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3-dimensional points
Calculates distance between two 3-dimensional points
(x1, y1, z1) and (x2, y2, z2) as well as the parametric equations and symmetric equations

Distance Catch Up
Calculates the amount of time that it takes for a person traveling at one speed to catch a person traveling at another speed when one person leaves at a later time.

Distance Rate and Time
Solves for distance, rate, or time in the equation d=rt based on 2 of the 3 variables being known.

Falling Object
Calculates any of the 3 items in the falling object formula, distance (s), acceleration (a), and time (t).

Gravitational Force
Using Sir Isaac Newtons Law of Gravitational Force, this calculator determines the force between two objects with mass in kilograms at a distance apart in meters using the constant of gravity.

Line Equation-Slope-Distance-Midpoint-Y intercept
Enter 2 points, and this calculates the following:
* Slope of the line (rise over run) and the line equation y = mx + b that joins the 2 points
* Midpoint of the two points
* Distance between the 2 points
* 2 remaining angles of the rignt triangle formed by the 2 points
* y intercept of the line equation
* Point-Slope Form
* Parametric Equations and Symmetric Equations

Or, if you are given a point on a line and the slope of the line including that point, this calculates the equation of that line and the y intercept of that line equation, and point-slope form.

Also allows for the entry of m and b to form the line equation

Opposite Direction Distance
Word Problem calculator to measure distance between 2 people moving in opposite directions with rate and time solved for as well

Point and a Line
Enter any line equation and a 2 dimensional point. The calculator will figure out if the point you entered lies on the line equation you entered. If the point does not lie on the line, the distance between the point and line will be calculated.

Rebound Ratio
Calculates a total downward distance traveled given an initial height of a drop and a rebound ratio percentage

Set Notation
Given two number sets A and B, this determines the following:
* Union of A and B, denoted A U B
* Intersection of A and B, denoted A ∩ B
* Elements in A not in B, denoted A - B
* Elements in B not in A, denoted B - A
* Symmetric Difference A Δ B
* The Concatenation A · B
* The Cartesian Product A x B
* Cardinality of A = |A|
* Cardinality of B = |B|
* Jaccard Index J(A,B)
* Jaccard Distance Jσ(A,B)
* Dice's Coefficient
* If A is a subset of B
* If B is a subset of A

Stopping-Braking Distance for a Car
Calculates the estimated stopping distance of a vehicle given a speed in miles per hour (mph)

String Comparison Algorithms
Given two strings A and B, this calculates the following items:
1) Similar Text Pair Ranking Score
2) Levenshtein (Edit Distance).

Thin Lens Distance
Given two out of three items in the thin lens equation, this solves for the third.

Given 2 vectors A and B, this calculates:
* Length (magnitude) of A = ||A||
* Length (magnitude) of B = ||B||
* Sum of A and B = A + B (addition)
* Difference of A and B = A - B (subtraction)
* Dot Product of vectors A and B = A x B
A ÷ B (division)
* Distance between A and B = AB
* Angle between A and B = θ
* Unit Vector U of A.
* Determines the relationship between A and B to see if they are orthogonal (perpendicular), same direction, or parallel (includes parallel planes).
* Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
* The orthogonal projection of A on to B, projBA and and the vector component of A orthogonal to B → A - projBA
Also calculates the horizontal component and vertical component of a 2-D vector.

Walking Distance (Pedometer)
Given a number of steps and a distance per stride in feet, this calculator will determine how far you walk in other linear measurements.

Solves for any of the 3 variables, Work (W), Force (F) and Distance (d) in the work formula

The distance between X and 8 is less than 14
A private jet flies the same distance in 4 hours that a commercial jet flies in 2 hours. If the spee
Salma purchased a prepaid phone card for 30. Long distance calls cost 9 cents a minute using this ca
Diego is jogging at a rate of 5mi/h. A function relates how far Deigo jogs to his rate of speed.
A salesperson drove 9 hours. How long will he have driven t hours later?
6 mph, 2 hours what is the distance
A taxi charges a flat rate of $1.50 with an additional charge of $0.80 per mile. Samantha wants to s
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
A woman walked for 5 hours, first along a level road, then up a hill, and then she turned around and
Sophie and Claire are having a foot race. Claire is given a 100-foot head-start. If Sophie is runn
Sound travels about 340 m/s. The function d(t) = 340t give the distance d(t),in meters., that sound
Lena purchased a prepaid phone card for $15. Long distance calls cost 24 cents a minute using this
A taxi charges a flat rate of $1.50 with an additional charge of $0.80 per mile. Samantha wants to s
A passenger train left station A at 6:00 P.M. Moving with the average speed 45 mph, it arrived at st
A parabola has a Vertex at (4,-2) and a Focus at (6,-2). Find the equation of the parabola
A jet plane traveling at 550 mph over takes a propeller plane traveling at 150 mph that had a 3 hour
A tractor tire has a radius of 24 inches. If the tire rotates one time around, about how many inches
if a train travels at 80 mph for 15 mins, what is the distance traveled?
David roller skates for 3 1/3 hours with a constant speed of 24 km/h and then for another 1 hour 10
A ball is dropped from a height of 12 feet and returns to a height that is one-half of the height fr
An airplane flies at 250 mph. How far will it travel in 5 h at that rate of speed?
Eric is taking a trip of 245 miles. If he has traveled x miles, represent the remainder of the trip
please solve the fifth word problem
please answer this word problem
please answer my second word problem
Beth made a trip to the train station and back. On the trip there she traveled 45 km/h and on the re
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A straight road to the top of a hill is 2500 feet long and makes an angle of 12 degrees with the hor
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Kevin ran 4 miles more than Steve ran. The sum of their distances is 26 miles. How far did Steve run
35 m/s for 40 s. how far does it travel?
Andrea has 6 hours to spend training for an upcoming race. She completes her training by running ful