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3 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 3 unknowns with equations in the form ax + by + cz = d using Cramers Method.

4 unknowns using Cramers Rule
Solves for 4 unknowns with equations in the form aw + bx + cy + dz = e using Cramers Method.

Simultaneous Equations
Solves a system of simultaneous equations with 2 unknowns using the following 3 methods:
1) Substitution Method (Direct Substitution)
2) Elimination Method
3) Cramers Method

2 movie tickets and 3 snacks are $24. 3 movie tickets and 4 snacks are $35. How much is a movie tick
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A survey of 950 college students found that 85% of the men and 90% of the women identified math as t