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Coin Combinations
Given a selection of coins and an amount, this determines the least amount of coins needed to reach that total.

Group Combinations
Given an original group of certain types of member, this determines how many groups/teams can be formed using a certain condition.

Permutations and Combinations
Calculates the following:
Number of permutation(s) of n items arranged in r ways = nPr
Number of combination(s) of n items arranged in r unique ways = nCr including subsets of sets

Select 6 bills from a combination of 5 different bills
How many ways can 4 trucks and 5 cars be selected from 15 cars and 12 trucks for a safety study
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A small acting club has 8 members. How many different 2 member groups are possible?
The coach of a hockey team is holding tryouts and can take only 2 more players for the team. There a
In how many ways can a committee consisting of 4 faculty members and 5 students be formed if there a
There are 6 women and 5 men in a department. How many ways can a committee of 2 women and 2 men be s
A jar contains 80 nickels and dimes worth $6.40. How many of each kind of coin are in the jar?
Find the number of combinations and the number of permutations for 10 objects taken 6 at a time
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Serial numbers for a product are to made using 4 letters followed by 4 numbers. If the letters are t
How many distinct 3 letter arrangements can be made using P, R, I, M and E
A family has 4 children. Give the sample space in regards to the genders of the children
license plate with 4 letter combinations and 3 number combinations
In Maricopa County, 5 persons are to be elected to the Board of Supervisors. If 8 persons are candid
To create an entry code, you must first choose 2 letters and then, 4 single-digit numbers. How ma
A 3-digit security code can use the numbers 0-9. How many possible combinations are there if the num