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Calculates the area of an annulus and the equation of the annulus using the radius of the large and small concentric circles.

Arc Length and Area of a Sector of a Circle
Calculates the arc length of a circle and the area of the sector of a circle

Solves for any of the 3 items in the Chord of a Circle equation, Chord Length (c), Radius (r), and center to chord midpoint (t).

Circle Equation
This calculates the standard equation of a circle and general equation of a circle from the following given items:
* A center (h,k) and a radius r
* A diameter A(a1,a2) and B(b1,b2)
This also allows you to enter a standard or general form equation so that the center (h,k) and radius r can be determined.

Calculates and solves for Radius, Diameter, Circumference, and Area of a Circle.

Equilateral Triangle
Given a side (a), this calculates the following items of the equilateral triangle:
* Perimeter (P)
* Semi-Perimeter (s)
* Area (A)
* altitudes (ha,hb,hc)
* medians (ma,mb,mc)
* angle bisectors (ta,tb,tc)
* Circumscribed Circle Radius (R)
* Inscribed Circle Radius (r)

Unit Circle
Determines if coordinates for a unit circle are valid, or calculates a variable for unit circle coordinates

Venn Diagram (2 circles)
Given two circles A and B with an intersection piece of C, this will calculate all relevant probabilities of the Venn Diagram.

if the point (.53,y) is on the unit circle in quadrant 1, what is the value of y?
A tractor tire has a radius of 24 inches. If the tire rotates one time around, about how many inches
The circle has an arc measure of 180 degrees
A gardener wants to fence a circular garden of diameter 21cm. Find the length of the rope he needs t