Mr. Winkle downloaded 34 more songs than Mrs. Winkle downloaded. Together they downloaded 220 song

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    Mr. Winkle downloaded 34 more songs than Mrs. Winkle downloaded. Together they downloaded 220 songs. How many songs did each download?

    Let x = Mr. Winkle downloads and y = Mrs. Winkle downloads.

    We then have x = y + 34 and x + y = 220.

    Substitute equation 1 into equation 2, we have:

    (y + 34) + y = 220
    2y + 34 = 220

    Subtract 34 from each side:
    2y = 186

    Divide each side by 2:
    y = 93 (Mrs. Winkle)

    x = 93 + 34
    x = 127 (Mr. Winkle)

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