 meters. The length is 15 meters less than 4 times the width. Fin
2 movie tickets and 3 snacks are $24. 3 movie tickets and 4 snacks are $35. How much is a movie tick
Mr. Winkle downloaded 34 more songs than Mrs. Winkle downloaded. Together they downloaded 220 song
The length of the flag is 2 cm less than 7 times the width. The perimeter is 60cm. Find the length a
the square root of twice a number is 4 less than the number
P=15+5d/11 for d
The domain of a relation is all even negative integers greater than -9. The range y of the relation
298 is the same as c and 230 more
Water flows from tank A to tank B at the rate of 2 litres per minute.
Water flows from tank A to tank B at the rate of 2 litres per minute.
5 -8| -2n|=-75
y/2+c=d for y
Emily is three years older than twice her sister Mary’s age. The sum of their ages is less than 30.
Michelle and Julie sold 65 cupcakes. If Julie sold 9 more cupcakes than Michelle, how many cupcakes
The length of a rectangular building is 6 feet less than 3 times the width. The perimeter is 120 fee
Gary has three less pets than Abe. If together they own 15 pets, how many pets does Gary own?
If Mr hernandez has 5 times as many students as Mr daniels and together they have 150 students how m
Company a charges $25 plus $0.10 a mile. Company b charges $20 plus $0.15 per mile. How far would yo
Katie is twice as old as her sister Mara. The sum of their age is 24.
There were 150 students at a dance. There were 16 more boys than girls. How many boys were there?
A local shop sold 499 hamburgers and cheese burgers. There were 51 fewer cheese burgers sold. How ma
63 is the sum of 24 and helenas age
You had $22 to spend on 8 notebooks after buying them you had $6
the sum of n and twice n is 12
3 adults and 4 children must pay $136. 2 adults and 3 children must pay $97.
there are 120 calories in 3/4 cup serving of cereal. How many Calories are there in 6 cups of cereal
Happy Paws charges $16.00 plus $1.50 per hour to keep a dog during the day. Woof Watchers charges $1
a textbook store sold a combined total of 296 sociology and history text books in a week. the number
You are comparing the costs of producing shoes at two different manufacturers. Company 1 charges $5
two mechanics worked on a car. the first mechanic worked for 10 hours, and the second mechanic worke
A set of 4 consecutive integers adds up to 314. What is the least of the 4 integers?
The sum of three consecutive integers is 42
Brice has 1200 in the bank. He wants to save a total of 3000 by depositing 40 per week from his payc
Hans rented a truck for one day. There was a base fee of 16.95, and there was an additional charge o
Dan bought 8 new baseball trading cards to add to his collection. The next day his dog ate half of h
2 consecutive even integers that equal 118
You have a total of 42 math and science problems for homework. You have 10 more math problems than s
The cost for parking at a parking garage is 2.25 plus an additional 1.50 for each hour. What is the
Marissa has 24 coins in quarters and nickels. She has 3 dollars. How many of the coins are quarters?
Suppose Briley has 10 coins in quarters and dimes and has a total of 1.45. How many of each coin doe
George has 600 baseball cards and Joy has one fifth as many baseball cards as George. How many baseb
A parking meter contains 27.05 in quarters and dimes. All together there are 146 coins. How many of
A taxi charges a flat rate of 1.75, plus an additional 0.65 per mile. If Erica has at most 10 to spe
Marty is 3 years younger than 6 times his friend Warrens age. The sum of their ages is greater than
3 times the difference of x and 5 is 15
A private jet flies the same distance in 4 hours that a commercial jet flies in 2 hours. If the spee
the sum of a number divided by 8 and 3 equals 6
The difference of 100 and x is 57
Liz harold has a jar in her office that contains 47 coins. Some are pennies and the rest are dimes.
Caleb earns points on his credit card that he can use towards future purchases.
You have $37 to plant garden. If you spend $12.25 on seeds, how many packs of vegetable plants can
A home is to be built on a rectangular plot of land with a perimeter of 800 feet. If the length is 2
Robert has 45 dollars. He buys 6 tshirts and has 7 dollars left over. How much did each tshirt cost?
