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401(k) Balance
Determines your 401(k) balance given a salary history per year, contribution percentage rate, employer match percentage, and a rate of return.

Age Difference
Determines the ages for an age difference word problem.

Age Word Problems
Determines age in age word problems

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Given a gender, an age, and a height/weight in inches/pounds or meters/kilograms, this will calculate the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Basic Statistics
Given a number set, and an optional probability set, this calculates the following statistical items:
Expected Value
Mean = μ
Variance = σ2
Standard Deviation = σ
Standard Error of the Mean
Average Deviation (Mean Absolute Deviation)
Pearsons Skewness Coefficients
Upper Quartile (hinge) (75th Percentile)
Lower Quartile (hinge) (25th Percentile)
InnerQuartile Range
Inner Fences (Lower Inner Fence and Upper Inner Fence)
Outer Fences (Lower Outer Fence and Upper Outer Fence)
Suspect Outliers
Highly Suspect Outliers
Stem and Leaf Plot
Ranked Data Set
Central Tendency Items such as Harmonic Mean and Geometric Mean and Mid-Range
Root Mean Square
Weighted Average (Weighted Mean)
Frequency Distribution
Successive Ratio

Binomial Option Pricing Model
This shows all 2t scenarios for a stock option price on a binomial tree using (u) as an uptick percentage and (d) as a downtick percentage

Braille Translator
Given a phrase with letters, numbers, and most punctuation symbols, the calculator will perform the following duties:
1) Translate that phrase to Braille
2) Calculate the number of dots in the message
3) Calculate the number of empty spaces in the message

Capitalized Cost and Periodic Charge
Given an Asset Value (A), a Salvage Value (S) at time (N), a sinking fund rate of (j), an effective rate of interest (i), and maintenance expense (M), this calculator solves for periodic charge (H) and capitalized cost (K)

Computer Storage Conversions
This calculator converts between the following computer storage measurements:
* byte
* kilobyte
* megabyte
* gigabyte
* terabyte
* petabyte
* exabyte

Confidence Interval of a Proportion
Given N, n, and a confidence percentage, this will calculate the estimation of confidence interval for the population proportion π including the margin of error

Coupon Comparison
Given a cost of goods, a dollar off coupon, and a percentage off coupon, this calculator will compare the two deals and determine which one is of more value. If the dollar coupon wins, the calculator will project the break even price where the dollar coupon would surpass the percentage coupon

Credit Card Balance
This calculator shows 3 methods for paying off a credit card balance on a monthly installment basis given an outstanding balance and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

1) Minimum Payment Amount
2) Minimum Percentage Amount
3) Payoff in Years

Calculates the score you would get after the deck card is flipped in a hand of cribbage.

Direct Current (Electrical Engineering) Ohms Law
Enter two of the following items from the DIRECT CURRENT(DC) electrical engineering set of variables, and this will solve for the remaining two:
* I = current(amps.)
* V = Electricity potential of voltage(volts)
* R = resistance(ohms)
* P = power(watts)

Gas Mileage
Given miles driven and gallons of gas, this calculates your gas (fuel) mileage.

Google Tag Manager Certification
Google Tag Manager Certification

Grade Point Average (GPA)
Calculates Grade Point Average (GPA) based on letter grades entered.

Heat Index
Given a temperature in Fahrenheit and a relative humidity percentage, this calculates the Heat Index.

Hubspot Agency Partner Exam
Exam answers and Study Guide for the Hubspot Agency Partner Exam

HubSpot Growth Driven Agency Exam
Exam answers and Study Guide for the HubSpot Growth Driven Agency Exam

Inclusive Number Word Problems
Given an integer A and an integer B, this calculates the following inclusive word problem questions:
1) The Average of all numbers inclusive from A to B
2) The Count of all numbers inclusive from A to B
3) The Sum of all numbers inclusive from A to B

Inventory Turnover and Average Inventory
Calculates inventory turnover ratio and average inventory

Given a time series of actual and forecasted values, this determines the following:
* Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) also known as the Mean Absolute Percentage Deviation (MAPD)
* Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error (sMAPE)
* Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MPE)

Markup Markdown
Given the 3 items of a markup word problem, cost, markup percentage, and sale price, this solves for any one of the three given two of the items.

