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Confidence Interval for the Mean
Calculates a (90% - 99%) estimation of confidence interval for the mean given a small sample size using the student-t method with (n - 1) degrees of freedom or a large sample size using the normal distribution Z-score (z value) method including Standard Error of the Mean

Confidence Interval for Variance and Standard Deviation
Calculates a (95% - 99%) estimation of confidence interval for the standard deviation or variance using the χ2 method with (n - 1) degrees of freedom.

Decimal Degree Minutes Seconds
Convertes decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds or degrees, minutes seconds, to decimal degrees

This calculator will take an expression without division signs and combine like terms.
It will also analyze an polynomial that you enter to identify constant, variables, and exponents. It determines the degree as well.

Student-t Distribution Critical Values
Given an α value and degrees of freedom, this calculates the right-tailed test and left-tailed test critical values for the Student-t Distribution

Sum to Product and Product to Sum Formulas
Given two angles in degrees of u and v, this determines the following:
* Sin(u) ± Sin(v)
* Cos(u) ± Cos(v)
* Sin(u)Sin(v)
* Cos(u)Cos(v)
* Sin(u)Cos(v)
* Cos(u)Sin(v)
* Sin(u + v)
* Sin(u - v)
* Cos(u + v)
* Cos(u - v)
* Tan(u + v)
* Tan(u - v)

Synthetic Division
Using Ruffinis Rule, this performs synthetic division by dividing a polynomial with a maximum degree of 6 by a term (x ± c) where c is a constant root using the factor theorem. The calculator returns a quotient answer that includes a remainder if applicable.

Trig Angle conversions
Converts between degrees, radians, gradians, revolutions, and quadrants.

Trig Measurement
Given an angle θ, this calculates the following measurements:
Sin(θ) = Sine
Cos(θ) = Cosine
Tan(θ) = Tangent
Csc(θ) = Cosecant
Sec(θ) = Secant
Cot(θ) = Cotangent
Arcsin(x) = θ = Arcsine
Arccos(x) = θ = Arccosine
Arctan(x) =θ = Arctangent
Also converts between Degrees and Radians and Gradians
Coterminal Angles as well as determine if it is acute, obtuse, or right angle. For acute angles, a cofunction will be determined.

For the first 10 seconds of the ride, the height of the coaster can be determined by h(t) = 0.3t^3 -
When Ms. Thelma turned on her oven, the temperature inside was 70 degrees F. The temperature began t
A toy factory makes 5,000 teddy bears per day. The supervisor randomly selects 10 teddy bears from a
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Triangle with perimeter
An electric motor makes 3,000 revolutions per minutes. How many degrees does it rotate in one second
A straight road to the top of a hill is 2500 feet long and makes an angle of 12 degrees with the hor
The circle has an arc measure of 180 degrees
At 7:00 AM, the temperature started dropping 1 degree Celsius per hour until it reached 30 degrees C