Jenny went shoe shopping. Now she has 5 more pairs than her brother. Together they have 25 pairs. Ho
She ordered 6 large pizzas. Luckily, she had a coupon for 3 off each pizza. If the bill came to 38.9
Kerry asked a bank teller to cash 390 check using 20 bills and 50 bills. If the teller gave her a to
On an algebra test, the highest grade was 42 points higher than the lowest grade. The sum of the two
You and your friend are saving for a vacation. You start with the same amount and save for the same
15 cats, 10 have stripes, 7 have stripes and green eyes, how many cats have just green eyes
A certain number added to its square is 30
Kristen and Julia went skating. Julia skated 30 minutes longer than Kristen. If Julia skated for 55
Mr. Wilson wants to park his carin a parking garage that charges 3 per hour along with a flat fee of
Joe buys 9 cds for the same price, he also buys a dvd for 20. His total bill is 119. Find the cost o
Salma purchased a prepaid phone card for 30. Long distance calls cost 9 cents a minute using this ca
A medium orange has 70 calories. This is 10 calories less then 1/4 of the calories in a sugar krunch
triple the value of c plus 3 is 84
23 decreased by thrice of y is not equal to 15
A pile of coins, consisting of quarters and half dollars, is worth 11.75. If there are 2 more quarte
Max and Bob went to the store. Max bought 2 burgers and 2 drinks for $5.00 bob bought 3 burgers and
There are 320 pupils there are 24 more girls than boys how many boys are there
If 100 runners went with 4 bicyclists and 5 walkers, how many bicyclists would go with 20 runners an
There are 13 animals in the barn. some are chickens and some are pigs. there are 40 legs in all. How
Kevin and randy have a jar containing 41 coins, all of which are either quarters or nickels. The tot
x tripled less two is 5
Jake used 5 boxes to pack 43.5 kg of books. If the boxes each weighed the same and held 8 books, wh
Two numbers total 83 and have a difference of 17 find the two numbers
Ina has $40 in her bank account and saves $8 a week. Ree has $200 in her bank account and spends $12
In 2000 a company increased its workforce by 50%. In 2001 it decreased its workforce by 50%. How doe
The basketball team is selling candy as a fundraiser. A regular candy bar cost 0.75 and a king sized
Difference between 23 and y is 12
the sum of a number and itself is 8
When 20 is subtracted from 3 times a certain number, the result is 43
Find 3 Even Integers with a sum of 198
At a football game, a vender sold a combined total of 117 sodas and hot dogs. The number of hot dogs
10 times a number is 420
132 is 393 multiplied by y
A test has twenty questions worth 100 points . The test consist of true/false questions worth 3 poin
The cost of tuition at Johnson Community College is $160 per credit hour. Each student also has to p
An oil tank contains 220.2 gallons of oil......
Translate this sentence into an equation. 43 is the sum of 17 and Gregs age. Use the variable g to
You need to hire a catering company to serve meals to guests at a wedding reception. Company A charg
An experienced accountant can balance the books twice as fast as a new accountant. Working together
How many dimes must be added to a bag of 200 nickels so that the average value of the coins in the b
During the 2016 christmas season,UPS had 14 employees retire, 122 employees were hired and 31 left d
Jennifer spent $11.25 on ingredients for cookies shes making for the school bake sale. How many cook
The square of a positive integer minus twice its consecutive integer is equal to 22. find the intege
Translate this sentence into an equation. The difference of Maliks age and 15 is 63 Use the variable
Translate this sentence into an equation. 48 is the difference of Ritas age and 11 . Use the variabl
Charlie buys a 40 pound bag of cat food. His cat eats a 1/2 pound of food per day.
There are 63 students in middle school chorus. There are 11 more boys than girls. How many boys x an
writing and solving equations
writing and solving equations
Tickets for a concert were priced at $8 for students and $10 for nonstudents. There were 1340 ticket
The perimeter of a rectangular field is 250 yards. If the length of the field is 69 yards, what is
Jack bought 7 tickets for a movie. He paid $7 for each adult ticket and $4 for each child ticket. Ja
A taxi charges a flat rate of $1.50 with an additional charge of $0.80 per mile. Samantha wants to s
Shalini gave 0.4 of her plums to her brother and 20% to her sister. She kept 16 for herself. How man
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
Geocache puzzle help
When 9 is subtracted from 5 times a number, the result is 31
Whitney has already baked 2 cakes, and she can bake 1 cake with each additional stick of butter she
The sales price of a new compact disc player is $210 at a local discount store. At the store where t
Cole and Finn are roommates. They paid three months rent and a $200 security deposit when they signe
Write a model that utilizes all three explanatory variables with no interaction or quadratic terms.