Missing Average
Given a set of scores and an average, this calculates the next score necessary to attain that average

Morse Code Translator
Given a phrase with letters, numbers, and most punctuation symbols, the calculator will perform the following duties:
1) Translate that phrase to Morse Code.
2) Translate the Morse Code to a Dit-Dah message
3) Calculate the number of dots in the message
4) Calculate the number of dashes in the message

This also translates from Morse Code back to English.

Calculates the monthly payment, APY%, total value of payments, principal/interest/balance at a given time as well as an amortization table on a standard or interest only home or car loan with fixed interest rate.

P-Hat Confidence Interval
Given a large sized distribution, and a success amount for a certain criteria x, and a confidence percentage, this will calculate the confidence interval for that criteria.

Percentage of Completion
Given a sales price, total costs, and costs per period, this determines the gross profit to date using the percentage of completion method.

Percentage of the Pie Word Problem
This takes two or three fractions of ownership in some good or object, and figures out what remaining fraction is left over.

Percentage-Decimal-Fraction Relations
Calculates the relational items between a fraction, a decimal (including repeating decimal and terminating decimal), a percentage, and the numerator and denominator piece of that fraction. Also calculates the percentage change going from one number to another or the amount increase or decrease of a percentage above/below a number. Round decimals.

Proportion Sample Size
This calculator determines a sample size to select to meet certain criteria related to a confidence percentage, reliability percentage, and a p value proportion. Simply enter your values not using percentage signs. This works whether p^ is known or not known.

Rebound Ratio
Calculates a total downward distance traveled given an initial height of a drop and a rebound ratio percentage

Receivables Ratios
Given Net Sales, Beginning Accounts Receivable, and Ending Accounts Receivable, this determines Average Accounts Receivable, Receivables turnover ratio, and Average Collection Period.

Resistor Color Codes
Given 3 Band level color codes and a tolerance color chosen, this calculates the resistance in ohms and the tolerance percentage

Sales Tax
Given a sales price and a total bill, this calculates the sales tax amount and sales tax percentage

Sample Size Reliability for μ
Given a population standard deviation σ, a reliability (confidence) value or percentage, and a variation, this will calculate the sample size necessary to make that test valid.

Sample Size Requirement for the Difference of Means
Given a population standard deviation 1 of σ1, a population standard deviation 2 of σ2 a reliability (confidence) value or percentage, and a variation, this will calculate the sample size necessary to make that test valid.

Sine Wave
Solves for any of the 3 items of the Sine Wave: Peak Value, Average Value, and RMS value given 1 input.

Sinking Fund Depreciation Method
Using the Sinking Fund method of Depreciation, this calculator determines the following:
* Depreciation at time t (Dt)
* Asset Value (A)
* Salvage Value (S)
* Book Value at time t (Bt)

Solution Mixture
Determines a necessary amount of a Solution given two solution percentages and 1 solution amount.

Straight Line Depreciation
Solves for Depreciation Charge, Asset Value, Salvage Value, Time, N, and Book Value using the Straight Line Method.

Target Heart Rate
Given an age, this calculator determines the following 5 target heart rate zones:
Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) 50 - 60%
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60 - 70%
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70 - 80%
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) 80 - 90%
Red Line (Maximum Effort) 90 - 100%

Trimmed Mean and Winsorized Mean
Given a number set and a trimmed mean percentage, this will calculate the trimmed mean (truncated mean) or winsorized mean.

Units of Output (Service Output) Depreciation
Given an asset value, salvage value, production units, and units per period, this calculates the depreciation per period using the units of output depreciation (service output depreciation)

Vendor Discount Effective Rate of Interest
Calculates the effective rate of interest earned from a vendor discount for a prepayment of a balance within a certain amount of days for a percentage discount

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
Calculates the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and also calculates the return on equity if not given using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) using debt and other inputs such as Beta and risk free rate.

