Michelle and Julie sold 65 cupcakes. If Julie sold 9 more cupcakes than Michelle, how many cupcakes

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    Michelle and Julie sold 65 cupcakes. If Julie sold 9 more cupcakes than Michelle, how many cupcakes did each of them sell?

    Let m = Michelle's cupcakes and j = Julie's cupcakes.

    We have two equations:

    m + j = 65
    j = m + 9

    Substituting, we get:
    m + (m + 9) = 65

    Combine like terms, we get:
    2m + 9 = 65

    Subtract 9 from each side:
    2m = 56

    Divide each side by 2 to isolate m
    m = 28

    If m = 28, then j = 28 + 9 = 37
    So (m, j) = (28, 37)

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