Rearrange the following equation to make x the subject, and select the correct rearrangement from th
What is the annual nominal rate compounded daily for a bond that has an annual yield of 5.4%? Round
You have $250,000 in an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) at the time you retire. You have the op
T-shirts sell for $19.97 and cost $14.02 to produce. Which equation represents p, the profit, in ter
Ms. Jeffers is splitting $975 among her three sons. If the oldest gets twice as much as the youngest
An ancient Greek was said to have lived 1/4 of his live as a boy, 1/5 as a youth, 1/3 as a man, and
I HAVE $11.60, all dimes and quarters, in my pocket. I have 32 more dimes than quarters. how many di
If f(x) = 3x + 1 and g(x) = x^2 + 2x, find x when f(g(x)) = 10
The sum of the digits of a certain two-digit number is 16. Reversing its digits increases the number
Chris, Alex and Jesse are all siblings in the same family. Alex is 5 years older than chris. Jesse i
Two mechanics worked on a car. the first mechanic worked for 5 hours snd the second mechanic worked
Gayle has 36 coins, all nickels and dimes, worth $2.40. How many dimes does she have?
The difference of 2 positive numbers is 54. The quotient obtained on dividing the 1 by the other is
Jim works for his dad and earns $400 every week plus $22 for every chair (c) he sells. Write an equa
A mail courier charges a base fee of $4.95 plus $11.90 per package being delivered. If x represents
If you multiply me by 33 and subtract 20, the result is 46. Who am I?
You purchase a car for $23,000. The car depreciates at a rate of 15% per year. Determine the value
if the point (.53,y) is on the unit circle in quadrant 1, what is the value of y?
A yoga member ship costs $16 and additional $7 per class. Write a linear equation modeling the cost
An executive invests $23,000, some at 8% and some at 4% annual interest. If he receives an annual re
A textbook store sold a combined total of 307 biology and chemistry textbooks in a week. The number
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3
f(x)=a(b)^x and we know that f(3)=17 and f(7)=3156. what is the value of b
At a local fitness center, members pay an $8 membership fee and $3 for each aerobics class. Nonmembe
You are purchasing carpeting for an office building. The space to be carpeted is 30 feet by 50 feet.
A shipping service charges $0.43 for the first ounce and $0.29 for each additional ounce of package
A parabola has a Vertex at (4,-2) and a Focus at (6,-2). Find the equation of the parabola
If Jody had $3 more she would have twice as much as Lars together they have $60
The sum of 9 and victors age is 55
If a number is increased by 16 and then divided by 3, the result is 8
A jet plane traveling at 550 mph over takes a propeller plane traveling at 150 mph that had a 3 hour
Country A produces about 7 times the amount of diamonds in carats produce in Country B. If the total
Substitute the given values into given formula and solve for the unknown variable. S=4LW + 2 WH; S=
To make an international telephone call, you need the code for the country you are calling. The code
A 20 feet piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 5 feet longer than twic
A pawn broker buys a tv and a computer for $600. He sells the computer at a markup of 30% and the tv
The Lakers recently scored 81 points. Their points came from 2 and 3 point baskets. If they made 39
Larry Mitchell invested part of his $31,000 advance at 6% annual simple interest and the rest at 7%
A 15 feet piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 3 feet longer than twic
A theatre contains 459 seats and the ticket prices for a recent play were $53 for adults and $16 for
Write a system of equations to describe the situation below, solve using any method, and fill in the
In this class of 4/5 students are right handed. if there are 20 right handed students, what is the t
A family buys airline tickets online. Each ticket costs $167. The family buys travel insurance with
Arnie bought some bagels at 20 cents each. He ate 4, and sold the rest at 30 cents each. His profit
Linda takes classes at both Westside Community College and Pinewood Community College. At Westside,
Rob has 40 coins, all dimes and quarters, worth $7.60. How many dimes and how many quarters does he
if 9 times a number is decreased by 6, the result is 111
Penelope and Owen work at a furniture store. Penelope is paid $215 per week plus 3.5% of her total s
Aaron bought a bagel and 3 muffins for $7.25. Bea bought a bagel and 2 muffins for $6. How much is b
There are 64 members in the history club. 11 less than half of the members are girls. How many membe
if a train travels at 80 mph for 15 mins, what is the distance traveled?
Two consecutive even integers that equal 126
Equation 2y+5x=40. Interprt the intercepts
Suppose x is a natural number. When you divide x by 7 you get a quotient of q and a remainder of 6.
A house costs 3.5 times as much as the lot. Together they sold for $135,000. Find the cost of each
If p+4=2 and q-3=2, what is the value of qp?
