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π Digits
Calculates PI (π) to a set number of decimal places using the Gauss-Legendre Algorithm.

Accuracy and Precision
Given an integer or decimal, this determines the precision and accuracy (scale)

Base Change Conversions
Converts a positive integer to Binary-Octal-Hexadecimal Notation or Binary-Octal-Hexadecimal Notation to a positive integer. Also converts any positive integer in base 10 to another positive integer base (Change Base Rule or Base Change Rule or Base Conversion)

Basic Math Operations
Given 2 numbers, this performs the following arithmetic operations:
* Addition (Adding) (+)
* Subtraction (Subtracting) (-)
* Multiplication (Multiplying) (x)
* Long division (Dividing) with a remainder (÷)
* Long division to decimal places (÷)
* Partial Sums (Shortcut Sums)
* Short Division
* Duplication and Mediation

Bit Shifting
Performs a bit shift left or a bit shift right on a decimal or binary number

Bitwise Operations
Performs bitwise operations between two decimal or binary numbers:
* Bitwise OR
* Bitwise AND
* Bitwise XOR

Also performs Bitwise NOT on 1 number

Decimal Degree Minutes Seconds
Convertes decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds or degrees, minutes seconds, to decimal degrees

Dewey Decimal System Classification
Given a 3 digit code, this will determine the class, division, and section of the library book using the Dewey Decimal System.

Percentage-Decimal-Fraction Relations
Calculates the relational items between a fraction, a decimal (including repeating decimal and terminating decimal), a percentage, and the numerator and denominator piece of that fraction. Also calculates the percentage change going from one number to another or the amount increase or decrease of a percentage above/below a number. Round decimals.

Place Value
Given a whole number or a decimal, the calculator will perform place number analysis on each place in your number.
For the whole and decimal portion, the calculator goes out to the 100 trillion mark.

Rational,Irrational,Natural,Integer Property
This calculator takes a number, decimal, or square root, and checks to see if it has any of the following properties:
* Integer Numbers
* Natural Numbers
* Rational Numbers
* Irrational Numbers

Repeating Decimal
Evaluates and simplifies a repeating decimal

Rounding to Decimal Places
Rounds a number to a select number of decimal places

Truncates a number to a specified number of decimal places. Truncates decimals.

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