A bag contains 3 red marbles and 4 blue marbles. a marble is taken at random and replaced. another m

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    A bag contains 3 red marbles and 4 blue marbles. a marble is taken at random and replaced. Another marble is taken from the bag. Work out the probability that the two marbles taken from the bag are the same color.

    • Total number of marbles in the bag is 3 + 4 = 7.
    • The problem asks for the probability of (RR) or (BB).
    • It's worthy to note we are replacing the balls after each draw, which means we always have 7 to draw from
    Since each draw is independent, we take the product of each event for the total event probability.

    P(RR) = 3/7 * 3/7 = 9/49
    P(BB) = 4/7 * 4/7 = 16/49

    We want to know P(RR) + P(BB)
    P(RR) + P(BB) = 9/49 + 16/49 = 25/49
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