Matilda needs at least $112 to buy an new dress. She has already saved $40. She earns $9 an hour bab
Translate this sentence into an equation. 49 is the difference of Diegos age and 17. Use the variabl
Xavier has $132 to buy a video game. Each game costs $12. Write an equation to find the number of ga
Diana earns $8.50 working as a lifeguard. Write an equation to find Dianas money earned m for any nu
54 is the sum of 15 and Vidyas score
When an alligator is born it is about 8 inches long each year they grow 12 inches determine the age
Time and Distance
Time and Distance
The admission fee at an amusement park is $1.50 for children and $4.00 for adults. On a certain day,
Find four consecutive odd numbers which add to 64
please solve the third word problem
please solve the fourth word problem
please solve the fifth word problem
When a number is doubled, the result is 36
Suppose that the weight (in pounds) of an airplane is a linear function of the amount of fuel (in ga
One third of the bagels in a bakery are sesame bagels. There are 72 sesame bagels.
John spent $10.40 on 5 notebooks and 5 pens. Ariana spent $7.00 on 4 notebooks and 2 pens. What is t
The function P(x) = -30x^2 + 360x + 785 models the profit, P(x), earned by a theatre owner on the ba
175 students separated into n classes is 25
A car is purchased for $24,000 . Each year it loses 30% of its value. After how many years will t
Sam needs to save $300 to buy a video game system. He is able to save $20 per week. How many weeks w
Kierra had $35 to spend at the movies. If it was $11 to get in and snacks were 2$ each, how many sna
The blue star publishing company produces daily "Star news". It costs $1200 per day to operate regar
You split $1,500 between two savings accounts. Account A pays 5% annual interest and Account B pays
A group of scientists studied the effect of a chemical on various strains of bacteria. Strain A star
A traveler is walking on a moving walkway in an airport. the traveler must walk back on the walkway
963 animals on a farm, 159 sheep and 406 cows and pigs. How many are pigs?
You pay 510.00 to rent a storage unit for 3 months the total cost includes an initial deposit plus a
Company A rents copy machines for $300 a month plus $0.05 per copy. Company B charges $600 plus $0.0
Alberto’s salary was $2000 greater than 4 times Nick’s salary. Write an equation stating Alberto’s a
Age now problems
The sum of a number and its square is 72. find the numbers?
A+B+D=255 B+15=A D+12=B A=
A sum of money doubles in 20 years on simple interest. It will get triple at the same rate in: a.
2x^2+4x < 3x+6
Oliver earns $50 per day plus $7.50 for each package he delivers. If his paycheck for the first day
The sum of 2 numbers is 70. The difference of these numbers is 24. Write and solve a system of equat
If you triple a number and then add 10, you get one-half of the original number. What is the number
A man is four times as old as his son. In five years time he will be three times as old. Find their
The sum of the squares of two consecutive positive integers is 61. Find these two numbers.
n times 146, reduced by 94 is the same as h
The perpendicular height of a right-angled triangle is 70 mm longer than the base. Find the perimete
Age now and then
Age now and then
Hope it's okay to ask this here?
Age now and then
Age now and then
Age now and then
Age now and then
Two numbers total 50 and have a difference of 28. Find the two numbers.
if x2 is added to x, the sum is 42
The average cost of printing a book in a publishing company is c(x) = 5.5x+kx, where x is the numbe
The perimeter of a rectangular bakery is 204 feet. It is 66 feet long. How wide is it?
Kendra has $5.70 in quarters and nickels. If she has 12 more quarters than nickels, how many of each
Stock A is worth 4.5. Stock B is worth 8.0. Stock C is worth 10.0. She purchased half as many shares
To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 and add 32. Write a formula to describe this
The Sum of three times a number and 18 is -39. Find the number
John took 20,000 out of his retirement and reinvested it. He earned 4% for one investment and 5% on
Tom has a collection 21 CDs and Nita has a collection of 14 CDs. Tom is adding 3 cds a month to his
Is this algebra?
A brand new car that is originally valued at $25,000 depreciates by 8% per year. What is the value o
Students stuff envelopes for extra money. Their initial cost to obtain the information for the job w
A farmer sold 250 of his sheep, bought 35 and then bought 68. If he now has 190, how many did he beg
A dormitory manager buys 38 bed sheets and 61 towels for $791.50. The manager get another 54 bed she
If 12 times a number is added to twice the number, the result is 112
You are offered two different sales jobs. The first company offers a straight commission of 6% of th
Small pizzas were $3 and large pizzas were $5. To feed the throng, it was necessary to spend $475 fo
The sum of two consecutive integers plus 18 is 123
Alvin is 12 years younger than Elga. The sum of their ages is 60 . What is Elgas age?