The sum of 13 and twice janelles age
Relevancy Page Formula
My son is 9 less than 1/2 my age. If I am 34 how old is my son?
Emily is three years older than twice her sister Mary’s age. The sum of their ages is less than 30.
67 less than twice tims age
Katie is twice as old as her sister Mara. The sum of their age is 24.
ohn read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than1/3 of the novel
63 is the sum of 24 and helenas age
The average of manny three tests is an 84. What must he get on a 4th test to raise his average to a
Ricks age increased by 24 is 69
The cost for parking at a parking garage is 2.25 plus an additional 1.50 for each hour. What is the
The average of a number and double the number is 25.5
15 out of 18 students agreed. What percentage did not?
Jack scored a mean of 15 points per game in his first 3 basketball games. In his 4th grade, he score
A piece of gym equipment which cost 450 including vat last year is now selling at 500 excluding vat.
Foster is centering a photo that is 9/1/2 inches wide on a scrapbook pages that is 10 inches wide. H
Marty is 3 years younger than 6 times his friend Warrens age. The sum of their ages is greater than
Mary paid 1.97 for toothpaste and a bar of soap using a discount coupon if the toothpaste cost 1.29
Blake writes 4 pages per hour. How many hours will Blake have to spend writing this week in order to
Carol gets 5 each week for allowance. She saves 1 of her allowance. What percent of her allowance do
Mr. Wilson wants to park his carin a parking garage that charges 3 per hour along with a flat fee of
A student walks 1500 meters to school in 30 minutes. What is their average speed in meters per minut
The distribution of actual weights of 8 oz chocolate bars produced by a certain machine is normal wi
$6500 is 7/10 of a number. What is the number
The club uses the function S(t) = -4,500t + 54,000 to determine the salvage S(t) of a fertilizer ble
David obtained 5 out of 20 votes in the election. What percentage of the votes did david receive?
70 decreased by twice Carlos's age
A student has an average mark of 68 from 10 tests. What mark must be gained in the next test to rais
A compact disc is designed to last an average of 4 years with a standard deviation of 0.8 years. Wha
A coupon that was mailed to preferred customers of video village rentals is good for 15% on any vide
4 balls in package. 8 packages of balls in a carton. how many balls would be in 125 cartons?
students at East Central High School earned $384 selling car washes. They want to make $2690 for a c
let x be the variable, an age that is at least 57 years old
30 people are selected randomly from a certain town. If their mean age is 60.5 and ? = 4.6, find a 9
Translate this sentence into an equation. 43 is the sum of 17 and Gregs age. Use the variable g to
A package of cookies cost $4.00 it has 20 cookies how much does each cookie cost?
How many dimes must be added to a bag of 200 nickels so that the average value of the coins in the b
A woman dies at the age of 100 and her son is 35 years old how old was she when she gave birth to hi
A random sample of 40 adults with no children under the age of 18 years results in a mean daily leis
Translate this sentence into an equation. The difference of Maliks age and 15 is 63 Use the variable
Translate this sentence into an equation. 48 is the difference of Ritas age and 11 . Use the variabl
In order to select new board members, the French club held an election. 63 out of the 90 members of
24 coloring books, 60 crayons, and 84 markers can be packaged into at most how many identical packag
Blake and Tatsu are each assigned a paper for a class they share. Blake decides to write 4 pages at
You borrowed $25 from your friend. You paid him back in full after 6 months. He charged $2 for inter
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the distribution for averages?
A typical adult has an average IQ score of 105 with a standard deviation of 20. If 20 randomly selec
Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball) is normally distributed wit
Facebook provides a variety of statistics on its Web site that detail the growth and popularity of t
Frank averages 1 strike for every 4 frames that he bowls. If he bowled 48 strikes in 1 season, how m
Previously, an organization reported that teenagers spent 4.5 hours per week, on average, on the pho
Eighty percent of the employees at Rowan University have their biweekly Wages deposit directly to th
Suppose that previously collected traffic data indicate that, during the afternoon rush hour, an ave
An analysis of the final test scores for Managerial Decision Making Tools reveals the scores follow
