Happy Paws charges $16.00 plus $1.50 per hour to keep a dog during the day. Woof Watchers charges $1

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    Happy Paws charges $16.00 plus $1.50 per hour to keep a dog during the day. Woof Watchers charges $11.00 plus $2.75 per hour. Complete the equation and solve it to find for how many hours the total cost of the services is equal. Use the variable h to represent the number of hours.

    Happy Paws Cost: C = 16 + 1.5h
    Woof Watchers: C = 11 + 2.75h

    Setup the equation where there costs are equal
    16 + 1.5h = 11 + 2.75h

    Subtract 11 from each side:
    5 + 1.5h = 2.75h

    Subtract 1.5h from each side
    1.25h = 5

    Divide each side by 1.25
    h = 4

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