A boa constrictor is 18 inches long at birth and grows 8 inches per year. Write an equation that rep
A person will devote 31 years to be sleeping and watching tv. The number of years sleeping will exce
1 integer is 7 times another. If the product of the 2 integers is 448, then find the integers.
The sum of 5 odd consecutive numbers is 145
The sum of Juan’s age and Sara’s age is 33 yrs. If Sara is 15 yrs old, how old is Juan?
You are buying boxes of cookies at a bakery. Each box of cookies costs $4. In the equation below, c
Melissa runs a landscaping business. She has equipment and fuel expenses of $264 per month. If she c
The cost to rent a construction crane is 450 per day plus 150 per hour. What is the maximum number o
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Your clothes washer stopped working during the spin cycle and you need to get a person in to fix the
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Solving word problems with the matrix method?
Solving word problems with the matrix method?
I have 20 bills consisting of $5 and $10. If the total amount of my money is $130, how many of each
In Super Bowl XXXV, the total number of points scored was 41. The winning team outscored the losing
Sara opened an account with $800 and withdrew $20 per week. Jordan opened an account with $500 and d
if f(x)=-5x+11 and f(n)=21 what does n equal
Mindy and troy combined ate 9 pieces of the wedding cake. Mindy ate 3 pieces of cake troy had 1/4 of
A business owner spent $4000 for a computer and software. For bookkeeping purposes, he needs to post
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3 of the novel.
Benny had 119 dollars to spend on 9 books. After buying them he had 11 dollars. How much did each bo
Stacy sells art prints for $12 each. Her expenses are $2.50 per print, plus $38 for equipment. How m
A rectangular garden is 5 ft longer than it is wide. Its area is 546 ft2. What are its dimensions?
A movie theater has a seating capacity of 143. The theater charges $5.00 for children, $7.00 for stu
Joel bought 88 books. Some books cost $13 each and some cost $17 each. In all, he spent $128. Which
Kaitlin is a software saleswoman. Let y represent her total pay (in dollars). Let x represent the nu
A math test is worth 100 points and has 38 problems. Each problem is worth either 5 points or 2 poin
Jose has scored 556 points on his math tests so far this semester. To get an A for the semester, he
Robert and Robert go to the movie theater and purchase refreshments for their friends. Robert spend
Krutika was thinking of a number. Krutika doubles it and adds 8.7 to get an answer of 64.9. Form an
Happy Paws charges $19.00 plus $5.50 per hour to keep a dog during the day. Woof Watchers charges $1
Number of cents in q quarters is 275
Trump stamps sold at $1.25 and Obama stamps sold at $2 . How many of each stamp was sold if 700 stam
Ashley age is 2 times Johns age. The sum of their ages is 63. What is Johns age?
Cathy wants to buy a gym membership. One gym has a $150 joining fee and costs $35 per month. Another
When 39 is added to a number, the result is 40 times the number. Find the number. Let n be the unkn
3/5 of workers at a company have enrolled in the 403(b) program. If 24 workers have enrolled in the
Suppose you have $28.00 in your bank account and start saving $18.25 every week. Your friend has $16
Lauren wrote a total of 6 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Lauren have to spend writing this
Jessica tutors chemistry. For each hour that she tutors, she earns 30 dollars. Let E be her earnings
Angie and Kenny play online video games. Angie buy 2 software packages and 4 months of game play. Ke
A manufacturer has a monthly fixed cost of $25,500 and a production cost of $7 for each unit produce
The difference of a number times 3 and 6 is equal to 7 . Use the variable w for the unknown n
The top part of the tree is 3 times as long as the trunk which equation can tulia use to find t the
A survey of 950 college students found that 85% of the men and 90% of the women identified math as t
Nava is 17 years older than Edward. the sum of Navas age and Edwards ages id 29. How old is Nava?
A football gained 52 yards during the possession. In the next 3 possessions they gained the same amo
Alberto’s salary was $2000 greater than 4 times Nick’s salary. Write an equation stating Alberto’s a
Last week at the business where you work, you sold 120 items. The business paid $1 per item and sol
Sports radio stations numbered 220 in 1996. The number of sports radio stations has since increased
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Kevin ran 4 miles more than Steve ran. The sum of their distances is 26 miles. How far did Steve run
Stacy and Travis are rock climbing. Stacys rope is 4 feet shorter than 3 times the length of Travis
A washer and a dryer cost 600 combined. The cost of the washer is 3 times the cost of the dryer. Wha