It is estimated that weekly demand for gasoline at new station is normally distributed, with an aver
The hourly wages of employees at Rowan have a mean wage rate of $10 per hour with a standard deviati
Suppose that the manager of the Commerce Bank at Glassboro determines that 40% of all depositors hav
Suppose a firm producing light bulbs wants to know if it can claim that its light bulbs it produces
A teacher assumed that the average of grades for a math test was 80. Imagine 20 students took the te
Imagine that a researcher wanted to know the average weight of 5th grade boys in a high school. He r
Imagine that a researcher wanted to know the average weight of 5th grade boys in a high school. He r
Imagine that a researcher wanted to know the average weight of 5th grade boys in a high school. He r
Imagine a researcher posed a null hypothesis that in a certain community, the average energy expendi
Six Years ago, 12.2% of registered births were to teenage mothers. A sociologist believes that the
A random sample of 40 adults with no children under the age of 18 years results in a mean daily leis
The first significant digit in any number must be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. It was discovered t
A random sample of 25 customers was chosen in CCP MiniMart between 3:00 and 4:00 PM on a Friday afte
Mimi just started her tennis class three weeks ago. On average, she is able to return 20% of her opp
A high school with 1000 students offers two foreign language courses : French and Japanese. There ar
A farmer is taking her eggs to the market in a cart, but she hits a pothole, which knocks over all
Given the rectangular prism below, if AB = 6 in., AD = 8 in. and BF = 24, find the length of FD.
Lucy has taken four tests in math class and has an average of 85. i. What score would she have to g
Chris, Alex and Jesse are all siblings in the same family. Alex is 5 years older than chris. Jesse i
The sales tax for an item was $21.50 and it cost $430 before tax. Find the sales tax rate. Write you
You start reading on page 342 and end on 531. How many pages did you read?
Ali spent $60 at the grocery store. Of this amount, he spent $51 on fruit. What percentage of the to
The relief time provided by a standard dose of a popular children’s allergy medicine averages 7.9
The margarita is one of the most common tequila-based cocktails, made with tequila, triple sec, and
A mail courier charges a base fee of $4.95 plus $11.90 per package being delivered. If x represents
Jason wrote a total of 8 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Jason have to spend writing this we
Yael worked out at a gym for 2 hours. Her workout consisted of stretching for 21 minutes,jogging for
Julia owes 18.20 for the month of November. Her plan costs 9.00 for the first 600 text messages and
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3
A shipping service charges $0.43 for the first ounce and $0.29 for each additional ounce of package
A passenger train left station A at 6:00 P.M. Moving with the average speed 45 mph, it arrived at st
The sum of 9 and victors age is 55
A recent survey showed that 49% of recent college graduates named flexible hours as their most desir
A recent survey showed that 44% of recent college graduates named flexible hours as their most desir
At what simple interest rate will 4500$ amount to 8000$ in 5 years?
Roberto has taken 17 photos photos are placed on each odd number page and the newspaper has 10 pages
Susie bought 15 pairs of shoes last year for an avarage of 30$ per pair. She sold each pair for 1/3
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
Arnie bought some bagels at 20 cents each. He ate 4, and sold the rest at 30 cents each. His profit
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
Aaron bought a bagel and 3 muffins for $7.25. Bea bought a bagel and 2 muffins for $6. How much is b
Your grandma gives you $10,000 to invest for college. You get an average interest rate of 5% each ye
Matilda needs at least $112 to buy an new dress. She has already saved $40. She earns $9 an hour bab
Translate this sentence into an equation. 49 is the difference of Diegos age and 17. Use the variabl
You have read 100 pages of a 250 book. You have 3 days left to finish the book. How many pages will
Stephanie and her sister go bowling every weekend and have been keeping track of their wins for the
When an alligator is born it is about 8 inches long each year they grow 12 inches determine the age
24 students in a class took an algebra test and 19 of them earned a B or better. What percent of stu
The property taxes on a house were $810. What was the tax rate if the house was valued at $90,000
Math Written Assignment
