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Age Difference
Determines the ages for an age difference word problem.

Solution Mixture
Determines a necessary amount of a Solution given two solution percentages and 1 solution amount.

Emily is three years older than twice her sister Mary’s age. The sum of their ages is less than 30.
ohn read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than1/3 of the novel
Foster is centering a photo that is 9/1/2 inches wide on a scrapbook pages that is 10 inches wide. H
Marty is 3 years younger than 6 times his friend Warrens age. The sum of their ages is greater than
Blake writes 4 pages per hour. How many hours will Blake have to spend writing this week in order to
4 balls in package. 8 packages of balls in a carton. how many balls would be in 125 cartons?
24 coloring books, 60 crayons, and 84 markers can be packaged into at most how many identical packag
Blake and Tatsu are each assigned a paper for a class they share. Blake decides to write 4 pages at
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the distribution for averages?
Frank averages 1 strike for every 4 frames that he bowls. If he bowled 48 strikes in 1 season, how m
Eighty percent of the employees at Rowan University have their biweekly Wages deposit directly to th
The hourly wages of employees at Rowan have a mean wage rate of $10 per hour with a standard deviati
The first significant digit in any number must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. It was discovered t
Given the rectangular prism below, if AB = 6 in., AD = 8 in. and BF = 24, find the length of FD.
Chris, Alex and Jesse are all siblings in the same family. Alex is 5 years older than chris. Jesse i
You start reading on page 342 and end on 531. How many pages did you read?
The relief time provided by a standard dose of a popular children’s allergy medicine averages 7.9
A mail courier charges a base fee of $4.95 plus $11.90 per package being delivered. If x represents
Jason wrote a total of 8 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Jason have to spend writing this we
Julia owes 18.20 for the month of November. Her plan costs 9.00 for the first 600 text messages and
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3
Roberto has taken 17 photos photos are placed on each odd number page and the newspaper has 10 pages
Matilda needs at least $112 to buy an new dress. She has already saved $40. She earns $9 an hour bab
You have read 100 pages of a 250 book. You have 3 days left to finish the book. How many pages will
Math Written Assignment
Age now problems
If you buy 5 packages of noodles at $1.48 each whats the total?
Oliver earns $50 per day plus $7.50 for each package he delivers. If his paycheck for the first day
A man is four times as old as his son. In five years time he will be three times as old. Find their
You have read a 247 page book for a class and decide to read 18 pages a night. How many pages are le
Is this algebra?
You rake leaves for five hours. You get paid $5.75 every hour. How much did you earn?
A hypothetical population consists of eight individuals ages 14,15,17,20,26,27,28, and 30 years. Wh
Alvin is 12 years younger than Elga. The sum of their ages is 60 . What is Elgas age?
The holy bible contains 525 pages. A believer reads 10 pages during weekends and 15 pages during wee
Rita is mailing packages. Each small package costs her $2.80 to send. Each large package costs her
Sharon is 17 years old. The sum of the ages of Sharon and John is 70
Ellen reads 23 pages in 40 minutes. Rob reads 9 pages in 16 minutes. Who is the faster reader? Ju
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3 of the novel.
Word Problem Help
Tiffany is 59 years old. The sum of the ages of Tiffany and Maria is 91. How old is Maria?
Ashley age is 2 times Johns age. The sum of their ages is 63. What is Johns age?
Lauren wrote a total of 6 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Lauren have to spend writing this
Angie and Kenny play online video games. Angie buy 2 software packages and 4 months of game play. Ke
A delivery man had 3,456 bottles of water in his truck. The bottles were packages in cases. There we
Brian's age is 3/4 of Marcus'. The sum of their ages is 14. How old are Marcus and Brian?
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Nava is 17 years older than Edward. the sum of Navas age and Edwards ages id 29. How old is Nava?
Ages are consecutive integers. The sum of ages are 111. What are the ages
The age of three sister are consecutive intergers the sum of their age is 45 what is their ages
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