One third of the bagels in a bakery are sesame bagels. There are 72 sesame bagels.
Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression. 58 decreased by twice Gails age. Use the variabl
In 45 years, Gabriela will be 4 times as old as she is right now.
An item cost $370 before tax, and the sales tax is 25.90 what is the percentage?
On the math test, Ralph answered 17 out of 20 problems. What percent did he get right?
A car is bought for $2400 and sold one year later $1440 find the loss as a percentage of the cost pr
You pay 510.00 to rent a storage unit for 3 months the total cost includes an initial deposit plus a
The weight of a 9.5-inch by 6-inch paperback book published by Leaden Publications, Inc., is 16.2 oz
Age now problems
Age now problems
Age now problems
Age now problems
If you buy 5 packages of noodles at $1.48 each whats the total?
Carlos age increased by is 16 is 62
Oliver earns $50 per day plus $7.50 for each package he delivers. If his paycheck for the first day
A man is four times as old as his son. In five years time he will be three times as old. Find their
Age now and then
Age now and then
Age now and then
Age now and then
Of the 800 students of a school, 600 have traveled. What percentage of the students went on a trip?
A ship is traveling at an average velocity of 28 miles per hour. How far will the ship travel in two
The average cost of printing a book in a publishing company is c(x) = 5.5x+kx, where x is the numbe
You have read a 247 page book for a class and decide to read 18 pages a night. How many pages are le
At a certain university, 60% of the students enrolled in a math course, 50% are enrolled in an Engli
Max was 25 years old in 2011 what year was he born?
Is this algebra?
A sprinter runs 400 meters in 54 seconds. What is the runners average running rate in meters per sec
You rake leaves for five hours. You get paid $5.75 every hour. How much did you earn?
If the original price of an item was $30.00 and Joan only paid $24.00 for it, what percentage discou
A hypothetical population consists of eight individuals ages 14,15,17,20,26,27,28, and 30 years. Wh
A dormitory manager buys 38 bed sheets and 61 towels for $791.50. The manager get another 54 bed she
Alvin is 12 years younger than Elga. The sum of their ages is 60 . What is Elgas age?
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
Need help quickly! My math skills are escaping me!
Need help quickly! My math skills are escaping me!
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,
44 less that twice julies age
The sum of Juan’s age and Sara’s age is 33 yrs. If Sara is 15 yrs old, how old is Juan?
A 5L juice container has 3.6L of juice left. What percentage has been used?
The holy bible contains 525 pages. A believer reads 10 pages during weekends and 15 pages during wee
Par on a golf course is 72. If a golfer shot rounds of 74, 70, and 71 in a tournament, what will she
Rita is mailing packages. Each small package costs her $2.80 to send. Each large package costs her
Sharon is 17 years old. The sum of the ages of Sharon and John is 70
A woman earns $2400 per month and budgets $480 per month for food. What percent of her monthly incom
samantha is y years old now. represent her age 5 years from now. represent her age 2 years ago
Ellen reads 23 pages in 40 minutes. Rob reads 9 pages in 16 minutes. Who is the faster reader? Ju
John read the first 114 pages of a novel, which was 3 pages less than 1/3 of the novel.
Word Problem Help
Tiffany is 59 years old. The sum of the ages of Tiffany and Maria is 91. How old is Maria?
Ashley age is 2 times Johns age. The sum of their ages is 63. What is Johns age?
Please help me!! I don't understand!
Tom is the deli manager at a grocery store. He needs to schedule employees to staff the deli departm
Lauren wrote a total of 6 pages over 2 hours. How many hours will Lauren have to spend writing this
Angie and Kenny play online video games. Angie buy 2 software packages and 4 months of game play. Ke
A delivery man had 3,456 bottles of water in his truck. The bottles were packages in cases. There we
Brian's age is 3/4 of Marcus'. The sum of their ages is 14. How old are Marcus and Brian?
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Nava is 17 years older than Edward. the sum of Navas age and Edwards ages id 29. How old is Nava?
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Ages are consecutive integers. The sum of ages are 111. What are the ages
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Another one...
The age of three sister are consecutive intergers the sum of their age is 45 what is their ages
Help Plz
Help Plz
In the past year, Yoko watched 76 movies that she thought were very good. She watched 80 movies ove